Dreaming of Dramatic Decor? How to Show Off Extra Large Tobacco Baskets

Tobacco baskets have become a popular decorating trend, with their rustic textures and vintage farmhouse aesthetic. But if you really want to make a dramatic statement, go big! Extra large tobacco baskets can transform any blank wall into a breathtaking focal point. Keep reading to learn clever tips for styling, arranging, and displaying oversized tobacco baskets for an interior design impact.

Size Matters: Going Big with Oversized Baskets

Extra large tobacco baskets are the perfect solution for filling up empty wall space in a bold yet inviting way. Their expansive woven textures make them ideal statement pieces, and they provide plenty of room for creative decorating and display possibilities. Oversized baskets command attention, giving any wall decor arrangement visual weight and presence.

extra large tobacco basket wall decor

Large tobacco baskets range anywhere from 2 to 4 feet in diameter, making them significantly bigger than traditional medium or small baskets. Their ample surface area allows you to create artful vignettes with foliage, blankets, artwork, or any number of rustic elements. You’ll have the flexibility to design an eye-catching tobacco basket display that fits your personal style.

For added interest, mix and match extra large baskets with smaller tobacco baskets. Creating a cluster of differently sized baskets makes for a dynamic composition and a touch of vintage charm. Arrange the baskets asymmetrically for even more appeal. Whether going for bold symmetry or an organic arrangement, oversized baskets let you scale up your wall decor with free-spirited farmhouse flair.

You can find extra large tobacco baskets from a variety of retailers. Major online stores like Wayfair and Overstock carry a selection of basket sizes to choose from. For authentic vintage baskets, try scouring estate sales and antique shops, or browse independent artisans on Etsy. Big box stores like Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods may also have oversized rattan or woven baskets that embody the tobacco basket look. With the right basket source, you’ll be styling statement-making walls in no time!

Hanging and Arranging Your Extra Large Tobacco Basket

Thanks to their open weave, most extra large tobacco baskets are pleasingly lightweight even as they make an outsized visual impact. But it’s still important to assess the basket’s weight and stability to determine the best hanging method. Smaller baskets can often be mounted with simple thumbtacks or nails. For baskets over 25 pounds, opt for sturdy hooks anchored securely in wall studs.

Rope, jute twine, or macrame can also lend a handmade vibe while providing enough support. Hang the basket from ceiling rafters or beams for a suspended statement that doesn’t occupy wall space. wherever you display it, make sure your oversized basket has a solid anchoring point so it stays securely in place.

When it comes to arrangement, extra large tobacco baskets give you freedom to create focal points anywhere. Hang one over the mantel as a rustic fireplace accent, or flank a window for natural texture and interest. Cluster three together in an artful gallery arrangement, or highlight a single basket on an otherwise blank wall. Entryways, dining spaces, and bedrooms also benefit from the warm ambiance of an oversized basket.

The spacious size of extra large baskets makes symmetrical arrangements a breeze. But don’t be afraid to also play with asymmetrical or organic grouping techniques. Varying basket sizes, shapes, and hanging heights prevents uniformity and adds character. Allow the baskets to overlap each other, tilting some vertically and others horizontally. The resulting composition feels welcomingly imperfect and full of handcrafted personality.

Styling Your Extra Large Tobacco Basket Display

One option is to let your extra large tobacco basket speak for itself by leaving it empty, focusing attention on its handsome woven craftsmanship. But there are also endless possibilities for artfully filling your oversized basket to complement its rustic style. The ample space lends itself beautifully to a medley of textures and objects.

For an effortless but impactful look, adorn your basket with an abundance of faux florals and greenery spilling out in a natural fashion. Roll up a cozy blanket or quilt and tuck it attractively inside. Stack a collection of decorative coffee table books or antique tomes. Or turn your basket into a stunning frame for a canvas print, tapestry artwork, or gallery of family photos.

Large pillar candles, pompous grass, and eucalyptus add elegance, while a wreath matches traditional tobacco basket vibes. You can also incorporate lanterns, wood signage with inspiring quotes, or wire baskets holding fruit. For a farmhouse feel, fill your basket with sunflowers, gourds, bundles of dried lavender, or retro milk cans.

If you have the ceiling height, consider hoisting your basket up on a pulley system to add drama from above. For holidays like Christmas, give your tobacco basket festive flair with lights, pinecones, poinsettias, and rustic holiday ornaments. The decor options with an extra large basket are virtually endless!

Extra Large Basket Inspiration for Every Room

Rustic Dining Room Accent

An extra large tobacco basket makes a gorgeous dining room feature, especially when hung over a farmhouse table. Fill yours with faux eucalyptus, cotton stems, and wildflowers for an organic feel. Or roll up linen napkins and tuck in silverware to create an elegant woven place setting display.

Cafe Vibe Above Kitchen Shelving

Mount an oversized basket right above open kitchen shelving for an inviting cafe aesthetic. Display cookbooks, plants, ceramics, or coffee canisters inside the basket to complement the shelves below. The layered effect feels cozy and lived-in.

Beautiful Bedroom Focal Point

Bedrooms benefit from the comforting presence of an extra large basket on the wall. Hang it empty to highlight its supple textures, or lovingly arrange family photos, favorite books, lace pillows, and fresh flowers within to craft a personal sanctuary.

Entryway Storage and Display

Oversized baskets come in handy for entryway storage needs. Hide gloves, hats, scarves, and dog leashes within, then artfully drape a cozy throw blanket out the sides. Visitors will be greeted with style and warmth.

Living Room Gallery Wall

Gallery walls gain major rustic flair with the addition of extra large tobacco baskets. Hang them at varying heights next to framed artwork, antique signs, macrame wall hangings, or plate collections. Repeat baskets in different sizes for lots of visual interest.

Statement Piece in a Home Office

Make a stylish productivity zone by mounting an extra large basket in a home office or reading nook. Fill it with books, trailing ivy, and creative accents like watering cans. The basket’s ample width also provides storage and display space.

Sources for Finding Extra Large Tobacco Baskets

Looking to buy an oversized basket for your next decor project? Here are some top places to shop:

  • Online retailers like Wayfair, Overstock, and Etsy for new and used tobacco baskets.
  • Big box craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and HomeGoods.
  • Discount home stores like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Ross.
  • Antique shops and secondhand stores for vintage baskets with patina.
  • Estate sales for unique secondhand basket finds.
  • Local artisans and basket weavers via craft fairs, Facebook, Etsy.

With the right sourcing strategy, you’ll come across special baskets that suit your vision and price range. Dream big and focus your search on extra large and oversized options to make a true decorating statement.

Extra large tobacco baskets unlock endless possibilities for eye-catching wall decor. Their expansive size and woven rustic appeal lets you create artful vignettes, storage solutions, and dramatic focal points. Arrange oversized baskets above your fireplace or kitchen shelves, or try grouping multiples for an appealing blend of shapes and textures.

Fill your baskets with greenery, artwork, antiques, books, and candles tailored to your personal taste and ever-changing moods and seasons. With the right styling and placement, extra large tobacco baskets infuse warmth, texture, and farmhouse vibes that utterly transform your space. It’s time to go big, get creative, and craft an interior that reflects your bold sense of style!

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