Decor Tricks for an Elegant Bedroom Tray Ceiling

Tray ceilings can transform basic bedrooms into elegant spaces full of style and visual interest. With the right decor tricks, a tray ceiling serves as a striking focal point that elevates the entire room’s atmosphere. From choosing ceiling shapes and materials to incorporating opulent lighting and finishes, we detail tips for designing a glamorous tray ceiling bedroom oasis below.

Choosing the Right Tray Ceiling for Your Bedroom

When planning a tray ceiling installation, first decide which style works best for your bedroom’s proportions and existing architecture. Consider these popular options:

  • Cove Tray Ceiling: A coved tray ceiling features rounded edges that softly transition up into a peak, creating a serene feeling.
  • Cathedral Tray Ceiling: Cathedral-style trays have a steep, dramatic slope and amplify the sense of height in a room.
  • Stepped Tray Ceiling: Stepped tray ceilings build dimension through a series of incremental shifts up into the peak of the ceiling.

Factor in ceiling height and Evaluating bedroom square footage when choosing a design. For example, cathedral tray ceilings suit spacious rooms, while coved trays work well even in modestly-sized spaces. Consulting interior designers helps ensure proper proportions.

Popular Bedroom Tray Materials

Tray ceiling materials also affect the room’s style and mood. Some top options include:

  • Drywall: Budget-friendly and simple to install and paint.
  • Wood: Beautifully warm and can incorporate beams, tongue-and-groove planks.
  • Plaster: Sophisticated Old World charm, especially in ornate medallions.

Ensure insulation installs properly for efficiency and sound dampening. Materials selection depends partly on factors like existing infrastructure, complexity of the design, and budget.

tray ceilings in bedrooms

Lighting Built Into the Tray

Strategic lighting builds ambience and enhances tray ceiling allure. Designers often recess fixtures directly in the tray itself, such as:

  • Cove Lighting: Grazes the ceiling and walls with soft, ambient glow.
  • Recessed Downlighting: Creates pools of light directed at key areas
  • Dimmer Switches: Allows adjustable lighting based on needs like reading or relaxation.

Proper planning of switch locations and wiring during initial installation prevents issues down the road. Lighting integrates seamlessly into the tray ceiling design for a polished look.

Design Details That Boost Tray Elegance

Once structural elements finalize, shift focus toward decorative details that maximize glamour. Small touches make big visual impact and Elevate sense of style.

Ornate Moldings and Decorative Trim

No tray ceiling design completes without crown molding topping edges where walls meet ceiling. For dramatic effect:

  • Opt for layered, ornate molding featuring dentils, egg and dart, beads, or other intricacies
  • Incorporate ceiling medallions, niches, or shelves
  • Add built-in bookshelves or display cabinets

Custom designs and millwork create striking anchor points. Note weight and structural considerations if attaching substantial decorative elements.

Paint Color and Ceiling Finishes

Paint wields immense transformational power. For bedrooms, soothing neutrals enhance peaceful atmosphere. Strategic color placement also spotlights gorgeous tray architecture via:

  • Contrasting Color Ceiling: Make tray “pop” with bold tone
  • Ceiling as Fifth Wall: Use ceiling as accent wall with patterned wallpaper
  • Sheen and Texture: Emphasize details like cove edges with glossy paint; add visual depth with textured brushwork finish

Incorporate variations in paint types and techniques tailored to tray ceiling nuances. Consult color experts to actualize design goals.

Additional High-End Touches

Further opulent elements imbue signature flair:

  • Crystal chandeliers or pendant lights hung precisely at tray ceiling peaks
  • Mirror accents in framed art, mirrored furniture, metallic finishes
  • Natural materials like stone flooring and wood paneling

Avoid overaccessorizing with too many disparate glam pieces competing for attention. Curate accessories deliberately to harmonize with overall vision.

Tying It All Together with Cohesive Bedroom Decor

After installing architectural Interest of the tray ceiling itself, thoughtfully furnish and accessorize. Luxe fabrics, posh paint hues, and lavish touches enhance the elegant atmosphere.

Fabric Considerations for Bedding and Window Treatments

Fabrics influence feelings – incorporate textiles setting desired mood. Ideas:

  • High thread count sheets, duvet inserts, quilts in silk, cashmere, premium cotton
  • Velvet or velour upholstered headboard
  • Thick drapes framing windows, added insulation

Coordinate colors of textiles with wall shades selected to complement tray ceiling. Contrast adds excitement; tone-on-tone lends subtle sophistication.

Further Ways to Elevate the Elegance Factor

Additional bedroom elements increasing luxury quotient include:

  • Persian area rug over hardwood flooring
  • Canopy bed frame, articulating back and posture bed base
  • Decorative objets like crystal lamps, porcelain artwork

Incorporate styles like baroque frames on upholstered bench seats at bed foot. Handcarved wood furnishings and ornamental decor infuse eclectic personality.

Professional Tray Ceiling Installation

Realizing design visions demands specialized expertise. Professional tray ceiling installers have technical skills in:

  • Measuring and structural calculations
  • Working with non-standard angles and ceiling cavities
  • Uniform joints compounding
  • Electrical, lighting and HVAC modifications

The investment of using specialists pays dividends in bedroom elegance you’ll enjoy for years. Verify credentials and visit past project examples before hiring.

The striking architectural element of a tray ceiling lends endless design possibilities for bedrooms. With careful planning and deliberate decor choices, tray ceilings transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary, elegant retreats. We summarized key tips like opting for decorative moldings, statement lighting fixtures, luxe fabrics and premium materials to guide designs. By applying these enhanced finishes and curating complementary accents, bedrooms feel peaceful, stylish and grand. Tray ceilings create focal points raising interiors to new aesthetic heights.

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