Cover Up Unsightly Kitchen Floors with Rustoleum’s Easy Floor Paint System

If your kitchen floors are looking worn out and dated, you may be tempted to completely replace them for a fresh new look. But ripping up and installing new flooring can be messy, time-consuming, and downright expensive. Fortunately, there’s an easy and affordable way to give your floors a makeover – Rustoleum’s RockSolid Home Floor Paint System.

Rustoleum’s two-part epoxy acrylic floor coating system can refresh your existing floors without the hassle and cost of stripping, sanding or laying new flooring. Keep reading to learn how Rustoleum’s floor paint system can transform your kitchen floors with minimal fuss and investment.

What is Rustoleum RockSolid Floor Paint?

Rustoleum RockSolid Home Floor Paint is a two-part coating system specially designed to adhere to existing tile, linoleum, and even hardwood floors. It consists of a base coat that gets rolled onto your thoroughly cleaned and lightly abraded floors. After letting the base coat dry for 24 hours, you apply the colored topcoat which comes in a range of 18 stylish hues.

The RockSolid topcoat is available in durable matte and semi-gloss finishes. So you can give your floors a sophisticated satin sheen or a more subtle, natural look. Unlike stubborn oil and latex paints, RockSolid won’t require any primer, sanding, stripping or other intensive prep work. The base coat ensures superior adhesion, allowing the system to bond to surfaces that many ordinary paints can’t.

Cost Savings Over New Flooring

Replacing kitchen floors with new tile, hardwood or vinyl can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. In contrast, a gallon kit of Rustoleum RockSolid floor paint covers up to 400 square feet for less than $100. So you can give your floors a fresh facelift for a fraction of the cost of installing new flooring.

rustoleum kitchen floor paint

The system allows you to reinvent your floors on a budget. It’s ideal if you’re looking to boost your home’s value before selling. Or just want to spruce things up without a major renovation. With minimal cost and labor, you can make tired old floors look brand new again.

No Sanding or Stripping Required

Prepping floors for refinishing is an arduous process that can kick up loads of dust and toxic fumes. It involves sanding off your existing finish, patching and filling holes, then applying primer before finally painting. With RockSolid floor paint, you can skip these messy, time-consuming steps.

All you need to do is thoroughly clean and lightly scuff your floors so the paint can adhere. There’s no need for noisy sanding machines or harmful chemical strippers. You can renew your floors over a weekend without demolishing your kitchen or disrupting your household.

Prepping Your Floors for Painting

While RockSolid floor paint doesn’t require intensive sanding or stripping, your floors do need proper prep work for the paint to bond well. Here are the key steps to prepare your floors for a flawless paint job.

Deep Cleaning

Start by giving your floors a deep clean using an all-purpose cleaner or degreaser like TSP. This removes built-up grime, wax residues, and any other coatings already on the floor. Rinse several times until the water runs clear. Let the floors dry completely before moving on.

Lightly Abrade Surfaces

Use 60-80 grit sandpaper or a maroon non-woven abrasive pad to lightly scuff up your floors. This subtly roughens the surface so the paint can grab hold. Take care not to deeply gouge or scratch your floors. Just a quick scuffing to open the pores.

Address Any Problem Areas

Inspect your floors closely and make repairs before painting. Fill any cracks, holes, and divots with a lightweight spackle compound. Cover over any stains with an oil-based primer. This prevents bleed-through. Proper prep removes any barriers to flawless adhesion.

How to Apply the Rustoleum Floor Paint

Once your floors are prepped, you’re ready to coat them with durable, vibrant color. Applying Rustoleum floor paint is an easy 2-step process. Be sure to follow the instructions precisely for professional quality results.

Base Coat Application

Start by mixing the base coat ingredients thoroughly. Use a high nap roller with extension pole to quickly and easily apply the base coat. Roll in an overlapping V or W pattern across the floor’s surface. Work in 3-4 foot sections. Let the base coat dry for 24 hours before the next step.

Top Coat Application

Mix the colored top coat well before use. Apply in the same V or W rolling pattern. Work carefully to prevent bubbles in the finish. Allow the top coat to dry and cure for several days before regular use.

Curing Time

Let the top coat cure fully for 5-7 days before moving heavy furniture onto the painted floor. The coating reaches full hardness and durability in about 2 weeks. Avoid scrubbing or wet-mopping during the curing process.

Maintaining Your Painted Floors

Caring for your newly painted floors helps retain their revitalized look. Here are some tips for keeping them looking like new:

  • Use doormats at entryways to reduce tracked-in dirt and debris.
  • Clean spills promptly to prevent staining.
  • Sweep and damp mop floors regularly using only pH-neutral cleaners.
  • Reapply the RockSolid topcoat periodically for added protection.

Avoid harsh chemicals, wax, oils, and steam cleaners that can degrade the paint over time. Take good care of your painted floors and they’ll maintain their refreshed, stylish look.

The Pros and Cons of Rustoleum Floor Paint

Rustoleum’s RockSolid Home Floor Paint System offers many benefits for refreshing kitchen floors affordably. But there are also some potential limitations to consider:


  • Far more affordable than new flooring installation
  • No sanding, stripping or priming required
  • Easy and fast application process
  • Available in multiple color and finish options


  • Doesn’t work well over stains or deeply scratched floors
  • Can be prone to scratching or scuffing over time
  • Lower durability than professional floor refinishing
  • Can have strong odor during application

Rustoleum’s RockSolid Home Floor Paint System allows you to affordably transform your outdated kitchen floors without major remodeling hassles. Its two-part epoxy acrylic coating formula adheres easily to tile, linoleum and hardwood for a fresh new look.

With minimal investment and labor, you can give your floors an update. So don’t live with worn out floors you dislike. In just a weekend, you can reinvent your kitchen floors with Rustoleum’s simple floor paint system.

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