Customize Your Dream Kitchen With Freestanding Cabinets

Dreaming of a kitchen that perfectly suits your taste and lifestyle? The customization options and design flexibility of freestanding cabinets make it easy to create your ideal cooking space. Unanchored to walls like traditional cabinetry, freestanding units can be arranged, moved, and reconfigured to divide rooms, maximize storage, and achieve any layout you desire. Take your kitchen from drab to fab with the limitless potential of freestanding cabinetry.

Keep reading to discover the unique advantages of freestanding cabinets, from easier installation to mix-and-match components tailor-made for you.

What Are Freestanding Kitchen Cabinets?

Freestanding kitchen cabinets are a style of cabinetry with finished sides that do not require attachment to walls. This allows them to act as movable, modular pieces of furniture rather than permanent built-ins. Freestanding cabinets are often used to create kitchen islands that provide additional counter space and storage.

Benefits of Freestanding Cabinetry

From mobility to moisture control, freestanding cabinets offer several advantages over their built-in counterparts:

  • Can be easily moved and rearranged as needed
  • Simpler installation than permanently anchored cabinetry
  • Allow for improved airflow and humidity control
  • Enable flexible kitchen layouts with movable partitions
  • Create open, multi-use spaces by dividing rooms

By opting for freestanding over built-in cabinetry, you gain the freedom to continuously modify your kitchen as needs and tastes evolve.

freestanding kitchen cabinet with countertop

How Freestanding Cabinets Differ from Traditional Cabinetry

While both store dishes and dry goods, freestanding and traditional cabinets have a few key differences:

  • Freestanding cabinets have finished sides and are not secured to walls.
  • This allows them to act as movable furniture instead of permanent built-ins.
  • The four finished sides may increase cost but allow for customization.
  • Traditional cabinets are installed flush to walls and only require finished fronts.
  • Built-in installation limits layout flexibility.

Those willing to splurge on the four finished sides required of freestanding cabinetry are rewarded with custom options and mobility not available from built-ins.

Customization Options for Tailor-Made Cabinets

From the cabinet boxes to hardware and countertops, freestanding cabinets provide endless options for a personalized kitchen:


Stain, paint, wrap or distress cabinet boxes to match existing decor or make a bold statement. Blanch, glaze or antique for vintage appeal.

Door Styles

Choose from shaker, flat panel, inset and more. Opt for glass fronts, open shelving or solid slab fronts. Frosted, seeded, textured and tinted glass offer privacy options.


Mix metals, finishes and styles for knobs, pulls, hinges and slides. Go for modern minimalism or rustic charm.


Select countertop materials like granite, quartz or butcher block that coordinate with your cabinet finish and overall aesthetic.

Toe Kicks

Toe kicks seamlessly blend freestanding cabinets with cabinetry by concealing the base. Optional but recommended.

Sinks and Appliances

Coordinate sink and appliance styles with your cabinetry. Undermount sinks provide a streamlined look.

Designing a Kitchen with Freestanding Cabinets

Ready to turn cabinet possibilities into reality? Design your dream kitchen with freestanding cabinets:

  • Use as room dividers and space partitions for open layouts
  • Incorporate into kitchen islands for additional storage and counters
  • Create specialized zones for entertaining, cooking and more

Mix, match and move units until you achieve the perfect layout. Reconfigure down the road as needs evolve.

Cost Comparison to Traditional Cabinets

How do freestanding cabinets impact your budget?

  • Likely a higher initial price due to four finished sides
  • More affordable than full custom cabinetry
  • Installation savings help offset upfront costs
  • Many brands offer a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind

While more of an investment, freestanding cabinetry adds value by facilitating layout changes. Your kitchen can adapt to your needs rather than the other way around.

Who Should Consider Freestanding Cabinets?

Freestanding cabinets appeal to homeowners who:

  • Are doing a full kitchen remodel or build
  • Want maximum customization for their ideal kitchen
  • Like the ability to reconfigure for evolving needs
  • Prefer an open layout with specialized kitchen zones

Particularly well-suited for large, airy kitchens, freestanding cabinetry lends itself to creativity and personalization.

With limitless options for customization and easy remodeling down the road, freestanding cabinets make kitchen dreams a reality. Choose coordinating cabinets, counters, hardware and backsplashes tailored to your unique taste. Arrange, move and modify your personalized units as needs evolve for the kitchen of your dreams.

Looking for more kitchen inspiration? Browse our gallery of freestanding cabinet designs, finishes and layouts to discover your perfect look.

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