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Upgrading the worn-out, dated curtains in your RV or camper can completely transform the interior ambiance. With the right window treatments, you can enjoy increased privacy, better insulation, and an updated decorative flair. Choosing from the many replacement curtain options, fabrics, sizes, and features may seem daunting. Read on for a guide to selecting the perfect new curtains to enhance your mobile living space.

Measure Windows Carefully for Perfect Fit

Achieving a tailored look starts with accurately measuring each window needing new curtains. Note the precise height from the top of the window frame to where you want the rod or hanging hardware. Include any space you want for a decorative valance or top treatment. For width, measure across the entire window frame side to side.

Be sure to account for the stacking, draping, and pooling of the curtains when taking measurements. Curtains should be wider and longer than the actual window. For a gathered look, allow at least 50% more width than the window. Extra length ranging from breaks to puddling can give a luxurious effect.

Many manufacturers offer standard and custom sizes to suit your exact window dimensions. Ordering a made-to-measure size avoids the hassle of hemming long curtains or dealing with skimpy coverage. It provides an ideal fit, with the optimal amount of fabric tailored to each window.

Compare Fabric Options for Performance & Style

Today’s RV curtains come in a diverse array of fabrics and colors for both form and function. Durability and ease of care are top priorities for heavy-use RV interiors. Polyester and vinyl are popular choices that clean up easily and maintain their appearance over time. Canvas offers a natural look and feel, though it is thicker and prone to shrinking. Acrylic repels stains, resists mildew, and holds up well to sun exposure.

replacement curtains for campers

For rooms needing blackout capability, choose fabrics with built-in darkening properties. Thermal blackout curtains incorporate insulating foam or plastic film layers to prevent drafts and reduce heat gain/loss. Flame retardant fabrics treated with chemicals provide critical fire safety. Keep these properties in mind if opting for pretty yet flammable materials like lace or silk.

You can complement your RV’s decor by selecting on-trend curtain patterns, colors, and textures. Florals, geometrics, paisleys, and stripes allow you to incorporate your favorite design elements. Sheers offer a light, airy look while still maintaining privacy.

Fabric Comparison Table

FabricKey Features
PolyesterDurable, easy care, wrinkle resistant
VinylWaterproof, stain resistant, easy to clean
CanvasNatural look and feel, prone to shrinkage
AcrylicLightweight, resists stains and mildew

Installation: DIY vs. Professional

Installing new RV curtains is a relatively simple DIY project if your existing rods, tracks, and carriers are still in good shape. Check that the supports firmly anchor into the window framing without sagging. Carefully note how your old curtains attached so you can replicate the setup.

If using a tension rod, simply install the new rod and slide on the replacement curtains. For rigid traverse rods, detach the old curtains and clip on the new panels. Follow the product instructions to correctly insert carriers into any sewn-in pockets or tab tops. Take care not to bend or twist the carriers when threading them onto the rod.

Those less inclined to DIY can hire an installer or upholstery shop to handle the curtain refresh professionally. This saves time and headaches, while ensuring correct installation from the start. Some companies may even include installation services with your curtain purchase.

Installation Tips

  • Use compatible carriers on existing tracks/rods
  • Anchor tension rods securely into window framing
  • Detach old curtains and reuse hardware if in good condition
  • Thread carriers correctly through curtain tops
  • Follow all product instructions closely

Leading Brands Offer Quality & Selection

When shopping for replacement RV and camper curtains, you’ll find no shortage of top brands offering excellent selection and quality. Well-known companies like Valance, RV Designer, and RecPro excel at custom-cut curtain sizes with hundreds of pattern choices. They also provide matching valances, swags, tails, and tie-backs for a coordinated look.

Stores specializing in RV parts and accessories like and carry major brands along with curtain hardware like rods, tracks, and carriers. Their competitive pricing and wide inventory make it easy to find the perfect curtains and accessories in one spot.

