Finally! An Automatic Pool Skimmer That Works Above Water

For years, pool owners have struggled with the tedious task of manually skimming their pools to remove leaves, insects, and other debris floating on the water’s surface. But that backbreaking work may soon be a thing of the past thanks to a revolutionary new type of automatic pool skimmer designed to work right at the water line.

These innovative “top water” skimmers use advanced technology to constantly sweep across the pool, collecting anything in their path. They are a game-changer for anyone who wants to spend less time skimming and more time actually enjoying their pool.

How Do Automatic Top Water Pool Skimmers Work?

Automatic pool skimmers designed for the water’s surface use a few key components to effectively clean the pool:

  • A floating base with a motorized drive system allows the skimmer to move around the entire pool.
  • Sensors detect and navigate around obstacles like walls and ladders.
  • A suction head with a debris collection net catches leaves, bugs, and other material.
  • The collected debris is sucked through a vacuum tube into a basket for easy disposal.

Advanced top water pool skimmers may also incorporate AI technology and built-in programming to intelligently map out the most efficient cleaning routes. And solar-powered models are extremely energy efficient.

Key Advantages of Automatic Surface Skimmers

There are several excellent reasons to consider a robotic pool skimmer that operates on the water’s surface:

First, they prevent debris from sinking to the bottom before it can clog pumps and filters. By capturing leaves and insects right away, they help keep the rest of your pool system clear.

They are also much more energy efficient than running the pool pump and standard bottom skimmers for hours every day. Top water models operate independently without relying on the pump.

automatic pool skimmer top of water

You’ll also never have to manually skim the pool again! Automatic surface skimming eliminates a very time-consuming and tiresome chore.

In addition, advanced models allow you to program cleaning schedules and control the skimmer remotely via WiFi. Run it before your pool party wraps up to handle any debris at the push of a button.

What to Look For When Buying a Top Water Pool Skimmer

With this exciting new technology, your pool can practically skim itself. But there are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing an automatic surface skimming system:

  • Consider pool size and shape – Larger and more complex pools need a more robust navigation system.
  • Estimate debris amount – Pools with lots of trees may need a larger collection basket.
  • Choose a convenient power source – Solar, battery, or outlet plug-in.
  • Look for smart features like artificial intelligence and smartphone control.

Taking the time to evaluate your pool’s specific needs will ensure you select the right automatic skimmer model.

Are Automatic Surface Skimmers Right For Your Pool?

While top water robotic pool skimmers offer some exciting advantages, they may not be ideal for every pool environment. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

They may not be as effective in pools with a lot of wave action since the turbulence makes navigation tricky. And unlike stationary in-ground skimmers, they can’t adjust suction power.

The upfront cost is higher than a standard manual skimmer. However, the energy savings and labor reduction can provide a quick payback.

These high-tech gadgets will also require regular cleaning and periodic maintenance to keep performing well over time. Remove debris from the collection basket and check for clogs.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Top Water Pool Skimmer

To maximize the effectiveness of your robotic surface skimming system, here are some useful tips:

  • Strategically place the skimmer for the widest coverage area possible.
  • Schedule cleaning cycles for times when wind or activities kick up the most debris.
  • Check battery levels or solar charge status regularly.
  • Empty the debris basket after each cleaning cycle to prevent clogs.

Applying these best practices will help ensure your high-tech automatic pool skimmer keeps your water pristine all season long with minimal effort on your part.

Automatic pool skimmers designed to work at the water line are revolutionizing above-ground pool maintenance. They make skimming a breeze by constantly removing debris the moment it hits the surface.

With sophisticated technology like AI navigation, remote accessibility, and self-charging power systems, these robots practically skim the pool for you. And they prevent debris from sinking and clogging filters for easier overall care.

While they require an initial investment, the amount of time and energy they save can make them well worth it. Give your back and pool pump a break by letting a robotic surface skimming system shoulder the skimming chore!

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