Add Boho Charm to Your Bedroom with a Stylish Nightstand

If you’re looking to add a touch of bohemian flair to your bedroom decor, an eclectic nightstand is a fantastic way to incorporate this trendy style. With so many options for materials, shapes, patterns, and details, boho nightstands allow you to showcase your creative taste while providing practical bedside storage.

From rattan weaving to mid-century silhouettes, geometric motifs to creative multidrawer designs, you’ll discover inspiring ideas for boho nightstands that fuse fashion and function.

Rattan Nightstands for Natural Woven Texture

Rattan is one of the most popular materials for boho furniture and decor. Made from woven palm stems, it has an organic, handcrafted texture that brings the look of vintage pieces from tropical locales. The intricate weaving patterns and natural honey brown color add warmth and visual interest.

Rattan is also quite durable and sustainable. Since the rattan palms regenerate their stems, the material is renewable and less taxing on the environment than wood. Brands like Joybird ethically source their rattan to ensure its artisanal legacy is preserved.

For nightstands, both round and rectangular rattan tables provide an artisanal foundation. Round end tables with a rattan base and single drawer are charming and compact, perfect for smaller bedrooms. Larger rectangular options, often with two or more woven drawers, make excellent boho bedside tables.

boho nightstand with drawers

The Bernhardt Fresco Nightstand has a classic rectangular rattan design with reinforced mango wood joinery. The Christopher Knight Home Adelaida Woven Two-Drawer Nightstand features a rounded silhouette with woven texture contrasting sleek metal legs. Both are wonderful options to infuse natural boho style into your sleeping space.

Rattan Care Tips

  • Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading
  • Dust regularly with a soft cloth
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or bleach products
  • Allow rattan to dry completely if it gets wet

Mid-Century Modern Boho Nightstands

Mid-century modern style also fits beautifully with bohemian sensibilities. The clean lines, tapered legs, and blend of organic shapes with retro details are a perfect match for the eclectic boho aesthetic.

A mid-century modern nightstand will lend a refined, vintage touch to complement your textiles, plants, and globally inspired decor items. The simple yet eye-catching angular legs provide an architectural foundation while warm woodgrain tops soften the look.

The shape of the nightstand itself can also take inspiration from mid-century form. Look for nightstands with kidney bean or spoon-curved silhouettes. Details like cane fronts, wood ring pulls, and brass cantilevered hardware add flair.

Some great mid-century style options include the Baxton Studio Ansley Mid-Century Walnut Nightstand and the Rivet Boone Mid-Century Modern Nightstand. Their tapered legs and mix of wood tones allow you to achieve that quintessential retro-bohemian blend.

Geometric Patterns and Shapes

Geometric designs are a hallmark of bohemian decor. From global textile patterns to intricately tiled floors, geometry adds visual interest and depth.

With nightstands, opt for statement-making shapes like hexagons, triangles, and diamonds. Look for faceted drawers and legs or wire inlays that incorporate geometric motifs into the piece. The contrast between the straight lines of the pattern and softer finishes like an organic wood top or rounded edges creates compelling style tension.

Some examples include the Willa Arlo Interiors Heidi Geometric Nightstand, with its metal diamond overlay on a woven base, and the Wrought Studio Halcott Wire Geometric Nightstand, featuring powder coated steel in geometric shapes. They make geometry feel fresh and modern with a boho spirit.

More Boho Geometric Finds

  • Safavieh Lyndhurst Triangle Nightstand
  • Nuevo Oslo Hexagon Nightstand
  • Modway Query Bamboo Angled Nightstand

Nightstands with Unique Hardware

When it comes to nightstand details, don’t overlook the hardware possibilities. Handles, pulls, poles, legs, and other accents provide opportunities for creativity.

Brass, blackened steel, and antique bronze offer metallic shine with a hint of vintage patina. Macrame and leather add organic, handcrafted texture. For a lightweight look, consider nightstands with hairpin legs in sleek steel or blond wood.

Nodi’s Enda Nightstand has an eye-catching brass ring pull in an oval shape, contrasting the raw asymmetrical base. Worlds Away Natalie Nightstand features a tubular brass rail that almost suspends the single drawer, combining elegant lines with boho allure.

Let hardware be the detail that brings your nightstand to life. It’s an easy way to incorporate your unique boho style into a functional piece.

Multi-Drawer Boho Nightstands

While many nightstands feature one or two standard drawers, some boho designs get creative with storage. Multiple stacked drawers of different sizes, concealed nooks, and unexpected placements allow you to hide away all your bedside necessities.

Some nightstands stagger drawers, with the top two smaller than the lower wider drawer. Others might incorporate little cubbies or shelves behind cabinet doors, in addition to the main drawers. This provides optimum storage real estate in a compact, decorative piece.

Materials like canvas, leather, or distressed metal around the drawers inject bohemian personality. Signature hardware like wraparound leather straps or hammered iron handles turn a functional piece into a work of art.

Check out the Jungalow Cubico Nightstand or the Global Views Stella Side Table for multi-drawer inspiration. Their textures and compartmentalized design are undeniably boho-chic.

Creative Boho Storage Solutions

  • Hidden nooks behind cabinet doors
  • Stacked or staggered drawer fronts
  • Leather straps or macrame drawer wraps
  • A mix of metallic, wood, and woven textures

Style Your Boho Nightstand

Once you’ve selected the perfect nightstand for your space, it’s time for the fun part–styling! The items you place on and around the nightstand help create that cozy boho atmosphere.

Layered textiles like embroidered throws or handwoven blankets make excellent nightstand decor. Folded or draped, they bring warmth, texture, and global charm. For additional storage, stack some woven baskets next to your boho bedside table. Filler items like trailing plants, stacked books, and candles enhance the ambiance.

Don’t forget lighting! Table lamps with an ethnic look and smart bulbs you can adjust provide the right bedside glow. Always keep some Himalayan salt rocks or essential oils on hand to create a relaxing sleep sanctuary.

Extend the boho elements throughout the room with mirror decor, patterned pillows, and gallery walls of art prints and tapestries. Let your nightstand be the finishing touch that brings this eclectic oasis together.

Additional Factors When Choosing a Nightstand

Beyond the style and design of your boho nightstand, there are some practical considerations for selecting the right bedside table for your needs:

  • Take measurements to ensure the nightstand dimensions fit with your existing space.
  • Consider the height–you want your nightstand at a comfortable level when using it from bed.
  • Determine whether you want open shelves or enclosed storage with drawers.
  • Decide right or left-side orientation based on room layout and bed position.
  • Assess how much surface area you need for bedside items.
  • Factor in your storage needs and how many drawers will be ideal.
  • Choose a finish that coordinates well with your bedroom decor.

Keep these practical factors in mind as you search for your perfect boho nightstand. This will help you select a functional, well-fitting piece that looks beautiful.

With so many options, from woven rattan and mid-century silhouettes to geometric patterns and multi-drawer designs, finding the ideal boho nightstand is an exciting adventure. Whether you want an intricate vintage feel or a more modern minimalist look, the right bedside table can infuse any bedroom with bohemian spirit.

Use the ideas in this article as inspiration when designing your own boho sleep sanctuary. Mix materials, shapes, and global elements to create a space that is uniquely yours. Your nightstand is the finishing touch that brings eclectic charm to your personal oasis, so have fun finding the perfect one!

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