Boost Your Kitchen’s Style With These Cabinet Top Décor Ideas

The top of kitchen cabinets is often an overlooked space when it comes to decorating. But with some clever styling, this area can be transformed into an eye-catching focal point that adds character and warmth to your kitchen.

Decorating the tops of your kitchen cabinets allows you to maximize the vertical storage and display space in your kitchen. From adding extra storage with baskets to creating an artful vignette with greenery and ceramic pieces, the styling options are endless.

Best Practices for Decorating Cabinet Tops

When decorating the tops of your kitchen cabinets, follow these best practices to create a polished, pulled-together look:

Choose the Right Items

Start by choosing versatile items that will complement your existing kitchen decor.

decoration for kitchen cabinets top
  • Baskets in varying sizes and materials like rattan, wire, or woven woods add greath storage and texture.
  • Vases in neutral colors and different heights create visual interest.
  • Ironstone pitchers, platters, and crocks have a collected vintage vibe.
  • Trays, candlesticks, and decor books are great cabinet top staples.

Create Visual Interest

Avoid a boring, flat look by playing with height, shape, color, and texture:

  • Vary heights by mixing taller and shorter items for interest.
  • Incorporate different shapes like rounds, squares, and ovals.
  • Use baskets, trays, linens to layer textures.
  • Choose a tone-on-tone color scheme in neutrals to let texture stand out.

Style Tips

Follow these tips when styling your kitchen cabinet tops:

  • Edit down to just your favorite special pieces.
  • Don’t overcrowd – allow some breathing room between items.
  • Change up your decor seasonally or a couple times a year.

Extra Touches

Take your cabinet top decor to the next level with these extra touches:

  • Add lighting like recessed or pendant lights.
  • Incorporate live or faux greenery.
  • Stick to a theme like modern or farmhouse.
  • Use vertical space for stacking books and decor.

Common Kitchen Cabinet Types

Kitchen cabinets come in several common styles, each with different dimensions to consider when decorating the tops:

Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets are mounted on the wall above countertops. They typically have:

  • 12-14 inches depth
  • 30-34 inches height
  • 24-48 inches width

Base Cabinets

Base cabinets sit directly on the floor below countertops with a standard height of:

  • 34-36 inches


Kitchen islands are freestanding units, usually 36-42 inches tall, with cabinet tops perfect for decor displays.


Peninsulas are connected on one side but open on three sides. Their layout offers good visibility for decorating cabinet tops.


Hutches are two-piece cabinet sets with an upper and lower section, commonly used for dining rooms.

Decor Considerations for Each Cabinet Type

Tailor your cabinet top decor to fit the specific cabinet type:

  • Measure cabinet depths, heights and widths to choose appropriate sized decor.
  • Account for glass vs. solid cabinet doors – glass allows you to showcase decor inside too.
  • Consider lighting proximity – decor too close to pendant or recessed lights could be a fire hazard.
  • Maximize peninsula visibility by decorating ends and front.

Gallery of Inspiring Cabinet Top Decor Ideas

Need a dose of inspiration for decorating your kitchen cabinet tops? Browse this gallery of gorgeous looks:

Baskets and Greenery

A simple yet gorgeous look. Woven baskets in natural materials paired with trailing greenery.

Ironstone Pitchers

Create an antique farmhouse feel with a collection of ironstone pitchers and crocks.

Eclectic Collected

An eclectic mix of baskets, books, art and ceramic pieces looks chic and collected.

Sleek Modern

Keep it looking clean and contemporary with a few geometric decor objects in black and white.

Rustic Farmhouse

Vintage crates, galvanized metal buckets, and floral add a charming rustic vibe.

DIY Projects for Affordable Decor

Searching for budget-friendly ways to decorate your kitchen cabinet tops? Try these easy DIY projects using supplies from your local craft store:

Woven Basket Letter Board

Hot glue letters onto a neutral woven basket for a customizable message board.

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

Build mini floating shelves out of old wood to hold small decor items.

Framed Botanical Art Prints

Frame pages from a vintage botany book for a dash of greenery.

Chalkboard Basket Labels

Use chalkboard paint or stickers to label and organize baskets.

If you’re on the fence, here are some great reasons to start decorating those kitchen cabinet tops today:

  • Maximizes unused vertical space
  • Creates an eye-catching focal point
  • Provides extra storage options
  • Allows you to showcase your style
  • Adds warmth, texture and personality to your kitchen

You’re sure to find a look that fits your kitchen’s style with this wide range of ideas. Don’t let this valuable space go to waste – enrich your kitchen by transforming those boring cabinet tops into a gorgeous design feature.

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