Add a Touch of Luxury with Stunning 96-Inch Long Curtains

Are you looking to make a dramatic statement in your home? Consider 96-inch long curtains. With their elegantly flowing lengths, these curtains can instantly add a touch of luxury to any space. In this post, we’ll explore when to use extra long 96-inch curtains, their many benefits, optimal rooms and windows, design considerations, where to shop, professional installation tips, and more. Read on to learn how you can embrace the glamorous opulence of stunning floor-length curtains.

At 96 inches, these curtains stand out with their ultra long lengths. Far beyond standard window treatments, they make quite an impact. We’ll discuss specific advice on when they are the perfect choice to elevate your home with a cozy yet decadent style.

When to Consider 96-Inch Long Curtains

When should you opt for curtains that are so dramatically long? Here are some of the best situations for choosing 96-inch curtains:

  • Rooms with especially high ceilings – long curtains help accentuate the height of spaces with taller ceilings.
  • Windows taller than 84 inches – for any window taller than the standard 84 inch curtain length, 96 inch curtains ensure full coverage without awkward gaps.
  • Wanting a luxurious, dramatic look – the abundant lengths create an elegant, opulent appearance.
  • Large bay windows or wide picture windows – the extended widths beautifully frame and accentuate the grand dimensions of these statement windows.

In general, 96-inch curtains make the most impact when the proportions of the space can accommodate their generous lengths. They allow you to take advantage of height and width for a cohesive floor-to-ceiling aesthetic.

Benefits of Choosing 96-Inch Curtains

Frame Windows Beautifully

One of the biggest advantages of extra long curtains is their ability to frame windows in a stunning, almost architectural way. As the curtains elegantly puddle on the floor, they draw attention to the entire vertical length of the window. This creates a custom, built-in look that feels luxurious.

curtains 96 inches long

The floor-to-ceiling curtains also pull the eyes upward, accentuating the sense of height and scale in a room. This makes them an excellent option for spaces with lofty ceilings, where the lengthy curtains provide much needed balance and proportions.

Elegant, Luxurious Aesthetic

Of course, the abundant lengths alone lend 96-inch curtains an inherently elegant appearance. The puddling fabric, cascading folds, and billowing shapes give off an undeniably luxurious vibe.

The overall visual effect is one of refined opulence. Rooms take on an immediately more formal and polished look with curtains trailing to the floor. The upscale aesthetic works well in both casual everyday spaces and more formal dining rooms or master suites.

Perfectly Scaled to Room

Given their generous length, it’s crucial that 96-inch curtains are used in properly scaled spaces. The long curtains help anchor sprawling great rooms and suites with expansive dimensions. They bring proportional balance through their floor-length extensions.

In smaller rooms, the overabundant lengths could feel overwhelming. But in generously sized living rooms or bedrooms, the proportions feel just right. The curtains fit and fill the larger space beautifully.

Optimal Window Types and Rooms

What are the best windows and rooms to adorn with 96-inch curtains? Here are some top choices:

Living Rooms

Extra long curtains make a gorgeous statement above living room sofas. Position them to frame the primary sitting area, drawing focus while providing a cozy separation from the rest of the open space. The abundant lengths make these living room curtains ideal for layering as well – try pairing them with shorter swags or cascades.


In bedrooms, long curtains take on a softer, more romantic look and feel. Framing the bed with floor-length curtains creates an intimate, cocooning effect. They can make the space feel more like a serene retreat.

Foyers and Entryways

Entryways are another excellent place for the grand aesthetic of 96-inch curtains. Hung near tall doors and windows, the lengthy curtains make a big statement in the foyer. They also immediately reinforce a higher sense of scale upon entering the home.

Design Considerations

To use them successfully, there are a few special considerations for styling extra long curtains:

Hang Curtains High and Wide

First, 96-inch curtains need to be mounted high and extend past the window frames. Installing the curtain rod near the ceiling gives the curtains the space they need to impressively puddle at the floor. Extending the rod several inches wider than the window also lets the fabric gracefully cascade past the edges.

Allow Drapes to Puddle

Letting the abundant fabric pool at the floor creates the luxurious look that is ideal for these long curtains. However, if you have pets or small children this generous puddling could easily become dirty or hazardous.

Layer with Complimentary Window Treatments

Consider pairing the 96-inch curtains with shorter swags or valances to create more texture and layers. You can also combine them with drapes or roman shades in a coordinating fabric. Adding sheers underneath creates a soft filtered-light effect.

Sourcing 96-Inch Curtains

Where can you find an excellent selection of extra long curtains? Here are some options both in-store and online:

Custom vs. Pre-Made Options

For an optimal fit, having curtains made-to-measure is best. But custom curtains can also be pricier. Another approach is to shop ready-made curtains close to the 96-inch length and then have them professionally hemmed.

Where to Shop Online and In-Store

Brands like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and West Elm offer 96-inch options online. Or visit local high-end drapery workrooms. Also check large retailers like Target or Amazon. Etsy also has custom curtain makers who can work with your exact window measurements.

Professional Installation Tips

To properly install extra long curtains, here are some useful professional tips:

  • Mount the curtain rod at least 6-8 inches above the window frame so curtains clear the top.
  • Extend the rod 2-3 inches past window edges to maximize the cascading effect.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal fullness based on the curtain fabric weight.
  • Use quality rings, grommets and hooks to smoothly glide 96-inch curtains open and closed.

With their flowing elegant lengths, curtains 96 inches long make a dramatic upscale statement. They beautifully frame windows, lend elegance and refinement, and feel perfectly scaled for generously sized rooms. Consider using them in living rooms, bedrooms and entryways with high ceilings and wide windows. Pay attention to special installation and styling tips. And embrace the luxe glamour these floor-length curtains bring to any space.

Ready to add a touch of timeless luxury with stunning curtains? From weighing custom versus pre-made options to proper installation, we’ve shared our tips and ideas for embracing the elegance of 96-inch curtains. They can immediately elevate your space with graceful, flowing opulence.

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