Covetable Area Rugs to Make Your Small Living Room Swoon-Worthy

Is your small living room in need of a stylish refresh? Look no further than an area rug! The right rug can instantly elevate your space, adding color, texture, and visual interest. From plush sheepskins to colorful geometric patterns, today’s rugs make a serious style statement. Keep reading to discover covetable area rugs that will make even the tiniest living room swoon-worthy.

When selecting an area rug, one of the first considerations is size. Oversized rugs can overwhelm a petite living room, while undersized rugs get lost, leaving your furnishings looking disconnected. Generally, an 8×10 or 6×9 rug provides adequate coverage for a standard seating area without dominating the room. For narrow, galley-style spaces, a runway rug offers a tailored look. Steer clear of large oval or round rugs, as these can make a small room feel crowded. Always allow at least 18-24 inches of bare floor to show around the rug’s perimeter to keep things well-proportioned.

Rug Materials That Enhance Small Spaces

An area rug’s material impacts both its appearance and performance. Plush wool rugs add softness underfoot while also absorbing sound, making a space feel more relaxed. Cotton, jute, and sisal offer texture and a casual vibe. Just avoid overly thick or heavy materials that could overwhelm a petite room. Some great options include:

  • Wool – Soft, durable, and available in myriad styles
  • Cotton – Natural fiber with a subtler texture
  • Jute – Casual and natural-looking
  • Sisal – Durable and ideal for high-traffic areas

Coordinating Rug Color and Pattern

When selecting a rug’s color and pattern, consider the room’s existing palette. Choose hues that complement the color scheme or patterns that incorporate accent colors already featured throughout the space. A rug with bold geometry or flashy colors can become the room’s dynamic focal point. For a more muted look, opt for a solid color rug, saving patterns for toss pillows and other accessories. There are no hard rules – feel free to mix and match colors and patterns to create your own unique style.

Creative Rug Layouts for Small Living Rooms

Getting creative with your rug’s layout is a savvy way to make a small living room feel more spacious while also designating seating areas. Try floating a rug a few inches from the walls for an airy, open look. Or, layer a larger rug underneath a smaller accent rug to add visual interest and define a sitting area near the sofa or chairs. Also, don’t be afraid to angle a rug beneath furniture to create a tailored appearance. Just make sure the front legs remain on the rug so furnishings don’t look disconnected from the space.

rugs in living room ideas

Style Ideas for Standout Rugs

From traditional Persian carpets to modern graphic prints, today’s rugs offer seemingly endless style options for small living rooms. Here are some eye-catching looks:

  • Vintage Oriental – Intricate designs and exotic colors add eclectic flair.
  • Abstract graphic rug – Makes an artistic, modern statement.
  • Braided rug – Colorful stripes or solids with casual texture.
  • Sheepskin or fur – Ultra-cozy with a glam vibe.

Whether your style is classic or avant-garde, you’re sure to find an area rug to envy that perfectly suits your small living room’s look.

Tips for Rug Placement in Small Living Rooms

To keep your small living room looking polished, pay attention to how you position area rugs. Here are some top tips:

  • Allow enough bare floor around rug edges so space doesn’t feel crowded.
  • Make sure front legs of seating rest on the rug to ground it.
  • Angle rug slightly beneath furniture to define sitting area.
  • Layer smaller accent rugs atop a larger under-layer rug for interest.

Thoughtful rug placement goes a long way in helping even the smallest living room feel luxe.

Rug Materials to Withstand Wear and Tear

Rugs in high-traffic areas need to stand up to some abuse. Wool is naturally durable and resistant to shedding, crushing, and pilling. For pet owners, polypropylene rugs are a smart choice thanks to their stain-resistance and colorfastness. Cotton, jute, and sisal work for casual spaces since they hide dirt well. Prioritize quality over cost when purchasing, and always check the rug’s rating for durability.

Rugs That Seamlessly Match Room Style

Some area rugs effortlessly complement specific decor styles. For traditional living rooms, a Persian-style rug with ornate floral patterns adds a classic touch. Modern spaces call for graphic prints or geometric shapes in bold hues. Cozy boho rooms can’t go wrong with fluffy shag or sheepskin rugs. The key is choosing textures, colors, and designs that enhance your existing furnishings and finishes.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

There are no rug rules! Feel free to get creative with layering and mixing different sizes, textures, and designs. Try topping a larger jute or sisal rug with a smaller wool or cotton accent rug near seating areas. Varying rug shapes from rectangles to rounds also adds visual appeal. Most importantly, look for rugs with complementary colors and patterns that travel well together without clashing.

A rug’s appearance and durability depends somewhat on the room itself. In dark spaces lacking natural light, lightweight rugs in light colors can brighten things up. High-traffic areas like entryways and family rooms call for sturdy wool or synthetic rugs. Formal living rooms often look best with luxe materials like silk or velvet. Assess your room’s lighting, traffic, and activities to select the best rug type for both form and function.

Area rugs are hands-down the easiest way to refresh a small living room. With so many covetable sizes, colors, patterns and textures to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect rug to make your space swoon-worthy. Just keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to rug bliss.

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