Budget-friendly prices for quality curtains run $25-$60 per window, with custom sizes and premium materials starting around $75 per window. Take advantage of sales, bulk discounts, and free shipping promotions when available to maximize value.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Choices

Today’s eco-conscious RV owners can choose replacement curtains made from natural and sustainably-sourced materials. Hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, and other fibers have much lower environmental impacts than synthetic fabrics. They require less water, pesticides, and dyes during production.

Curtains made from bamboo regulate temperature well, resisting heat transfer through windows. Hemp offers incredible durability and UV resistance, perfect for rugged RV environments. Both materials have natural antibacterial properties as well. Organic cotton options without harsh chemical treatments are safe for families.

Going green with your new curtains keeps chemicals out of living spaces and lowers your RV’s carbon footprint. Your curtains can directly impact the energy efficiency of your rig through improved insulation.

Innovative Smart Fabric Technologies

Exciting innovations in textiles and materials science are revolutionizing RV curtains. Smart fabrics with built-in technology provide advantages like automated temperature regulation, light filtering, and UV blocking for heightened comfort.

Thermochromic materials contain pigments that interact with heat. The fabrics change color based on temperatures to either absorb or reflect sunlight as needed. Other coatings darken or lighten in response to light conditions, similar to auto-adjusting transitional lenses.

Light filtering curtains also optimize daytime light while blocking harsh UV rays. Integrated silver nanoparticle layers improve insulation. Smart fabrics significantly enhance RV interior environments by automatically adapting to ambient conditions.

Unique Styles and Designer Looks

Tired of boring, basic RV curtains? Many companies now offer exciting, trendy styles to liven up your living space. You can easily get a modern, upscale look with bold geometrics, abstract patterns, or graphic prints.

Eye-catching horizontal stripes and asymmetrical designs give a contemporary edge. Warm metallics and palms add a chic Southwestern vibe, while nautical themes evoke casual coastal living. Even small pops of color go a long way to refresh the ambiance.

Sheer curtains with whimsical patterns overlaying solid blackout panels provide the best of both worlds. Multi-toned color gradients create depth and texture when lit. The possibilities are endless for designer touches reflecting your unique taste and personality.

Trendy Curtain Style Ideas

  • Geometric patterns
  • Metallic sheens
  • Funky abstract prints
  • Asymmetrical stripes
  • Palm leaf designs
  • Nautical themes
  • Color gradients
  • Whimsical sheers

Customization for the Perfect Fit and Look

An increasing number of RV curtain companies now offer custom-made options allowing you to select the perfect size, fabric, color, and design. Provide the measurements and window configuration for an ideal fit. Choose from hundreds of cloth types and colors to suit your decor.

For a coordinated interior, continue the fabric onto valances, cornices, swags, and other window treatments. Mix and match patterns, solids, and trims for visual interest. Specify lining needs, carriers, and hanging options when ordering.

Factory-direct custom curtains avoid the hassle and imprecision of DIY hemming, sewing, and alterations. Made specifically for your RV windows, customized curtains give a clean, upscale look for much less than custom draperies.

Customization Possibilities

  • Exact fit for any window size
  • Hundreds of fabrics and colors
  • Coordinated valances, swags, and trims
  • Carrier and lining options
  • Mix and match patterns
  • Continuous design elements throughout interior

The proper window treatments can make a world of difference in an RV’s interior comfort and appearance. With quality fabrics, optimal light blocking, and a tailored fit, upgraded curtains enhance privacy, insulation, and style. Take the time to carefully measure each window, compare top brands and fabric options, and consider customization for a cohesive look.

By investing in replacement curtains designed specifically for RVs, you can enjoy many more exciting trips and memories. Your mobile home’s ambiance reflects your tastes and personality. Renew dingy curtains and say goodbye to light leaks, drafts, and lackluster decor. With the plethora of custom styles and features now available, it’s easier than ever to outfit your rig with beautiful, functional window treatments inside and out.

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