36-Inch Nightstands – The New Standard for Bedroom Storage

For many years, the typical nightstand height ranged between 28-34 inches. While these shorter models prevailed, taller 36-inch nightstands have recently emerged as a popular option that offers distinct advantages. These taller nightstands align perfectly with modern, higher bed frames and provide ample storage capacity. With their eye-catching presence, 36-inch nightstands bring sophistication to bedroom decor. If you’re looking to upgrade your bedside storage, it’s time to discover why 36-inch tall nightstands are becoming the new standard.

In this post, we’ll explore the key benefits of choosing 36-inch nightstands. You’ll learn how their extra height creates storage possibilities that shorter furniture can’t match. We’ll also cover what to look for when shopping for 36-inch tall nightstands, including ideal drawer configurations, high-quality construction, and on-trend style options. By the end, you’ll understand why 36-inch is the optimal nightstand height for bedroom storage and how to select pieces that perfectly suit your space.

Why Choose 36-Inch Nightstands

Align With Tall Beds

Today’s beds sit several inches taller than they used to. The average bed height now ranges from 30-36 inches tall. With lower nightstands, items on your bedside table sit too far below mattress level. This makes it inconvenient to reach for a book, water glass, or phone charging on the nightstand top.

36-inch nightstands align perfectly with the current standard bed height. Sitting in bed, your book or beverage on a 36-inch tall nightstand will be right at arm’s reach. You won’t have to strain down to access items. The proper alignment also creates a cohesive visual flow from bed to nightstand.

Maximize Bedside Storage

The extra height on a 36-inch nightstand translates into more usable interior storage capacity. Compared to a 30-inch model, those extra 6 inches allow for larger drawer dimensions and more vertical space to organize essentials.

36 inch tall nightstands with drawers

With their abundant storage potential, 36-inch nightstands prevent bedside clutter. All your books, devices, medications, accessories, and more can be neatly tucked away in the expansive drawers. The tall design takes advantage of vertical real estate that shorter nightstands simply can’t exploit.

Create A Design Focal Point

A 36-inch nightstand makes a bolder style statement than a petite 28-inch version. The taller height naturally draws the eye, creating a focal point in the bedroom.

The enlarged scale also lets the nightstand showcase decorative details. Sophisticated hardware, luxe materials, and custom finishes stand out better on a taller design. For a touch of drama, bold colors like navy or emerald have maximum impact on 36-inch nightstands.

With their presence and flair, 36-inch nightstands upgrade your decor. They introduce a hotel-suite elegance to your personal bedroom retreat.

Features To Look For

Drawer Configuration

When shopping for 36-inch tall nightstands, the first decision is the drawer configuration. One, two, and three drawer designs are common. Consider how you’ll use the nightstand storage to choose what works best.

A single large drawer provides one open space for all bedside items. Two stacked drawers enable some basic separation, like books in one and devices in the other. For maximum organization, a three drawer configuration offers a drawer just for smaller essentials.

Look for full-extension drawer glides on any configuration you choose. These allow you to pull the drawer completely out for easy access to the entire interior.


36-inch nightstands come in a diverse array of materials. Traditional hardwoods like oak and maple deliver a timeless look. For a sleek, contemporary statement, metal and glass are striking options.

Wood brings warmth and richness to a bedroom. It also withstands daily use. Oak’s prominent grain patterns add rustic texture. Maple provides a smoother, refined appearance. Other woods like mahogany, walnut, and teak each make distinctive visual statements.

Metal finishes from brushed nickel to bronze impart an industrial vibe. The matte sheen of a stone top, like marble or quartzite, conveys natural elegance. For a transparent, lightweight look, acrylic or glass tops allow you to see inside drawers.

Quality Construction

Examine construction quality closely when choosing tall nightstands. Look for solid wood frames and thick paneling that won’t warp over time. Check that drawers glide smoothly during operation. Open and close all doors and drawers to check alignment and listen for squeaking.

High-end pieces will have dove-tailed drawer joinery and full-extension drawer glides. Exposed drawer fronts should sit flush with the nightstand body when closed. Quality hardware feels sturdy, not flimsy or loose.


