Choose the Perfect Adjustable Split King Bed Headboard & Footboard

A split king adjustable bed allows couples to customize their sleep experience by controlling their own side of the bed. With the ability to raise and lower the head and foot of each half of the mattress, you and your partner can find the exact position that meets your unique comfort needs.

While adjustable beds offer exceptional comfort and customization, they also provide the perfect opportunity to accessorize your bedroom with a headboard and footboard that reflects your style. But with so many options to choose from, it can be tricky to select pieces that properly fit your adjustable split king bed frames.

Headboard and Footboard Basics

Before diving into the key factors to consider when shopping, let’s quickly define what exactly headboards and footboards are:

  • A headboard is a decorative panel that attaches to the head of the bed (above where you place your pillows).
  • A footboard serves the same decorative purpose but at the foot of the bed frame instead.

Headboards and footboards come in a variety of different materials like wood, metal, upholstered fabric, woven rattan, and more. The style options are endless too – you can find everything from sleek modern designs to ornate vintage looks.

split king adjustable bed headboard and footboard

Purpose and Functionality

Beyond aesthetics, headboards and footboards serve key functional purposes:

  • They provide structure, support and stability for your bed frame.
  • They prevent pillows and bedding from slipping between the mattress and wall.
  • They allow convenient access to electrical outlets, lighting, storage, and other integrated features.

Key Considerations When Choosing

To select adjustable-friendly headboards and footboards that perfectly fit your split king bed, keep these vital factors in mind:

Size and Dimensions

A split king bed is wider than a traditional king , so it’s crucial your headboard spans the entire width between both bases. Carefully measure to ensure the size works.

Standard interior doorways and ceilings also impose height limitations, so measure thoroughly before purchasing.


The flexibility to raise and recline sections of the mattress is a prime benefit of split king adjustable beds. So your headboard and footboard selections should accommodate adjustable features without limiting range of motion or getting damaged.

Look for headboards with brackets that articulate along with the mattress or bed frames specifically made for adjustables. Consider how features like programmable memory settings, massage, and zero gravity recline may impact the headboard function.

Pro Tip Choose low-profile footboards or opt for removable styles to prevent issues fully lowering the foot of the bed.

Material and Durability

The lifting and lowering nature of adjustable beds also means your headboard will undergo significant wear and tear over time . Select durable, high-quality materials designed to withstand repeated raising and lowering without loosening or detaching from the wall.

Those using their beds for medical issues should strongly consider sturdy metal or wood headboards with robust adjustable brackets to support repeated articulateion.

Aesthetics and Design

Since your headboard serves as the focal point of your bedroom, style and decorative appeal should rank high on your priority list. Consider elements like:

  • Color – does it coordinate with your existing decor or bedding?
  • Material – wood, metal, upholstered, etc.
  • Shape and silhouette
  • Integrated features like storage cubbies, shelves, lighting, etc.
  • The overall theme or style you’re trying to achieve – modern, romantic, industrial, traditional, etc.

Types of Headboards and Footboards

Now let’s explore some popular headboard and footboard options to consider for your split king adjustable bed frame:

Tufted Upholstered

Plush upholstered headboards padded with button tufting deliver a classic elegant style. The soft padded fabric available in different colors and patterns pairs nicely with any decor. Velcro attachments adapt to adjustable bases , and low-profile styles won’t limit reclining function.


For those desiring natural elements, wood headboards deliver. Different stain colors and distressing techniques allow you to match any aesthetic. Unfinished wood lets you customize with paints or decals for one-of-a-kind personality.

  • Distressed, vintage-inspired wood boards offer cottage charm.
  • Dark walnut stains provide modern sophistication.
  • Unfinished wood is a blank canvas for customization.

Metal and Wrought Iron

Sleek metal frames often feature decorative scrollwork and accents for an industrial-chic style. The intricate patterns and range metal color finishes – from matte black to bright silver and antique bronze – inject personality into any bedroom. Metal stands up well to repeated adjusting motions too.

Considerations for Metal and Iron:Can conduct heat and cold
Susceptible to rust if quality is poor

Fabric and Woven

For breezy, relaxed style, woven headboards are ideal. Natural rattan and abaca fibers intricately spun into place create plenty of aesthetic interest. The softer, more casual appearance works perfectly in bohemian, tropical, or cottage spaces.

Pros of Woven and Fabric Headboards:– Natural fibers: abaca, rattan, etc.
– Softer visual appearance
Cons to Consider:– Durability concerns
– Susceptible to stretching

Tips for Installation

Installing headboards properly on adjustable bed bases takes a bit more finesse. Here are key tips to ensure safe, secure attachment to the wall:

  • Attach to multiple wall studs for stability using long screws designed for the headboard’s weight and thickness.
  • Pre-drill holes to prevent cracking or splitting, especially with wood.
  • Use articulating headboard brackets designed specifically for adjustable bases.
  • Ensure side rails, control boxes, and other base hardware don’t obstruct headboard attachment.

Perfect Pairings

Finish your split adjustable king bed oasis with complementary furnishings like:

  • Bedding and linens that coordinate with the headboard’s color and material
  • Matching nightstands and other bedroom furniture
  • Sconce lighting or pendants flanking each side
  • Base risers for an extra lift if footboards limit adjustability
  • Breathable mattress toppers to prevent sinkage between the twin xl mattresses
  • Luxurious sheet sets with deep pockets

With split king adjustable beds, you don’t have to settle for boring when selecting headboards and footboards. Take measurements first and foremost before falling in love with any option to ensure proper fit. Consider how adjustable functions may be impacted too. And most importantly, choose designs that reflect your unique personality and style.

We hope our tips give you confidence to mix and match pieces perfect for your adjustable split king bed frame. Sweet dreams!

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