Declutter Your Bathroom with These Clever Storage Baskets

Is your bathroom overflowing with a disorganized mess of half-used bottles, makeup brushes, and mismatched towels? Do you spend more time digging for your hair dryer than actually styling your hair? If this sounds familiar, it may be time to declutter with some handy storage baskets.

Bathroom storage baskets are game-changers when it comes to getting organized. With the right baskets, you can neatly corral all your essentials and keep them within reach. Read on to discover why bathroom storage baskets are a must-have organizing tool.

Why Bathroom Storage Baskets?

Keep Essentials Within Reach

The main benefit of bathroom storage baskets is that they keep your most-used items right at your fingertips. Stash cotton balls, Q-tips, lotions, and skincare in small baskets on your countertop or vanity to use every morning and night without having to hunt through cabinets.

bathroom storage baskets with lids

Baskets under the sink hold backup products or extras so you always have what you need when you run out of something during your routine. Not having to constantly dig around saves you time when getting ready in the mornings and before bed.

Flexible Storage for Any Space

Bathroom storage baskets come in an array of sizes, shapes, depths, and designs. This makes them perfect for tucking into tight spots and optimizing the storage you already have.

Try corner baskets in your shower caddy or narrow baskets in your shallow vanity. Hang baskets on the wall or stack them inside cabinets. There’s sure to be a basket suited for any tricky storage area in your bathroom.

Hide Clutter in Style

Tired of ugly plastic bins crowding your counters? Many storage baskets now offer style as well as function. Woven, fabric-covered, or wire baskets have a more polished look than plastic tubs.

Baskets with lids neatly conceal anything inside, so counters stay free of clutter. Your bathroom will look cleaner and more pulled together with items stored out of sight.

Options for Any Budget

You don’t have to spend a lot to get organized with baskets. Plastic and wire baskets are inexpensive options that still get the job done. Or get crafty and DIY painted baskets for a custom look.

If you want something more upscale, splurge on a nicer detailed basket like hand-woven rattan. But the good news is you can find bathroom storage baskets at any price point.

Use Baskets to Organize Bathroom Zones

Vanity and Countertops

Your vanity is the perfect spot to start decluttering with baskets. Use small trays or bins for every day makeup, skincare, and grooming products you use frequently.

Larger rectangular baskets store bulkier items neatly like brush sets, blow dryers, curling wands, and hair straighteners. Choose baskets in a style that coordinates with your bathroom’s aesthetics.

Drawers and Cabinets

Does your vanity drawer look like a jumbled mess of half-used products? Bring order with stackable baskets that segment each drawer. Assign a basket for makeup, first aid, toiletries, hair products, and more.

Inside cabinets, use covered baskets to corral extras like backup shampoo, soap bars, razors, and other supplies. The lids keep everything neatly contained.

Under the Sink

Maximize the often neglected space under your sink with baskets. Vertical hanging baskets or stacked baskets make the most of unused vertical real estate.

Keep cleaning wipes and sprays in easy reach. Conceal backup toilet paper rolls and feminine products in lidded baskets. You can even organize self-care items like bath salts in baskets for a home spa.

Shower and Bathtub

Install caddies with baskets in your shower or tub to store razors, soap, bath toys, and more. Corner shelves with baskets add storage without taking up room in the tub.

Hanging shower baskets keep shampoo, conditioner, and body wash handy so you don’t have to bend down to access them. Store scrub brushes and loofahs in a basket so they can dry out between uses.

More Bathroom Basket Ideas

Wall-Mounted Baskets

Get baskets off your countertops by mounting them to walls or doors. Install floating shelves with baskets for a modern look. Mounted baskets by the toilet hold spare rolls of toilet paper or feminine products.

Multi-Purpose Baskets

Repurpose baskets from other rooms to gain bathroom storage. Use an old suitcase for under-sink storage with vintage flair. Line baskets with towels to neatly store bath toys.

Labels and Bins

Clearly label baskets so everyone knows what goes where. Color-code baskets for each family member. Use clear plastic bins so you can easily see contents.

With the right bathroom storage baskets, you can finally conquer that clutter and get organized. Baskets tuck perfectly into unused space and keep all your essentials at your fingertips.

Experiment with baskets in different areas like under your sink or vanity until you find a system that works. Maintain organization by always putting items back into their designated baskets. We hope these clever bathroom basket ideas inspired you to declutter and get your bath space in order.

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