Eliminate Annoying Kitchen Smoke With This Genius Portable Extractor

Cooking smoke, grease, and odors can quickly make any kitchen unpleasant. But for those without a traditional vent hood, excess cooking fumes have been an unavoidable nuisance – until now. Read on to learn about an innovative portable smoke extractor that eliminates cooking odors and provides cleaner indoor air.

The AirHood portable range hood removes these irritating cooking byproducts using a convenient, compact design perfect for small or awkward kitchens. Keep reading to learn how this revolutionary appliance can liberate your kitchen from smoke, grease, and odors.

Overview of the AirHood Portable Smoke Extractor

The AirHood is the world’s first truly portable range hood. This handy appliance combines a powerful fan with a dual-filtration system to rid cooking areas of smoke, grease, fumes, and odors.

Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • A robust 140 CFM fan pulls in cooking smoke and fumes.
  • Air passes through a mesh grease filter to trap food particles.
  • A activated carbon filter removes smoke and neutralizes odors.
  • The purified air is recirculated back into the room.

This dual-filtration process ensures the air is free of smoke, grease, and unpleasant cooking smells. And unlike traditional range hoods, the AirHood doesn’t require any ducting or ventilation to the outdoors. This makes it perfect for areas where installing a vented hood isn’t possible.

kitchen smoke extractor portable

The device is lightweight and compact. It can be positioned anywhere for optimal smoke and odor removal. For maximum portability, a rechargeable battery model is available in addition to a corded version. This allows true flexibility in placement, even in rooms without available outlets.

Traditional Range Hoods vs Portable Extractors

Standard vent hoods mounted over stoves have some significant downsides compared to portable extractors like the AirHood:

Drawbacks of Traditional Vent Hoods

  • Require professional installation – Proper mounting, ductwork and electrical connections can add hundreds to total costs.
  • Not feasible in all spaces – Vented range hoods need a way to route fumes outside, which isn’t always possible.
  • Limited positioning options – You can only place them above your stove or cooktop.
  • Can be loud – Older models in particular can be quite noisy.
  • Need ductwork to vent outside – This allows grease and odors to build up on outside walls or structures.

Benefits of Portable Extractors Like the AirHood

  • No installation needed – Just take out of the box and plug in or charge.
  • Small size fits anywhere – Compact models are ideal for tight kitchens.
  • Position for optimal smoke capture – Place right by cooking surface or follow smoke as you move.
  • Quieter operation – Smaller fans allow quieter, less disruptive use.
  • Recirculating design – No need for difficult ducting installs.

For many home chefs, a portable extractor like the AirHood eliminates the significant downsides of traditional vent hoods. The flexibility and simplicity offered by a compact model is ideal for smaller or awkward kitchen spaces.

Who Can Benefit From a Portable Extractor?

There are many groups who can strongly benefit from using a portable smoke extractor like the AirHood:

Apartment Dwellers

Renters in apartments often don’t have the ability to install vented range hoods that require ductwork. A portable extractor offers them an easy way to clear smoke and smells without construction. Positioning flexibility is also useful for small galley kitchens in apartments.

College Students in Dorms

Dorm room cooking happens in tight quarters without proper ventilation. Students can use a portable extractor to cook without smoking out dorm mates or setting off fire alarms. Easy mobility means it can be stashed away when not in use.

RV Owners

Recreational vehicles lack appropriate ventilation for stovetop cooking. An extractor like the AirHood allows RV owners to cook full meals on the road without smoke filling up their living space. Its compact size is also perfect for RVs with space constraints.

Anyone in a Small Kitchen

Galley, apartment, or unconventional kitchens gain significant benefit from a portable extractor’s positioning flexibility. Home chefs can place it exactly where needed to best capture cooking smoke.

Renters Unable to Install Vent Hoods

Many lease agreements prohibit tenants from installing their own vent hoods. Portable extractors provide a workaround to still improve ventilation and air quality.

