Amp Up Your Outdoor Style with Sunbrella Black and White Fabric

Outdoor living spaces are the perfect canvas for showcasing stylish design. And few fabrics make a bolder style statement than the classic black and white palette offered by Sunbrella performance fabrics. With endless possibilities for mixing modern and traditional elements, black and white patterns never go out of fashion. Let’s explore how Sunbrella’s durable, easy-care black and white acrylic fabrics can amp up the look of any outdoor setting.

Classic Stripes or Crisp Solids

Sunbrella’s black and white fabric collection includes both striped and solid options to suit any style preference. The classic stripe features bold black stripes at a scale that makes a dramatic impact on upholstery and cushions. With a 4.5 inch stripe width repeating every 9 inches, this timeless pattern is ideal for making a coordinating statement on large-scale items like full furniture sets, umbrellas, drapes and awnings.

black and white sunbrella fabric

For a more minimalist, modern look, the solid black and solid white colorways keep the focus on clean lines and shapes. Use these solids as neutrals to layer on pops of color and pattern through accent pillows, rugs and decor.

Durable, Easy-Care Acrylic Fibers

Sunbrella’s 100% solution dyed acrylic fiber stands up to intense sun, moisture and everyday wear and tear. Solution dying locks the color into the yarns before weaving, rather than printing on the surface where it can wash away. This retains the rich black and bright white colors over time with minimal fading.

Acrylic also resists mildew growth in damp conditions and repels spills and stains thanks to an inherent hydrophobic quality. A simple soap and water cleaning restores the like-new appearance.

Performance Features for Outdoor Durability

In addition to colorfastness and stain resistance, Sunbrella fabrics deliver other performance features that make them ideal for outdoor use:

  • UV ray protection to prevent damage and fading
  • Mildew resistance despite exposure to moisture and humidity
  • Quick-dry fabric that doesn’t retain water
  • Breathable texture that stays cool in hot sun

Even through intense sun, rain and dampness, Sunbrella fabrics retain their integrity and appearance season after season.

Versatile Design Applications

With its reputation for toughness, you may be surprised by the comfortable softness and luxurious drape of Sunbrella acrylic fabrics. This makes them suitable for outdoor furniture upholstery, throw pillows, accent drapes and more. Here are some of the most popular uses:

  • Patio and pool furniture cushions
  • Outdoor pillows and throws
  • Umbrellas, awnings and shade sails
  • Boat and marine applications like bunk cushions and exterior covers
  • RV and auto interiors and upholstery accents
  • Restaurant and hotel outdoor seating areas

Incorporating black and white Sunbrella fabric creates eye-catching style in any of these outdoor venues.

Inspired Style Ideas

Ready to decorate? Here are some style tips and ideas for showcasing Sunbrella’s black and white patterns:

  • Layer stripes and solids for visual interest on cushions
  • Use solids to create a neutral backdrop for bright accent colors
  • Go for high-contrast black and white with a coastal blue and white scheme
  • Create an elegant monochromatic look with black, white and gray
  • Punch up boho-chic styles with global-inspired accents
  • Complement farmhouse designs with gingham, buffalo check and ticking stripe pillows

With the right mix of patterns and textures, you can achieve any style from modern to traditional using this classic black and white palette.

Caring for Your Fabrics

Caring for Sunbrella fabrics helps them endure many seasons of use. Here are some tips:

  • Clean spills right away with mild soap and rinse thoroughly
  • Allow to air dry; Sunbrella fabrics are quick to dry
  • Check for mildew in damp areas and sanitize with bleach mixture
  • Use fabric protection spray to repel stains
  • Brush off dirt between professional cleanings
  • Store indoors during winter or cover outdoor furniture

With proper care, Sunbrella’s superior durability ensures your black and white fabrics stay looking fresh.

Sunbrella has been creating long-lasting, high-performance fabrics for over 45 years. Their solution dyed acrylic fabrics lead the industry when it comes to durability, easy care, and color retention. With the classic black and white palette, you can instantly create stylish, sophisticated outdoor spaces perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Let your creativity run wild as you mix patterns and solids to design the ideal outdoor oasis.

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