Curate An Elegant Entryway With Metal Console Tables

Console tables are versatile furniture pieces that can serve a variety of functions. When used in an entryway, they make for an elegant first impression. Metal console tables, in particular, can elevate the aesthetic thanks to their glimmering metallic finishes. From rustic iron to sleek chrome, metal consoles infuse spaces with an air of sophistication. They also withstand busy households beautifully while providing much-needed storage.

In this post, we’ll explore how metal console tables can help you curate a graceful entry. We’ll showcase stunning design options, functional uses, quality construction, inspiring display ideas, and where to find budget-friendly prices. Let’s dive in!

Styles & Design Options

Metal console tables are available in a diverse range of styles suited for all deco tastes. Whether your home leans traditional or modern, minimalist or maximalist, there’s a metal table that will feel right at home. Here are some of the most popular aesthetic routes.

Rustic Metal

Want to infuse a natural, earthy feel into your rustic or farmhouse entry? A distressed metal console with reclaimed wood accents is just the ticket. Blackened steel finishes mixed with salvaged pine slabs exude cozy cabin vibes. Or opt for a simpler iron frame with wooden shelves. Copper console tables also pair beautifully with stone, marble, or concrete for those Tuscan vineyard fantasies. Key features of rustic metal consoles are weathered textures and neutral wood tones contrasting with dark metal.

silver sideboards and buffets

Modern Metallic

For contemporary spaces, shimmering gold, rose gold, brass, or chrome console tables make *glam-yet-subtle statements. Their reflective surfaces catch the light, instantly livening up sleek, minimalist rooms. Many metal consoles also have glass tabletops in this style. Pair one with marble floors, geometric art, and velvet or leather furniture. It’s an elegant combo for elevating modern lofts, penthouses, and posh lobbies. The hallmarks of modern metal tables are smooth, bright metallic with clean lines and luxurious glossy or matte textures.

Mixed Media Metal

Some of the most eye-catching consoles feature metal frames adorned with contrasting materials. Think natural edges paired with soft curves. Metallic bases under glass, quartz, wood, or stone tops create lavish contrast. For bohemian or eclectic spaces, a gold-finished table accented with sea glass fosters an organic yet upscale impression. Or an iron console encasing collectible books marries industrial and feminine vibes. Whether topped with Carrara marble or holding woven baskets, this combo bridges styles beautifully. The mixed media approach allows metal finishes to mingle with other colors, textures, even collectibles or displays tastefully.

Uses & Functionality

Given their flat surface areas and slim profiles, console tables offer prime real estate for both storage and display. Here are some of the many ways to put them to use in your front hall or mudroom.

Storage & Organization

Equipped with drawers, cabinets, or shelves, metal consoles in entryways corral the household clutter prone to collecting there. From stashing kids’ backpacks inside to harboring stacks of mail, they keep essentials neat yet accessible for hectic mornings. For some bonus concealed storage, choose a console boasting closed cabinets or one with baskets lining the shelves.

  • Keys, wallets, and handbags fit nicely in upper drawers, ready to grab on your way out.
  • Stow phone charging cables, leashes, hats and scarves in lower consoles.
  • Utilize adjustable shelving to accommodate items of various sizes.

With a metal console table taking charge of organization, arriving home and heading out again won’t feel like ransacking a disaster zone for necessities. Their storage prowess helps maintain visual order, too.

Display & Decor

Table surfaces also lend themselves beautifully to displaying special objects. Get creative with vases, candles, baskets, trays — anything to personalize your space. Aged metal finishes and reclaimed woods complement both collected keepsakes and purposefully styled vignettes. For modern metallic consoles, artful minimalism shines.

Some clever ways to populate your console include:

  • Showcase floral arrangements, whether fresh flowers or faux botanicals
  • Curate coffee table style books and magazine stacks
  • Display meaningful photos, crystals, shells or artwork
  • Top with Entryway accouterments like lamps, baskets or chargers

You’re welcome to change up the decor seasonally or just when the inspiration strikes. Consoles lend themselves to ever-evolving displays. Further customize it with DIY touches like painted accents, decoupage or remixed hardware.


Thanks to caster wheels or lightweight frames, it’s easy to move metal console tables from space to space as needs fluctuate. You can station them behind a sofa to multitask as sofa table. Then roll your console into dining room service when entertaining. Repurpose it as a makeshift buffet for self-serve grazing. Wherever it travels, the console brings extra surface area and storage along.

Other savvy ways to double-duty consoles include:

  • Bar cart for cocktail fixings and stemware
  • Printer stand to contain cords and supplies
  • Plant holder to nurture your indoor garden
  • TV console behind a living area sectional

This furniture flexibility means your investment spans seasons, renovations, even future homes. It essentially shapeshifts to suit evolving needs.

Materials & Construction

Console tables must stand up to everyday wear and tear, enduring bumps, spills, shifting storage loads and curated decor. Metal console tables check the box for durability while making visual impact. Let’s look under the hood at what constitutes quality construction.

