Get More Out Of Your Living Room With Clever Accent Stools

Accent stools are a simple yet effective way to add both style and functionality to any living room. Whether you need extra seating, a place to prop up your feet, or just want to make a decor statement, accent stools check all the boxes. With endless design options to match your exact style and budget, it’s easy to find the perfect stools to get more out of your living space.

In this post, we’ll explore popular accent stool styles, important factors to consider when choosing, creative ways to use them, and accent stool ideas to match any price point. Follow our tips to pick the ideal accent stools and decor inspiration to make them shine in your home.

Types of Accent Stools for Living Rooms

Accent stools come in all shapes and sizes. Decide what style best suits your living room’s needs and aesthetic.

Backless Stools

Backless stools prioritize style over support. Often featuring rounded seats atop slim legs, these stools slide neatly under tables when not in use. Their lightweight, minimalist design also makes them very easy to move around.

  • Casual extra seating
  • Easy to tuck out of the way

Bar Stools

With their taller seat height, bar stools easily tuck under countertops or high tables. This allows you to create an impromptu eating area adjacent to open concept kitchens. The familiar bar stool shape also injects playful, modern edge.

  • Counter height for dining
  • Add style near kitchen

Pouf Stools

Round pouf stools act as comfortable, casual seating thanks to their soft padded upholstery. Many feature removable covers, making cleaning and updating their look easy. Pouf stools easily multitask as spare ottomans too.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Double as ottomans
Idea-based entitiescreativity, versatility
Thing-based entitiesfurniture, accessories
Location-based entitiesliving room, lounge

Factors to Consider When Choosing

With endless accent stool options available, keep these key factors in mind while deciding:

Size and Proportions

First measure your living room and current furniture arrangement. Make sure to leave adequate walking room around accent stools. Bar stools often take up more floor space, while backless stools tuck neatly out of the way.

accent stools for living room
  • Room size
  • Furniture arrangement


Check stool seating for thick, comfortable padding if they will see lots of use. Plush upholstery and back support promote relaxation and are worth the investment.

  • Seat padding
  • Back support


If kids or pets will be using your accent stools frequently, opt for durable frames that can handle wear and tear. Water-resistant textures prevent stains while still looking stylish.

  • Kids and pets
  • Longevity of frames
Emotion-based entitiescoziness, relaxation
Action-based entitiessit, relax, entertain
Descriptive entitiesdurable, padded, multifunctional

Where to Place Accent Stools

Accent stools slide nicely into living rooms when you cleverly utilize available space. Here are prime accent stool spots:


An accent stool inside your entry offers guests a handy spot to sit while removing shoes or storing bags and keys. Choose a height that makes reaching boot zips easy.

  • Take off shoes
  • Stash keys and bags

Near Sofa and Chairs

Flanking sofas and lounge chairs with matching end tables creates symmetry while providing surface space. Accent stools fill the same role at a fraction of the cost.

  • Side tables
  • Extra seating

TV Viewing Area

Prop up your feet on a pouf stool or swivel bar stool pulled up near the TV. Their surface also handily holds drinks, snacks, or the remote when binge-watching shows.

  • Prop up feet
  • Convenient surface space

How to Style Your Accent Stools

Once you’ve chosen the perfect accent stools, have fun dressing them up! Styling options make good use of their surface space to define the stools’ purpose.

With Plants and Books

Top accent stools off with potted succulents, trailing ivy, or a petite tree for an instant boost of life! Stacked books and magazines give stools a quiet reading nook vibe.

  • Give them purpose
  • Add greenery

With Throws and Pillows

Make seating ultra-cozy with plush pillows in complementary colors and textures. Folded throws add another comfy layer while introducing eye-catching patterns.

  • Make them cozy
  • Layer textures

With Tray Tables

The flat surface of accent stools provides the perfect foundation for accessorizing tray tables. These corral remote controls, candles and more to keep spaces tidy.

  • Contain clutter
  • Serve food and drinks
People-based entitiesInterior designer, homeowner
Event-based entitiesHosting guests, entertaining

Accent Stool Ideas for Every Budget

Accent stools span a wide pricing spectrum. Focus your stool search with these stylish recommendations:

Under $50

Inexpensive stools offer lots of collapsible, space-saving options. For plush comfort, round stools come covered in faux fur or fabric.

  • Foldable metal stools
  • Fabric and plush tops

$50 to $150

Mid-range budgets secure sturdy wood frames and luxe upholstery like linen, velvet or leatherette. Fun prints and patterns available too!

  • Wood frames
  • Trendy velvet options

Over $150

For long-term investment pieces, focus on premium details like rich leather, acrylic or Lucite construction. Swivel functions and integrated storage drawers provide excellent utility.

  • Leather and acrylic
  • Swivel functions
  • Storage drawers

Final Tips for Choosing Accent Stools

Follow these handy guidelines to ensure accent stool success:

  • Measure the space
  • Check product reviews
  • Buy adjustable height
  • Consider multipacks for big rooms

Well-chosen accent stools cater to your unique style while adding extra seating and surface space at wallet-friendly price points. Use our tips to select seats suiting your living room’s size and existing decor then make the most of their versatility. Stylish stools work overtime when styled to highlight their handy holder and organizer functions.

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