5 Savvy Ways to Add Toilet Paper Holders to Your Small Bathroom

If you’re struggling to find space for a toilet paper holder in your petite powder room, you’re not alone. Small bathrooms can present some unique challenges when it comes to bathroom storage and organization. But with some savvy solutions, you can install toilet paper holders that are both functional and space-saving.

Read on to discover 5 smart ways to add this bathroom essential without sacrificing valuable square footage.

Consider the Size and Shape of Your Bathroom

The first step in picking the perfect toilet paper holder for a small bathroom is taking measurements. You’ll need to carefully consider the dimensions and quirky angles that make your space unique.

toilet paper holders for small bathrooms

Is your bathroom a narrow galley style? Does it have low ceilings or awkward nooks? Pay attention to built-in shelves, sloped walls, and protruding pipes that could get in the way of installation.

Knowing the precise footprint of your bathroom will allow you to choose holders that fit the space rather than competing for room. With some clever positioning, even the most awkward corner or tight squeeze can accommodate a holder.

Wall-Mounted Holders Maximize Space

Wall-mounted toilet paper holders are ideal space-saving solutions. Since they attach directly to the wall, they don’t occupy precious floor area like freestanding holders. This makes them a smart choice when you want to avoid clutter.

The key is finding the right spot on your wall to position it. Look for vacant areas beside or across from the toilet where you can mount it without blocking other fixtures or traffic flow. Wall-mounted holders can even squeeze into triangular corners thanks to angled designs.

Freestanding Holders for Irregular Layouts

Freestanding toilet paper holders are another option if your bathroom has an irregular shape or lacks suitable wall space. The trick is finding a way to keep them stable.

Heavy weighted bases will prevent tipping. Or, choose a holder that can be securely mounted to existing shelves, cabinets, or vanities. Just make sure to test different positions to avoid blocking doors or drawers.

With some clever rotating, standalone holders can fit in the most awkward small bathrooms.

Carefully Select the Location

When it comes to toilet paper holder placement in a small bathroom, location is key. You’ll want to find a spot that’s both convenient and space-saving. Within easy arm’s reach of the toilet is ideal.

Two popular options are mounting it on the wall beside the toilet tank, or on the wall adjacent to the toilet bowl. This avoids taking up space behind the toilet where it’s tougher to access.

Do a test run while seated to identify the optimal position. Make sure you can comfortably reach it at an arms-length distance. Just watch for handles, levers, or shower doors that could obstruct arm extension on that side.

Finding the right balance between convenience and compactness might take some trial and error. But zeroing in on the prime location will prevent frustrating TP struggles in a cramped area.

Look for Multi-Functional Holders

When trying to maximize every inch, choosing a holder that serves multiple purposes is smart. Look for options with built-in extras like shelves, brush holders, or dispensers.

Some toilet paper holder models have a slim shelf above or below to hold small bathroom items like soap bars, pumps, or candles. Others feature side compartments for discreetly stashing spare rolls or toilet brushes.

If you have a larger cabinet-style holder, the top surface can provide storage for bath accessories. Or find one with soap dispenser pumps built right in.

Getting two organizational functions from one compact unit helps cut down on clutter.

Complement Your Bathroom’s Style

A toilet paper holder may be small, but it can still make a stylish statement. Take some time to consider options that complement your bathroom’s look and feel.

For a sleek modern aesthetic, try matte black or polished chrome holders with minimalist designs. Rustic wood holders pair perfectly with cottage-inspired decor. Or match the finish to hardware like faucets and light fixtures for a pulled-together cohesive look.

The shape of the holder can also enhance your style. Round or squared designs make different visual impacts. Curved holders feel softer, while geometric ones feel more modern.

While practicality comes first, the holder you choose should be an accent piece rather than an eyesore.

Compact Is Key

When all else fails, go compact. If you’re still struggling for space, consider a holder with an especially small footprint. There are several streamlined options made for tiny bathrooms.

Recessed holders fit seamlessly into walls to take up zero floor space. You can also find narrow vertical holders or space-saving folding designs. Even simple wall-mounted single rolls help maximize space.

If you can’t find an ideal place to install one, a toilet tank top-mounting holder is very compact. Just ensure it leaves room for the tank lid to open fully.

With some creative hunting, you can find holders tailored for small bathrooms that pack plenty of function in a petite package.

Adding a toilet paper holder to a small bathroom may seem tricky, but strategic solutions can help you install this essential accessory.

Focus on compact wall-mounted or freestanding holders designed with space limitations in mind. Position it near the toilet within easy reach. Look for multifunctional holders with storage built in. And choose a style that enhances your decor rather than clashes.

You can maximize your tight quarters by installing the perfect holder to make your bathroom functional.

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