Boho Tables That Keep Messy Items Out of Sight

We all have those random bits and bobs that seem to clutter up every room – TV remotes, phone chargers, stacks of magazines. And while stuffing everything into an overflowing drawer may work for some, lovers of bohemian style crave prettier storage solutions.

Enter the boho end table with storage. These free-spirited accent tables let you tuck away life’s clutter in style. Open cubbies and concealable shelves maintain your room’s breezy boho vibe while keeping necessities handy. Read on to learn how end tables with boho-chic storage can de-clutter your space stylishly!

What is Boho Style?

Bohemian decor, often shortened to “boho,” encompasses free-spirited global influences from places like India, Morocco, and Scandinavia. The eclectic boho aesthetic celebrates creativity with rich textures, vibrant patterns, and artistic flair.

A few common elements you might see in bohemian interiors include:

  • Woven textures – Think rattan, macrame, embroidered fabrics
  • Vintage furnishings with well-worn patinas
  • Plush pillows and tasseled trim
  • Rugs with ornate patterning
  • Decor from around the world – dreamcatchers, batiks, prayer flags

By blending cultures, boho style creates a relaxed yet worldly oasis. Natural materials and global patterns infuse homes with wanderlust spirit. The eclectic mix feels curated yet unstudied – the sheer essence of free-spirited bohemian chic!

boho end table with storage

Why Add Storage to An End Table?

As indispensable as they may be, our modern essentials like phones, controllers, cables create visual chaos. This clashes with the breezy bohemian aesthetic many strive for in their living spaces and bedrooms.

Thankfully end tables with concealed storage allow you to:

  • Reduce clutter: Stash items out of sight but still easily accessible.
  • Avoid mess: No more dumping junk into an exposed basket.
  • Get flexible storage: Open cubby designs remain visible while hiding contents.

With these smart tables, you can curate a serene boho retreat without sacrificing space for your everyday items. The concealable design keeps rooms looking peaceful and put-together instead of chaotic.

Boho End Table Storage Designs

When selecting your storage end table, consider size, shape, and style. Luckily, with options spanning woven rattan to distressed wood, you’re sure to discover your perfect boho storage buddy.

Rattan and Woven Side Tables

For breezy bohemian flair, woven wonders like rattan and cane end tables make excellent storage sidekicks. Often sourced sustainably, the natural fiber textures align with eco-conscious boho values.


  • Lightweight and airy aesthetic
  • Textural handwoven or braided details
  • Organic colors and finishes

Style Ideas:

  • Rattan table with hinged top on woven base
  • Classic carved side table with lower rattan magazine rack
  • Hexagonal mango wood accent table with rattan storage shelf

Painted Wooden Accent Tables

Wood furniture takes on bohemian flair with eclectic painted or distressed finishes. Opt for an end table with cabinet doors or shelving to conceal life’s bits and bobs.


  • Casual styling mixes well with boho decor
  • Distressed or colorfully painted wood feels artistic
  • Cabinet storage offers enclosed space

Style Ideas:

  • Vintage wooden crate table with lid
  • Upcycled drawers repurposed into end table with cabinet
  • Salvaged farmhouse side table with metal mesh magazine rack underneath

Metal and Glass Boho Tables

For contemporary contrast against traditional boho furniture, try a metal or glass end table with storage cubbies. The mixture of modern materials alongside free-spirited elements creates an eclectic fusion.


  • Adds modern edge to boho decor
  • Glass tops feel lightweight and airy
  • Metallic finishes for luxe sheen

Style Ideas:

  • Marble and brass accent table with woven magazine rack
  • Geometric side table in black metal with lower storage shelf
  • Boho chic glass top cabinet table with woven front panels

Choosing The Right Boho End Table

When selecting an end table with storage flair, keep these top tips in mind:

  • Measure First: Pick an appropriate size end table for your space – too large looks clunky.
  • Match Room Decor: Select storage table finishes and textures that flow with existing boho furniture.
  • Consider Functionality: Ensure adequate usable storage space to tidy media, books, accessories.

Additionally, pay attention to the table’s height. Standard end table height ranges between 18 to 24 inches tall. Ensure yours aligns with sofa or bed height for comfortable use when relaxing or reaching for stored items.

Decorating With Boho End Tables

Ready to welcome a boho storage table into your living room, bedroom, or entryway? Follow our pro tips for showstopping bohemian style:

Bedroom and Living Room Positioning

Flaunt your boho end table beside seating areas for handy access. Try placing one on either side of a sofa or next to a lounge chair with comfy pillows in the living room. For bedrooms, position storage tables bedside for holding lamps, books, charging cords.

What to Store and Display

Open cubby end tables neatly hide life’s odds and ends without totally concealing them. Stash rolls of toilet paper, extra throw blankets, electronics and their tangled cords inside. On tabletop surfaces, add decorator touches like stacks of bohemian style books, woven baskets holding faux plants or flowers, and colorful candles.

Incorporating Other Boho Elements

Weave plush pillows, cozy textures, and exotic patterns throughout the rest of your space to complement your new storage sidekick. Try a handmade wool rug underfoot paired with cotton macrame wall hangings. Match exotic table decor like pompom trim placemats and embroidered table runners. Feel free to go global – mix Turkish kilims with Indian block prints for an eclectic boho mashup!

Top Places To Buy Boho End Tables Online

Can’t get enough globally-inspired home decor delivered to your door? Shop our favorite retailers for bohemian furniture with free-spirited pizzazz.

Top Retailers

Score storage end tables and more boho accents from popular shops like:

  • World Market: Global bazaar finds for way less
  • West Elm: Modern takes on eclectic style
  • Serena and Lily: Breezy luxurious California vibe
  • Urban Outfitters: Youthful funky prints and patterns

Consider Customization

Can’t find your perfect decor? Try these custom furniture brands offering boho tables suited to your space:

  • Etsy: Handmade artisan goods
  • Anthropologie: Tailored furniture customization

Vintage and Secondhand Finds

For budget-friendly boho, shop flea markets, Facebook Marketplace, thrift stores like Goodwill, and apps such as OfferUp.

Let your free spirit roam by infusing interiors with storied global treasures and vibrant bohemian style. Boho end tables with concealed storage introduce convenience without cluttering your curated sanctuary.

Simplify pockets of mess throughout your home by squirreling away life’s odds and ends inside these concealable accent furnishings. Allow organizational solutions like cabinets, shelves, and cubby holes to streamline rooms into serene boho retreats. Just open the cabinet door or lift the hinged top to access hidden contents while maintaining chill vibes.

The styling possibilities are endless with the endless finishing options. Just be sure to select an end table storage piece aligning with your personal taste and existing furnishings. Measure carefully and style mindfully to craft a globally-glam boho escape infused with plenty of breezy spirit!

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