Metal Types

Steel, iron, aluminum and brass are commonly used to fabricate console bases and frames. Each metal lends unique properties. Malleable aluminum bends into slim, sculptural pedestals. Durable steel withstands heavy use. Intricately tooled iron and brass boast artisanal charm. The type of metal dictates the amount of maintenance required. More on that in a bit!

Quality Craftsmanship

Study metal finishing and joinery for clues to enduring construction. Beautiful welding and seamless joins indicate meticulous engineering built to last years. Buffed rather than sharp edges also promote longevity and safety. And smooth, even finishes signify attention to detail.

Additionally, certain coatings protect raw steel from corrosion, preventing red rust. Epoxy resin creates a barrier on iron surfaces. Meanwhile, chrome and powder coated aluminum consoles add sheen and resilience. Quality craftsmanship produces furniture able to thrive through everyday living.

Additional Materials

The best metal console tables blend a mix of natural and industrial materials artfully. Wood surfaces soften hard edges while harmonizing with surroundings. Stone, concrete, glass and crystal add lightness and texture contrast. Weaving in these extra elements prevents a space from skewing too sleek and cold.

Play with combining:

  • Reclaimed wood planks or hand-carved details
  • Beveled glass tops
  • White Carrara marble tabletops
  • Textural jute, seagrass or raffia surface accents

This layered effect brings visual depth and interest. Mixing metals like brass and black steel also adds Warmth and dimension. Carefully curating complementary finishes ensures each material shines.

Design Tips & Inspiration

With myriad styles and uses for metal console tables, how do you choose what’s right for your home? We’re breaking down best practices for selecting and placing consoles in graceful entryways.

Balance Height & Width

First, assess your entry proportions. A sprawling ranch foyer calls for an elongated rectangular console, exaggerating the horizontal space. Meanwhile, a narrow Victorian entry needs verticality. Choose a slender console styled with tall arched legs or opt for an upright vitrine shape.

Additionally, low-profile consoles measuring 30-32 inches tall prevent blockage sightlines. They allow light and views to penetrate while defining room zones gracefully. For small, cramped foyers, a dainty metal table opens up flow. Choose console dimensions suiting your physical layout. Scale impacts overall aesthetic and practicality.

Mind Traffic Flow

Remember to evaluate high traffic patterns around any proposed furniture placement. Your console shouldn’t bottleneck routes from front door to key rooms. Allow ample circulation room so occupants can navigate unimpeded while appreciating the table vignette.

If your front entry opens directly into a adjoining living room, consider a floating console design. Its light visual footprint discreetly delineates spaces without barricading flow. Or install your console on a side wall, parallel to openings. Just ensure it allows 36+ inches for accessible passageways. Smart spacing makes sure foot traffic and console functionality coexist harmoniously.

Play With Lighting

Don’t overlook the impact creative lighting can make when showcasing console tables. For added drama, install directional lights above the console surface to illuminate displayed art and objects. LED strip lighting underneath also imparts ethereal glow highlighting silver sideboards and buffets from below.

If wiring in electrical isn’t possible, incorporate plug-in picture lights. Their focused shine spotlights vignettes selectively. You can also accessorize with tabletop lamps. Sculptural wrought iron sconces flanking the console provide ambient uplight. Strategic illumination makes metallic finishes glitter alluringly.

Budget & Where to Buy

Part of metal consoles’ appeal lies in their wide spectrum of price points. On the affordable end, roughly $200 buys a basic Parsons-style table in matte black or brass. Prices then climb for consoles made of bronze, stainless steel or mixed media combinations. But whatever your budget, attractive options abound.

Price Ranges

Here’s what to expect in each tier when metal console table shopping:

  • Entry-level : $200 – $800 – Simple modern silhouettes and industrial pipe fixtures. Think reclaimed wood shelves on blackened steel frames.
  • Mid-tier : $800 – $1500 – More intricate metalwork like faceted brass legs and professionally welded frames. Wood and stone design details.
  • Luxury : $1500+ – Architectural showstoppers in satin brass or stainless steel. Custom fabrication and exotic inlays like leather or mother of pearl push prices upward.


Now knowing what to allot, where do you track down prime metal console finds? Check out these sellers:

  • Online retailers like Wayfair, West Elm and One Kings Lane offer sprawling console selections conveniently filterable by finish, size, style and price.
  • At massive big box stores like Target or Walmart, scope budget-friendly Parsons lookalikes and industrial pipe fixtures.
  • Scour antique shops and flea markets to discover unique vintage consoles from past eras to refinish and modernize.
  • Specialty boutiques and custom furniture makers provide exclusive statement pieces.

As versatile furniture anchors, metal console tables elegantly perform double duty. Their slim profiles corral entry clutter while providing an eye-catching stage for treasured objects. And they transition beautifully into any surrounding decor and space thanks to diverse design options.

So if your foyer feels lackluster, bring in a glamorous brass console table with glass shelving. See it elevate the room instantly through its radiant metallic shine. Or try an industrial iron and wood console to inject cozy sophistication. However you style it, this functional furniture casts decorative spells, curating graceful first impressions.

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