Choose the Right Width End of Bed Bench for Your Space

An end of bed bench can be a beautiful and functional addition to your master bedroom suite. Placing a bench at the foot of your bed provides extra seating when getting dressed, creates storage for spare blankets, and gives your pets easy access to sneak up onto the mattress. End of bed benches also simply look elegant anchoring your bed and complementing your room’s style.

When selecting an end of bed bench, one of the most important factors to consider is the width. You’ll want your new bench to fit properly within your existing space while meeting your needs. Follow our guide on measuring your room, choosing dimensions based on bed size, and picking the perfect width bench for both form and function.

How Wide Should an End of Bed Bench Be?

As a general rule of thumb, an end of bed bench looks best when it’s around 2/3 to the full width of the bed. For a queen size bed, aim for bench widths between 48 and 60 inches. For king size beds, target bench widths from 60 to 72 inches.

Going any narrower than 2/3 the bed width and you may lose some of the anchoring visual aesthetic. Any wider than the full mattress width starts to look a bit bulky and oversized in proportion. Use the recommended width ranges as a starting point when beginning your search.

Measuring Your Bedroom for the Perfect Fit

Take measurements of your actual bed to select the right sized end bench for your space:

wicker end of bed bench
  • Measure the width of your mattress including the full bed frame, from inner edge to inner edge.
  • Factor in the width of any existing nightstands or other bedroom furniture around the bed.
  • Be sure to leave around 18-24 inches of clearance between the end of the bench and bed. This allows enough room to comfortably walk around the bed.

Use your room’s measurements to visualize bench sizes and make sure your selected width will work. Having the exact bed frame and room dimensions takes the guesswork out of picking the ideal end of bed bench measurements.

Selecting Bench Width by Bed Size

Queen Beds

For most queen size beds approximately 60 inches wide, a good minimum bench width is 48 inches. This leaves a nice amount of mattress showing on either side.

An even better range for queen beds is 54 to 60 inches wide. This provides pleasing proportions and plenty of bench seating real estate without overpowering the bed or room.

Avoid selecting benches wider than 60 inches for queen size beds. Wider than 60 inches starts to look disproportionately large and bulky.

King Beds

On king size beds approximately 72 to 78 inches wide, a minimum recommended bench width is 60 inches. This leaves a neat gap of 6 or more inches on both sides.

A great width range for king beds falls between 66 and 72 inches, complementing the bed nicely while feeling spacious enough.

Benches wider than 72 inches tend to dwarf king beds rather than accenting them attractively. Stick to 72 inches or under for optimal king size bench proportions.

Bench Overhang Styles

Bench width preferences also come down to personal taste in terms of overhang on the sides of the bed:

  • A full width bench sits flush with the bed frame, lining up neatly with the inner edges of the mattress sides.
  • A partial overhang bench leaves gaps of a few inches on either side between the bench edges and mattress sides.
  • A full overhang bench extends a noticeable amount past the width of the mattress on both sides.

Overhang on both sides of the bed can add a decorative floating look. Just be sure any overhang does not impede walking paths in the bedroom.

Bedroom Design Considerations

A few other factors to keep in mind as you choose bench dimensions:

  • For small bedrooms , opt for a narrower bench to avoid clutter or a too-crowded feel.
  • In a large bedroom , a wider bench can help balance out and anchor the open space.
  • Work around existing bedroom furniture to maintain needed walkways and clearance.
  • If using the bench for substantial storage , make sure it’s wide enough to provide a usable surface area when lifting the lid.

Find the Perfect Fit

Looking for your dream end of bed bench? Use these tips to find the right width and proportions:

  • Reference your specific mattress and room measurements as you shop.
  • Visualize how different bench widths would look in your bedroom.
  • Measure twice to be sure if ordering online without seeing in person.
  • Stick within the ideal width range for your queen or king bed’s size.

Matching bench dimensions to your existing space ensures your purchase won’t end up squeezed in or dwarfing your bed. Careful measuring leads to design success.

Shop Smart

Searching for the perfect width end of bed bench? Shop smart with these tips:

  • Search using your ideal width paired with your specific bed size like “60 inch bench for queen bed.
  • When available, sort by exact dimensions rather than small/medium/large.
  • Read reviews and check return shipping policies in case it doesn’t fit.
  • Balance measurements with aesthetics to optimize form and function.

Armed with your room details and target bench width, you’ll be able to find attractive options tailored to your space. Focus your efforts on benches meeting your size, style, and practical needs.

Decorating Your Bench

Once you’ve selected the ideal end of bed bench, add the finishing touches:

  • Layer on throws, pillows, or baskets to complement your room’s color scheme.
  • Anchor the bench under wall art or a pendant light to create an inviting focal point.
  • Upholster or paint the bench in a fabric that coordinates with other textiles in your space.
  • Repurpose an oversized bench as a coffee table or TV stand in other rooms if needed.

A well-styled bench melts seamlessly into your master bedroom decor. Have fun designing a custom look you’ll adore.

Choosing just the right width for your end of bed bench makes all the difference in its look, function, and proportions. Carefully measure your existing bed and bedroom furniture to identify ideal dimensions that won’t overwhelm.

Stick within our recommended width ranges for queen and king beds. And don’t forget to leave ample walking clearance around the bed. With accurate measurements in hand, you’re sure to find a bench that perfectly suits your space needs and design style.

An elegantly sized end of bed bench adds cozy and convenient extra seating to your bedroom. All that’s left is to enjoy lounging with your latest decor upgrade!

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