7 Stylish Seagrass Swivel Bar Stools To Elevate Your Home Bar

With their natural, eco-friendly appeal and ability to instantly elevate any decor, it’s no wonder seagrass bar stools are a popular choice. If you’re looking to add a touch of breezy, bohemian style to your home bar area, these stools are an excellent option to consider.

What is Seagrass?

Seagrass is a versatile, fast-growing plant fiber that is hand-harvested from shallow ocean waters across Southeast Asia. It has a loosely woven, fibrous texture and comes in neutral, earthy shades of brown, tan, and cream.

Seagrass is praised for its sustainability, as it’s quickly renewable and biodegradable. Products made from this natural material, like woven bar stools, are ecologically friendly and support local seagrass farmers.

Benefits of Seagrass Swivel Bar Stools

Natural and Organic Look

One of the top reasons homeowners choose seagrass bar stools is for their casual, organic aesthetic. The natural hues and visible texture provide a laidback look, perfect for creating a cozy bohemian or coastal vibe.

Seagrass complements natural wood furnishings beautifully. When paired with light woods, concrete, rattan accents, and indoor plants, seagrass stools help cultivate a welcoming oasis in your home bar area.


While they have an airy, casual look, seagrass bar stools are actually quite durable. Seagrass is surprisingly strong for a natural fiber and has an inherent resistance to stains.

seagrass swivel bar stools

Most seagrass bar stools also feature solid hardwood frames, often made of mahogany, teak, or mango wood. This combination of strong natural plant fiber and solid craftsmanship results in bar seating that withstands busy households and frequent use.


Contrary to what some may think, seagrass stools provide comfortable seating thanks to their shape and design.

Many feature an ergonomic barrel back shape that provides lumbar support as you sit. The woven texture also has a slight natural give for comfort. And the swivel functionality allows you to move and pivot freely.

While intricate in look, seagrass seats are woven tightly to avoid poking or irritation from loose fibers. The result is an eye-catching stool that also pampers your posterior.


By choosing seagrass bar stools, you support sustainable practices and eco-friendly manufacturing. Seagrass is fast-growing and renewable, making it an ideal environmentally friendly material.

Supporting the seagrass industry helps provide jobs and fair wages for local farmers and weavers in Southeast Asia regions where seagrass grows naturally. So you can feel good about the positive impact your purchase has.

Design Tips for Incorporating Seagrass Bar Stools

Ready to bring home some chic and sustainable seagrass bar stools? Keep these design tips in mind to seamlessly incorporate them into your space:

  • Select the proper seat height for your counter or bar height. Standard kitchen counters are 36 inches tall.
  • Choose natural, light wood bar counters and low-sheen metal accents to complement the stools.
  • Use decor items like pillows, throws, and area rugs to echo the natural color palette.
  • Arrange stools evenly around the bar counter, or stagger them for visual interest.
  • Add leafy green plants like philodendrons or palms to enhance the tropical vibe.

7 Stylish Seagrass Swivel Bar Stools

From industrial to bohemian and everything in between, these are seven of our favorite seagrass swivel bar stool styles to consider for your home.

1. Handwoven Seagrass Swivel Bar Stool with Low Back

This artisanal seagrass stool epitomizes laidback style with its slightly rounded low back and organic handwoven texture…

2. Natural Seagrass Swivel Bar Stool with Hourglass Silhouette

Featuring clever curves and a shapely hourglass back, this seagrass stool brings sculptural sophistication to boho spaces…

3. Round Back Seagrass Swivel Bar Stool

The circular back and seat of this natural seagrass stool lend an airy, retro-inspired flair…

4. Industrial Style Seagrass Swivel Bar Stool

With exposed hardware, unfinished legs, and utilitarian look, this stool brings urban edge to natural seagrass material…

5. Mid-Century Modern Seagrass Swivel Bar Stool

The tapered legs, scooped seat, and slanted back give this seagrass stool a distinctly mid-century vibe, perfect for contemporary abodes…

6. Rustic Seagrass Swivel Bar Stool with Wooden Legs

Handsome cross-brace supports and unvarnished wooden legs provide a dash of rustic flair to this wo

7. Woven Seagrass Swivel Bar Stool with Low Profile

The low, rounded back of this stool provides just enough support in an ultra-slim silhouette that tucks neatly against counters…

With their breezy, eco-friendly style and ability to instantly elevate your space, seagrass swivel bar stools are a smart investment. They bring natural texture and cozy sophistication to home bars and kitchen islands.

Chic, durable, and responsibly made, seagrass stools check all the boxes. Welcome them into your home to craft a stylishly relaxing oasis for entertaining and everyday living.

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