Everything You Need to Know About the Heise Console Table

The Heise console table has attention to detail. As part of the Maxwell furniture collection, this luxury accent table makes a statement with its modern aesthetic and high-end finishes.

Keep reading to learn all about the features, specs, and design details that make the Heise console table a glamorous addition to your home.

heise 60 console table

Introducing the Maxwell Brand of Luxury Furniture

The Heise console table comes from the Maxwell brand, known for its upscale furniture that combines natural beauty with modern forms. Founded in 2010, Maxwell aims to bring an artistic sensibility to home furnishings using quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Maxwell offers several furniture collections spanning living room, bedroom, and dining room pieces. Across all its product lines, the brand embodies refined, contemporary style with an eye for detail.

Key Details About the Heise 60″ Console Table

As part of the Maxwell collection, the Heise console table exhibits the brand’s signature aesthetic. This narrow yet substantial furniture piece brings glamour to entryways or behind seating arrangements.

With its 60-inch length, the scaled console table makes a dramatic statement. The product imagery shows the table in an elegant ebony finish, while the description states upholstery options are also available to customize the look.

Sleek stainless steel inlays on both the tabletop and legs add interest while complementing the sophistication of the ebony finish.

Dimensions and Specifications

Though exact dimensions are not provided, standard console tables are around 60 inches long and 12-18 inches deep. This slender, elongated proportion is suited to placing against a wall or sofa.

Based on similar console tables, the Heise likely weighs between 50-100 pounds. The tabletop surface should be thick and sturdy, while the legs provide reliable support.

High-Quality Materials

The Heise console table is constructed from solid wood which provides lasting durability. Many luxury console tables use premium woods like maple, walnut, or oak.

The stainless steel inlay brings modern flair through its tone and luster. This metal accent is available in either a warm brass or cool nickel finish.

Storage and Functionality

The product description doesn’t indicate if the Heise console table includes storage features like drawers or cabinets. Some customers may prefer enclosed storage to hide clutter, while others favor an open design.

Without storage, the tabletop surface can be used decoratively to display accent pieces, books, candles, and more to complement your decor.

Unique Styling Cues

Beyond the standard console table silhouette, the Heise incorporates statement-making details through its materials and finishes.

The metal inlay brings Art Deco inspiration to this modern table. Its juxtaposition of wood and steel creates visual intrigue.

The Maxwell brand ensures each furniture piece encapsulates their design ethos. Like others in the collection, the Heise makes a sophisticated style statement.

Why Customers Choose the Heise

For homeowners and designers seeking upscale, contemporary furniture, the Heise console table delivers.

The use of ebony finish and stainless steel provides luxury aesthetics. As a Maxwell product, buyers can trust the quality and construction meet high standards.

The silhouette works well in modern and transitional interiors. Place the Heise in an entryway or living room to elevate the ambiance.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

While the Heise console table exudes designer appeal, the investment piece comes at a price. Be sure to measure your space to ensure the proportions work.

Also weigh the benefits of enclosed storage or an open design based on your needs. And consider lead times for custom upholstery orders.

Those wanting a similar style for less could look at tables from manufacturers like Article or West Elm.

The Heise console table is a striking addition to modern homes. Place this glamorous piece in an entry or living area to elevate the ambiance.

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