Finally Block Out Light Completely with Eclipse Curtains

Have you ever tried to sleep in or watch a movie during the day, only to be constantly disrupted by beams of sunlight piercing through the curtains? Frustrating light gaps are all too common with standard curtains, but Eclipse blackout curtains provide a budget-friendly solution to block nearly all incoming light.

Keep reading to understand why Eclipse curtains are uniquely effective at room darkening. We’ll overview their unmatched light blocking abilities, noise reduction features, and energy savings capabilities.

An Introduction to Eclipse Blackout Curtains

Eclipse is a leading brand of blackout curtains that eliminate light and provide complete darkness in bedrooms, home theaters, and any other rooms requiring a darker environment. The polyester curtains are specially designed using advanced Thermaback technology for superior light blocking.

Available in three versatile lengths and eight color options, Eclipse panels can accommodate most standard window sizes and room decors. Despite the budget price point, these curtains offer exceptional performance on par with far more expensive brands.

Unrivaled Light Blocking Abilities

The exceptional light blocking capacity of Eclipse curtains is made possible through their tightly-woven, 100% polyester fabric. The opaque material prevents any external light from penetrating into rooms.

eclipse black out curtains

In fact, Eclipse blackout curtains block an incredible 98-99% of all incoming light. This enables near complete darkness ideal for uninterrupted sleep and home theater environments. The blackout performance beats out many similarly priced competitors that typically see more light seepage.

Achieve Pure Darkness for Better Rest

The ultra-effective light blocking properties transform bedrooms into the perfect pitch black settings for sleeping. This is especially valuable for those facing east-west facing windows exposed to early morning or late afternoon sunlight.

The Eclipse curtains prevent any disruptive beams shining on faces or wall lighting. This enables uninterrupted, high-quality sleep essential for energy, focus, and health.

Ideal for Home Theater Rooms

The Eclipse blackout curtains also excel at removing light distractions in spaces dedicated for entertainment. Movie rooms, gaming dens, and home theaters remain crisply dark even in daylight hours when using Eclipse curtains.

There’s no more squinting at television screens or dealing with glare thanks to the panels’ unmatched capability to eliminate incoming light.

Noise Reduction Features

In addition to unparalleled light blocking, the thick Eclipse curtains also provide notable noise reduction benefits. The densely woven polyester material helps absorb sounds and dampen noises from outside the home.

When hung over windows, Eclipse blackout curtain panels create an extra sound barrier that noticeably muffles external noises. This effectively reduces noise pollution coming into rooms, enabling peaceful quiet environments.

Drowns Out Disruptive Street Sounds

The noise muffling qualities are particularly beneficial for rooms facing busy roads or loud intersections. Sounds of vehicles and passersby can make naptime or concentration difficult.

Thankfully, Eclipse blackout curtains add critical mass to glass windows, helping minimize disruptive noises from outside. This cultivates calmer settings despite noisy surroundings.

Saves Substantially on Energy Costs

Along with unparalleled light blocking abilities, Eclipse blackout curtains also directly reduce energy consumption in homes. The thick curtains prevent air from freely escaping out of windows when heating or cooling homes.

This enables HVAC systems to operate more efficiently. More comfortable living environments are maintained at lower energy usages compared to uncovered windows. This translates into noticeable savings on monthly electricity and gas utility bills.

Traps Hot & Cold Air Near Windows

Standard curtains allow substantial airflow and convection through windows. This forces HVAC systems to constantly reheat or recool. But Eclipse curtains create an extra layer of insulation that prevents rapid air and temperature changes near glass windows.

This significantly drops heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. As a result, AC and heating kicks on less frequently to reduce power consumption exponentially.

Other Notable Features

Along with the unparalleled light blocking, noise reduction, and energy savings offered by Eclipse blackout curtains, there are additional beneficial features worth mentioning.

Advanced Thermaback Blackout Technology

Eclipse blackout curtains owe their best-in-class light blocking capabilities to the integrated Thermaback technology. The proprietary fabrication and finishing process enables a thicker, more opaque panel that seamlessly blocks external light sources.

The technology involves precision weaving of polyester fibers to create a durable, layered web that prevents light rays from penetrating into rooms. This enables pure darkness without any frustrating sunbeams.

Variety of Sizes & Colors

Another advantage of Eclipse blackout curtains is the wide range of sizes and colors available to choose from. Shoppers can select between three versatile lengths, including 64 inches, 72 inches, and 84 inches long panels sized to match all standard window heights.

There are also eight beautiful colors available like navy, brown, grey, and more to coordinate perfectly with existing room decor. Whether dressing up a bold colored accent wall or neutral toned media room, there’s a well-matched shade sure to delight.

Simple Installation & Maintenance

Despite the advanced construction, Eclipse blackout curtains are surprisingly easy to setup and maintain long-term. Each panel ships with 8 metal grommets across the top hem to securely hang on curtain rods up to 1-inch in diameter. The grommets ensure smooth opening and closing of curtains through sustained use.

Maintenance is also simple thanks to the curtains’ completely machine washable and line dryable construction. The polyester fabric stands up well against heat, enabling regular ironing to keep panels looking crisp at all times.

Pros & Cons of Eclipse Blackout Curtains

To present a balanced perspective, we assessed both the advantages and disadvantages of selecting Eclipse as your preferred blackout curtain brand.


  • Extremely affordable price point
  • Unrivaled light blocking capabilities
  • Easy DIY installation process
  • Machine washable & iron safe
  • Noise reducing features
  • Saves substantially on energy costs


  • Cheap polyester appearance and feel
  • Fits only narrow width windows
  • Possible light gaps near top

As evidenced above, the Eclipse curtains provide tremendous bang for buck. There are few competitive options matching the exceptional performance and value combination.

The only notable shortfall is the thin, inexpensive feeling polyester material. While the fabric gets the job done blocking light, some may desire a thicker, more premium curtain. There can also be minor light gaps near the tops of taller windows if the rod positioning isn’t optimized.

For shoppers seeking the best blackout experience for their budget, Eclipse reigns supreme. The curtains effectively eliminate light, muffle disruptive noises, and directly save money through energy efficiency.

Rooms feel instantly transformed the moment the Eclipse blackout curtains are installed. Bedrooms become serene spaces for uninterrupted sleep. Media rooms facilitate immersive entertainment viewing without glare. Home offices establish focused environments devoid of visual distractions.

While there are more premium blackout curtain brands available, none match Eclipse’s combination of exceptional performance, quality construction, and sheer value. The polyester fabric provides nearly pitch black rooms, and maintains durability after repeated use and cleaning. Given the relatively low cost, these are the best curtains on the market guaranteed to completely block light.

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