Apartment Dwellers, We Found Your Perfect Mini Kitchen Table

apartment dwellers need a dining table that’s small yet functional. After extensive research on space-saving furniture, we’ve discovered some of the best small kitchen tables ideally suited for tiny apartment layouts. Read on as we dive into creative solutions to maximize your micro kitchen!

We’ll also cover space-saving chairs and other small space dining tips. With some savvy shopping, you can find functional, stylish furniture to make the most of your apartment kitchen.

Choosing Compact Table Options

One of the biggest challenges of furnishing an apartment kitchen is finding a table that fits within the tight footprint. Standard kitchen tables are often too bulky for limited square footage. Luckily, there are plenty of smart compact designs made for small spaces.

Folding Tables

Folding tables like drop-leaf, fold-down, and nesting styles are excellent space saving solutions. During use, they can expand to accommodate multiple diners with a generous surface area. When not in use, simply fold them up neatly out of the way.

Drop-leaf tables have hinged leaves that lift up to widen the top. Nesting tables slide together into a slim profile. Fold-down tables have a hinged center panel to reduce the footprint. These folding designs take up minimal precious space in an apartment kitchen when folded, but can unpack into a roomy dining table when needed.

apartment size kitchen table and chairs

Counter Height Tables

If floor space is extremely limited, counter height tables paired with bar stools make a great small space option. Counter height tables are taller than standard dining tables, designed for use with bar stools instead of chairs. With a small surface area and no need to accommodate chair clearance underneath, they consume little real estate.

In most apartments, the kitchen flows right into the living room in an open concept layout. A modern counter height table blends seamlessly into this type of kitchenette. For a mini eat-in dining area, a compact counter table with two bar stools is likely sufficient.

Multifunctional Tables

Given the confined square footage, it pays off to invest in multifunctional furniture that saves space. Some inventive kitchen tables do double duty as a desk or storage to maximize usefulness.

Look for kitchen tables with shelves or drawers built right into the base for clever hidden storage. When not dining, the surface can convert into a desk or workspace. For overnight guests, some kitchen tables have a folding mechanism to convert into a compact bed.

Tables that transition between functions make perfect sense in apartments where space is limited and furniture needs to play multiple roles.

Selecting Space-Saving Dining Chairs

Once you’ve selected a compact table for your apartment kitchen, the next consideration is seating. Bulky dining chairs monopolize precious space. We’ll highlight some of the best options for space-saving kitchen and dining chairs for small homes.

Bar Stools and Counter Stools

The ideal companion to a narrow counter height table is a pair of sleek bar stools. The long slender legs and compact seat of bar and counter stools tuck neatly under high tables. With no need for additional chair clearance, they make use of vertical rather than floor space.

Bar stools easily slide under counters or tables when not in use. Given their petite size, they can stash effortlessly into closets or corners. For seating two, counter stools are the perfect space-saving seating solution.

Bench Seating

Another space-saving furniture option is bench seating. A bench provides multiple seats while taking up the footprint of a single chair. Bench seating can be built into the length of a wall or positioned at the ends of a compact dining table.

Corner benches are great for kitchen nooks, maximizing a cozy area. Benches stash away easily and take up very little space when not in use. For apartment kitchens, they make an efficient seating choice for dining areas.

Lightweight Folding Chairs

Lightweight folding chairs are another excellent pick for small kitchens and apartments. Look for folding chairs constructed out of metal or wood rather than bulky padded upholstered chairs. They weigh much less and fold into a slim profile for storage.

When guests come over, folding seats can be conveniently set up and put away afterward. Folding chairs can even hang on walls, maximizing unused vertical space. They provide flexible extra seating without consuming your limited square footage.

More Tips for Small Space Dining

Aside from furniture choices, there are also some key small space dining strategies to keep in mind. Use these tips for eating in apartment kitchens and micro living spaces.

Go Vertical

One of the top small kitchen ideas is utilizing vertical storage space. Install wall-mounted racks, hanging pots and pans, and shelving above the counter to free up precious surface area. Floor space comes at a premium in apartments, so make the most of walls and vertical real estate where possible.

Optimize Storage

Speaking of storage, carefully edit kitchen items to only the essentials. Stow gadgets, appliances and kitchen tools that you rarely use since every inch matters. Under-table hanging bins and concealed corner storage organize kitchenware while keeping items out of sight.

When stools or chairs aren’t in use, slide them under the table or stash in a closet. Use the area beneath tables or kitchen islands for clever storage.

Prioritize Multifunctional Furniture

We’ve mentioned the benefits of transforming and multifunctional furniture. Given apartment space limitations, it pays off to get creative. An ottoman can pull triple duty as a coffee table, spare seating and hidden storage for table linens.

Look for pieces like storage ottomans, folding tray tables, and convertible furnishings that moonlight for multiple uses. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with furniture that can multitask.

While apartment kitchens may be pint-sized, you can cultivate a space that’s both stylish and highly functional. Getting creative with your dining furniture is key – compact tables, versatile chairs and multifunctional finds make apartment dining work.

Focus your shopping on smart, efficient, space-saving designs suited for small spaces. Then supplement with storage solutions and organizational tricks to keep the area neat. With the right furnishings and a dash of inspiration, your apartment kitchen can be as inviting as more spacious rooms.

Browse our top picks for recommended compact, functional kitchen and dining sets to maximize your tiny apartment. With a bit of savvy small space styling, you can whip up a kitchen that looks pulled together.

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