In many living situations, permanent vent hood installation just isn’t feasible. A portable extractor like the AirHood delivers an easy, convenient alternative for cleaner air.

Where to Use the AirHood in Your Home

The AirHood’s portability offers great flexibility in positioning. But where should you place it for maximum smoke removal? Here are some ideal options:

Over the Stove or Cooktop

Positioning the AirHood directly over your stovetop or cooktop puts it closest to the source of smoke production. This makes capturing airborne contaminants most effective.

Follow the Smoke Output

Don’t be afraid to move the extractor around your kitchen during cooking! Chasing the smoke to its point of output removes more completely.

Near Kitchen Islands or Temporary Cooking Areas

For outdoor kitchens or temporary cooking spaces, placing the AirHood nearby on a counter sucks up smoke billowing in all directions.

Fryers, Broilers, or Smoke-Producing Appliances

High smoke appliances like fryers and broilers benefit from a focused extractor positioning. Place the AirHood as close as safely possible.

Get creative in finding the best smoke-capturing positions. The AirHood’s portability means no fixed limitations on where to place it.

How to Operate the AirHood Portable Extractor

Using the AirHood is simple and straightforward. Just follow these steps:


  • Remove the AirHood from packaging.
  • Check that filters are inserted properly.
  • For cordless models, charge battery fully.
  • Plug in corded version or turn on battery power.


  • Place near cooking area for best smoke capture.
  • Turn on the AirHood by pressing the power button.
  • Adjust fan speed as needed with + and – controls.
  • Optionally use mounting holster for hands-free operation.

Pro Tips

  • Prevent filter saturation by starting the AirHood before cooking.
  • Adjust positioning if smoke isn’t being fully captured.
  • Turn on overhead kitchen fans to work in tandem.

Filter Replacement

  • Check filters regularly and replace when discolored.
  • Replace oil filter approximately every 2-3 months.
  • Swap activated carbon filter every 4-6 months.

With just a quick reading of the manual, anyone can start enjoying smoke-free cooking with the user-friendly AirHood.

Reviews of the AirHood Portable Extractor

Overall customer reviews indicate the AirHood performs extremely effectively for a compact portable extractor.


  • Powerful 140 CFM fan sucks up smoke quickly.
  • Truly eliminates cooking odors instead of just masking them.
  • Easy to reposition for optimal performance.
  • Battery model provides complete portability.

Potential Cons

  • Filters may need frequent replacement with heavy use.
  • Corded model limits positioning somewhat.
  • Higher price than some basic range hoods.

Reviews from Users

“This extractor is a lifesaver in my small apartment kitchen. I can fry and broil without smoking up the whole place.”

“The battery lasts longer than I expected. I can cook full dinners without recharging.”

“It’s not totally silent, but much quieter than my old vent hood. Very tolerable noise level.”

Users agree the AirHood delivers noticeable improvements in indoor air quality and odor reduction compared to no ventilation.

Cost and Availability of the AirHood

The AirHood retails for $189.99. It’s available for purchase online through the company’s website or Amazon.

Cordless battery models cost slightly more at $209.99. Replacement filters are also available starting at $24.99.

The product ships free within the continental US. International shipping costs vary. The company provides a 30 day return policy if not fully satisfied.

Discounts for bulk orders are also available for home builders, contractors, and real estate owners looking to equip multiple properties.

For anyone struggling with smoke, grease, and odors in a small or awkward kitchen, the AirHood portable extractor provides welcome relief. This innovative appliance packs powerful filtration into a compact, portable package perfect for apartments, dorms, and RVs.

The AirHood delivers an easy, effective alternative to cumbersome vent hoods requiring professional installation. Just a few minutes is all it takes to start enjoying cleaner indoor air free of cooking fumes and smoke.

So don’t waste another meal inhaling unpleasant kitchen odor! With the AirHood portable extractor, fresh tasting food in a fresh smelling home is just a purchase away.

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