While 36 inches is the standard height, nightstand widths and depths vary. Measure your space carefully to find the ideal footprint. Allow several inches of clearance on each side and a comfortable passage area between the nightstand and bed.

For small bedrooms, a narrow 16-24 inch width conserves floor space. Wider 28-32 inch nightstands work better in larger master suites. Standard depths range from 16-22 inches. Accurately assess your room dimensions so your new nightstands fit perfectly.

Styles and Design Options

From classic to contemporary, 36-inch tall nightstands encompass an array of styles to match any bedroom’s look and feel.

Traditional Styles

For traditional bedrooms, classic wood nightstand silhouettes include Shaker, Mission, and Cottage styles. Clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and neutral finishes give these styles versatility to blend with most decor.

Buying a matching set of nightstands creates cohesion on both sides of the bed. Opt for identical or coordinating finishes and hardware for continuity.

Contemporary and Modern

Contemporary and modern nightstand styles make exciting alternatives to traditional wood furniture. With spare, streamlined forms, contemporary designs evoke sophistication. The mix of materials from wood to acrylic, metal, and stone lend modern edge.

Floating nightstands with invisible base supports reinforce the lightweight, airy aesthetic of contemporary decor. A transparent acrylic or glass top furthers the minimized, floating effect.

The rich grain of walnut paired with matte black metal legs brings an industrial feel. Unlacquered brass or copper offers a glamorous touch. Bold geometric shapes, asymmetric lines, and eclectic material combinations all make contemporary statements.

Customized Nightstands

For a tailored bedroom look, customized 36-inch nightstands fit your space impeccably. Many manufacturers offer made-to-order services to create nightstands to your exact specifications.

Customization allows your nightstands to fit precisely into angled corners or other unconventional spots. You can select specialty sizes, shapes, materials, and finishes to suit your personal style.

Monogramming or other personalized details give customized nightstands one-of-a-kind character. Or, customize just the interior organization with customized drawer configurations and built-ins.

Buying Considerations

Setting Your Budget

From mass retailers to luxury showrooms, 36-inch tall nightstands span a wide pricing spectrum. Setting a realistic budget helps narrow your options.

Simple wooden nightstands start around $100-250. Mid-range options run $250-600, while premium pieces reach $600+. High-end materials like exotic woods and luxury brand names push prices higher.

Once you determine your budget, look for quality construction and appealing style within your price bracket. Affordable nightstands from retailers like IKEA and Target can offer lots of value.

Where To Shop

You can find 36-inch tall nightstands through several shopping channels. Online retailers offer enormous selection and doorstep delivery. Local furniture stores let you see pieces in person. Custom furniture makers and carpenters provide one-of-a-kind options.

Before ordering online, carefully check nightstand dimensions against your space. Retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock have expansive, affordable selections. For higher quality, stores like Pottery Barn and West Elm balance value with style.

Visiting local furniture stores allows you to open drawers and inspect quality firsthand. Many offer in-house design services to create a custom look.

Delivery and Assembly

Unlike small decor items, bulky nightstands require special handling for home delivery. For a smooth process, address any access issues prior to delivery day. Clear pathways, remove door thresholds if needed, and have assistance ready to move large boxes.

Opting for expert assembly takes the stress out of unpacking and installing tall nightstands in tight spaces. Piece counts, heavy materials, and large sizes can make nightstand assembly challenging.

If tackling assembly yourself, give yourself ample time. Gather all needed tools beforehand. Follow instructions closely during the build process. Take care when lifting and joining heavy wood pieces.

With their increased storage capacity, smooth ergonomics, and standout presence, it’s easy to see why 36-inch nightstands are surpassing lower height standards. Their tall stature aligns perfectly next to today’s higher mattresses while providing abundant storage space.

When shopping for 36-inch tall nightstands, carefully assess your needs in terms of size, interior storage, and style to select the perfect fit. From materials to decorative details, you have countless options to create a cohesive, luxurious bedroom environment.

Investing in 36-inch nightstands brings form and function together for a clutter-free, organized bedside. With their elegant stature and ample storage, they promise to upgrade your bedroom style and comfort. Discover for yourself the pleasures of a well-appointed bedside retreat with a 36-inch nightstand you love.

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