Get Comfy Outside With A Backyard Pop-Up Screen Porch

As the warm weather rolls in, are you dreaming of relaxing and entertaining outdoors without being bothered by biting insects or harsh sunlight? A pop-up screen porch provides the perfect solution for transforming your backyard into a comfortable oasis free of bugs and UV rays. After reading, you’ll be ready to create your own backyard screened-in haven.

A pop-up screen porch, also called a screen house or screen room, is a type of temporary, portable structure that provides an instant outdoor living space. The signature feature is walls made of sturdy screen material that allow fresh breezes to flow through while keeping even tiny bugs out. Easy to set up and take down, these movable screened enclosures can turn any patio, deck, or patch of yard into a relaxing bug-free zone. Pop-up screen porches have become hugely popular for creating outdoor gathering areas protected from harsh sunlight and unpleasant winged pests.

What Exactly Is A Pop-Up Screen Porch?

While permanent screened-in porches are built onto homes, a pop-up screen porch is a temporary structure that can be put up or taken down in just minutes. The key components include a foldable frame, detachable screen wall panels, and a roof or canopy cover. Most models pop open instantaneously, then side screens are quickly attached to create the enclosure.

These convenient outdoor spaces provide many of the same benefits as fixed screened porches at a fraction of the price:

  • Protection from sun – escape dangerous UV rays
  • Freedom from mosquitoes, flies, and other irritating insects
  • Shelter from rain showers or wind gusts
  • Shaded spot to relax, dine, entertain
  • Transformed deck, patio, or backyard area
  • More usable time outdoors

The main advantages over permanent screened porches are their portability, customization, and affordability. Pop-up models can be moved around your yard to optimal sun or shade spots. Their modular nature means you can buy a basic version, then add upgrades like curtains, shelves, lighting, and flooring to fit your needs. Prices typically range $150-$700, much less than custom built-in options.

pop up screen porch

Leading Brands Of Pop-Up Screen Porches

Several reputable brands dominate the pop-up screen porch market. Here are some top options to consider:

Clam Outdoors

Known for their screen tents and ice fishing gear, Wisconsin-based Clam Outdoors makes some of the most popular portable screen rooms. Their Escape Series offers tall 87″ models that provide ample headroom along with innovative features like top vents for increased airflow. The Quick-Set Escapes pop up in under 60 seconds, have oversized zippered doors, and offer handy storage pockets.


The Coleman Company utilizes decades of outdoor experience to create instant screen rooms and canopies. Choose from basic open air canopies or fully enclosed screen rooms like the 10×10 Instant Sun Shelter that sets up in just a minute. Coleman’s durable steel frame screen rooms come in various sizes to accommodate 2-8 people.

L&M Fleet Supply

This 60-year old nautical supply company produces heavy duty screen houses able to withstand windy conditions near lakes or oceans. Their Sunbrella pontoon enclosures feature fiberglass frames, opaque roof panels that block sunlight, and screened sides to keep out insects. Though pricier, the rugged construction stands up to blustery marine environments.

Other Notable Brands

Many companies offer portable screen room options including Gazelle, Abba Patio, Sunjoy Lazy-Z, and Palm Springs. Shop around to find the right mix of quality, features, and price-point for your needs.

Pop-Up Porch Pricing And Costs

Screen porch prices cover a wide range, with more money buying larger sizes, enhanced durability, and extra features. Here’s what to expect:

Size Matters

The most budget-friendly pop-up screen rooms around $150-$300 range from 6×6 feet up to 8×8 feet – a good size for two people. Mid-range models from 10×10 to 12×20 feet cost $300-$700. These accommodate 4-8 people comfortably. Oversized screen rooms start around $1000.

Features And Materials Affect Cost

Basic screen tents with fabric canopy roofs represent the lowest pricing tier. Models with steel or fiberglass frames, rip-resistant screen walls, extra windows or doors, and weather flaps cost more. Porch amenities like storage shelves, lighting, and floor kits also increase price.

DIY Screen Room Frame Kits

If you’re handy,you can save by buying a ready-to-assemble metal frame kit for around $100-$250 and attaching your own screen walls. While requiring more effort, these let you customize the size.

Setting Up And Taking Down A Pop-Up Porch

Look for pop-up models if quick and easy set-up is a priority. Here’s how it works:

Assembly Time

True “pop-up” screen houses deploy in about 1 minute! Other models may involve 10-30 minutes to fully install the frame, attach screen walls, and anchor safely. The fastest setups pop open via springs, then sides get zipped on.

