Find Your Perfect Turquoise Sectional Configuration

A turquoise sectional sofa is a great addition to refresh your living room. But with so many potential configurations and layouts, how do you choose the ideal turquoise sectional for your needs?

Turquoise sectional sofas have surged in popularity thanks to their contemporary style and inviting, on-trend color. The modular design means they can adapt to rooms of any shape and size. Plus, the chaise lounge adds extra seating and a comfortable place to stretch out. Read on to learn how to select the ideal configuration for your space.

Benefits of a Turquoise Sectional with Chaise

In addition to making a vibrant style statement, turquoise sectionals offer some great practical benefits:

  • The chaise lounge provides a space to relax or even nap, allowing you to fully stretch out.
  • The sectional accommodates more people than a typical sofa, making it great for large families or gatherings.
  • The color and contemporary design adds an exciting, modern look to your living room decor.

With proper configuration, a turquoise sectional can become the stylish, functional focal point of your living space for years to come.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Configuration

Room Size and Layout

One of the most important factors in choosing a sectional is making sure it fits your available floor space. Here are some tips for getting the measurements right:

turquoise sectional with chaise
  • Measure the length and width of the room as well as entryways like doorways.
  • Map out where you want to place the sectional and how it will be oriented.
  • Account for pathways around the furniture so it doesn’t disrupt natural traffic flow.

Careful measuring will ensure your new turquoise sectional complements your room without overwhelming it.

Number of Seats Needed

Consider who will be using the sectional to determine how many seats you need:

  • Count the number of usual household members who will sit on it.
  • Factor in guests like friends and family when hosting gatherings.
  • More sections mean more seating capacity for large groups.

Getting the right size sectional for your needs means everyone can enjoy it comfortably.

Placement of the Chaise Lounge

One big configuration choice is where to place the chaise lounge section:

  • Typically it can go on the left, right, or in a corner section.
  • Think about open floor space and how you walk through the room.
  • A chaise on the end leaves more open middle seating.

Where you position the chaise will impact the overall layout and flow of your space.

Modularity and Arrangements

If you want flexibility, many sectionals are available in modular components that allow you to create different shapes:

  • Sections can be arranged in L, U, or curved shapes.
  • Additional pieces like ottomans can provide even more seating room.
  • Modular designs make it easy to rearrange pieces as needed.

Having a modular or adjustable sectional means you can switch up your layout any time.

Popular Configurations and Layouts

Now that you know what to consider, here are some of the most popular turquoise sectional configurations:


The U-shaped sectional provides seating on three sides, surrounding a central open area. This creates a cozy conversational space and allows many people to sit comfortably. It’s ideal for large family rooms but does require ample floor space. Round or square ottomans can fill in the middle.


An L-shaped sectional includes a long side and a short side, great for fitting into corners or narrow spaces. This works well for smaller rooms that need to maximize seating. The chaise lounge often sits on one end. An L-shaped sectional can also define separate spaces in open floor plans.


Modular sectionals allow you to mix and match pieces as desired. Some common options include:

  • Sectional with chaise: Straight sectional plus chaise lounge piece.
  • Bumper sectional: U-shape with extra piece extending from one side.
  • Curved: Fluid, curved shape with chaise on one end.

These adaptable sectionals can be constantly reconfigured to change up your room.

Material Options for Durability and Style

Turquoise sectionals are available in different upholstery materials, each with their own characteristics:

  • Leather: Extremely durable and easy to clean but expensive. Requires regular conditioning.
  • Fabric: Stain-resistant fabrics hold up well to wear and tear. Provides wide range of pattern and texture options.
  • Frame: Hardwood or kiln-dried wood frames prevent warping and last for years. Sturdy metal legs also recommended.

Consider leather if you want a contemporary vibe that ages well. For a cozier feel, choose cushy fabrics that complement your decor. The frame should be solid and stable to support the sectional long-term.

Finding the Right Size

Turquoise sectionals come in standard sizes but can also be ordered in custom dimensions to perfectly fit your space. Here are some tips on sizing:

  • Measure available floor space and pathways before selecting size.
  • Standard sizing includes sizes like 114″ and 135″ lengths.
  • Oversized or extra-long sectionals work for large rooms.
  • Order custom size if you need exact non-standard dimensions.

Getting measurements ahead of time ensures your new turquoise sectional will properly fill the room without crowding it.

Where to Shop for Turquoise Sectionals

Ready to start shopping for your dream turquoise sectional? Here are some places to look:

  • National furniture chains like IKEA, Ashley Furniture, Macy’s, and Raymour & Flanigan.
  • Online retailers like Wayfair, AllModern, and Overstock.
  • Local brick-and-mortar furniture stores.

You can often filter selections by color, size, and configuration. Buying online provides convenience while in-store allows you to test for comfort. With some diligent shopping, you’ll discover the perfect turquoise sectional arrangement for your home.

turquoise sectional sofas are a great way to refresh your living space. Optimizing the configuration involves taking measurements, considering your needs, and selecting the right components. A modular sectional offers the most flexibility. Top your new sectional with plush throw pillows and accessories in complementary tones. However you choose to arrange it, a turquoise sectional chaise will provide contemporary style and cozy seating for years of relaxation.

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