Steps For Setting Up a Screen Porch

First, select a flat area of the yard for installation. Unfold and expand the frame until locked securely open. Next, attach the screening walls by sliding them into pre-sleeved channels or zipping onto the frame. Finally, securely anchor or stake down the frame. That’s all it takes to be lounging in your new bug-free zone.

Tools Required

Look for no-tools-necessary models for quickest setup. If the frame uses push-buttons or stakes to lock joints, pliers or a mallet may help. Stakes are needed to anchor the frame, or weights like sandbags for hard surfaces.

Taking Down The Screen Porch

Reversing the steps makes take-down simple. First unzip screen walls and detach from frame. Next, release or unhook frame joints and guide back down into folded position. Store frame and screens away when not in use. With practice, entire process takes just 5-10 minutes.

Maximizing Your Screen Porch Space

While a basic screen room provides sun and insect protection, adding amenities creates a true outdoor living area. Here are ideas for outfitting your porch:

Outdoor Furniture

Chairs, sofas, side tables, and ottomans let you relax or dine comfortably. Look for lightweight, weather-resistant patio furniture that’s easy to move.

Adjustable Shades

Install roll-up curtains, sun sails, or removable sidewall panels to block sun when desired and allow fresh air flow when not.


Ceiling fans or oscillating models improve air circulation and cooling. This prevents humidity and condensation from building up inside.


String lights, lanterns, and outdoor lamps extend enjoyment to evening hours. Look for solar-powered options.

Storage Solutions

Folding organizers, wall mounted shelving, and patio storage chests keep games, cushions, and other items tidy but handy.

With some creativity, you can outfit your pop-up porch with many of the same amenities found in permanent screened patios.

Finding The Best Spot To Install Your Screen Porch

One beauty of portable screen rooms is their flexibility to move around the yard as desired. Here are factors to weigh when positioning:

Sun And Shade Patterns

Watch how sunlight moves across your yard during the day. Avoid hot afternoon sun by placing the screened area in a shady zone that remains comfortable as the sun shifts.

Backdrop Views

Point the open side of the screen room toward attractive landscaping like flower beds, gardens, or water features to enjoy the view.

Privacy Considerations

Use fences, trees, or yard structures to block neighbors and zone the space for intimate gatherings.

Near The House

Proximity to home exits, pathways, patios, and decks makes it easy to move between indoors and your outdoor oasis.

Optional Accessories And Upgrades

Start with a basic screen room, then incrementally add features for the ultimate backyard hangout:

Removable Flooring

Roll-out mats, interlocking tiles, or synthetic turf creates a soft, comfortable walking surface.

Wind Flaps

Stabilizer panels or weather strips help screen rooms stand up to gusty winds or coastal climates.

Screen Doors

Install an attachable screen door kit on one or more sides to allow easy entry and exit while keeping insects out.

Additional Windows

More windows mean better views, airflow, and ambient lighting. Add curtains for adjustable privacy.

Climate Control

Consider heaters, fans, and mister systems for added comfort on hot or cool days. Waterproof speakers provide music.

Lighting And Decor

Rope lights, lanterns, and strands of patio lights set the mood. Decorative touches make the space your own.

Tips For Getting The Most From Your Screen Porch

Here are ways to maximize your return from investing in a backyard pop-up screen porch:

  • Use it often – don’t let your screen room sit unused for weeks.
  • Close it up properly after each use to avoid damage from weather when unattended.
  • Add weather-appropriate accessories like rain curtains or plastic sheeting to enable enjoyable fall and cool weather use.
  • Move the structure around regularly to find the optimal sun/shade orientation.
  • Store carefully when not in use; ensure screens don’t rip and frame stays protected.
  • Perform occasional maintenance – wash away dust and dirt, check for mold or mildew.

Treating your popup patio room as a seasonal, impermanent structure will lead to more years of service. With reasonable care and upkeep, you should get many seasons of use from a quality pop up screen porch.

Adding a pop-up screen porch allows you to reclaim your yard for lounging, dining, parties, playtime, and more. No longer will buzzing insects or oppressive sunlight force you indoors. Well-designed pop-up porches create movable outdoor living spaces for budget prices. Their versatility and ease of use makes them a smart way to extend living space outside your home.

We hope this guide provides all the information needed to find your perfect backyard screen oasis. The ability to instantly put up a customized screened room anywhere on your property is a game-changer. Investing in a high quality portable screen porch can make your yard infinitely more enjoyable nearly year-round. Imagine relaxing outdoors free of pests and UV rays – it’s possible with pop-up screen porch!

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