15 Clever and Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Front Door for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to give your front door a fresh new look. With just a little creativity, you can easily transform your entryway into a cheerful, welcoming space. From bright wreaths to seaside accents, there are so many fun ways to decorate your front door for the warmer months. Best of all, many of these ideas are budget-friendly DIY projects or inexpensive store-bought finds.

In this post, we’ll share 15 clever and inexpensive ways to decorate your front door for summer. You’ll find a mix of beautiful DIY wreaths, porch planters bursting with flowers, and whimsical coastal decor. Read on for unique inspiration to give your home’s curb appeal a summertime makeover!

DIY Wreath Ideas

One of the best ways to decorate your front door for summer is with a gorgeous, handcrafted wreath. DIY wreaths allow you to customize your creation with colors, textures, and embellishments that match your style.

DIY Palm Frond Wreath

For a breezy, beachy look, make a wreath entirely out of large palm fronds. You can find dried palm fronds at most craft stores. Use floral wire to attach the fronds in a circular shape. Then adorn your tropical creation with seashells, sea glass, starfish, and sand dollars. Hang this coastal wreath on your front door to conjure relaxing ocean vibes.

front door decor ideas for summer

Upcycled Ladder Wreath

Turn an old wooden ladder into a work of art! Wire floral picks, ferns, magnolia branches, and blooming flowers onto the rungs of the ladder. Hang lanterns from a few of the rungs for an extra decorative touch. The height and fullness of this wreath will make your front door truly stand out.

  • Look for a small, old wooden ladder at antique shops or flea markets.
  • Spray paint the ladder a light color if desired.
  • Use sturdy floral wire to attach your greenery and blooms.
  • Choose flowers in coordinating colors.
  • Incorporate lanterns for nighttime ambiance.
  • Hang the finished ladder wreath vertically next to your door.

Summer Fruit Wreath

For an edible twist, craft a wreath made of fresh summer fruits like watermelon slices, pineapples, strawberries, lemons, and limes. Use floral wire to assemble the fruits in a circular wreath shape. Not only is this wreath visually delightful, it also provides a fun finger food snack for guests. As fruits start to spoil, simply replace them with fresh ones from the garden.

More DIY Summer Decor

Wreaths aren’t the only way to decorate your front door for summer. DIY projects like banners, wall hangings, and porch lighting also help create a fun, warm weather vibe. Here are a few more easy DIY ideas to try.

Patriotic Rag Wreath

Craft an inexpensive patriotic wreath for the 4th of July by tying red, white and blue fabric strips onto a basic wreath form. Use varying widths of fabric cut into long strips. Tie the strips tightly around the wreath form, folding and twisting as you go. Finish it off with a big bow made from a wider strip of fabric.

Painted Wooden Starfish

Add a pop of color and coastal charm by hanging painted starfish around your front door. Use unpainted wooden starfish cutouts from the craft store. Paint them in bright, cheery shades like turquoise, coral, yellow, or seafoam green. For extra dimension, lightly sand the edges after painting. Hang the starfish with ribbon or string down the door itself or clustered together as a wreath.

Recycled Canning Jar Lights

Line your front walkway or porch with twinkling lights by turning canning jars into solar mason jar lights. Remove the lids from empty jars and replace with new lids that have holes for string lights. Fill the jars with a bit of sand to hold the lights in place. Position the jars along your sidewalk or porch steps for a magical glow once the sun goes down.

Ready-Made Wreaths and Decor

Not into DIY? No problem! You can still decorate your front door for summer with ready-made wreaths, signs, and accents. Here are some easy ideas you can buy.

Nautical Rope Wreath

For a coastal New England vibe, hang a ready-made nautical rope wreath on your front door. Look for one incorporating different sizes of rope, knots, shells, starfish, sand dollars, and other beachy elements. Add a few faux floral picks in bright colors for an extra pop.

Beachy Welcome Sign

Wooden welcome signs and plaques add a friendly touch by your door. Opt for one with a coastal saying like “Salty Winds and Sandy Toes Welcome You” or “Life’s Better at the Beach”. Or pick a sign printed with colorful beachy icons like seashells, palm trees, and flip flops. Hang it next to your door or from the porch railing.

Outdoor Flamingo Statues

For a quirky and playful vibe, flank your front door with a pair of plastic pink flamingo yard statues. Place each flamingo in a pot filled with flowers or foliage to add color. Let these kitschy birds welcome guests with their bubbly tropical charm.

Front Door Planters and Flowers

Greenery, blooms, and pops of color in planters and pots bring your front porch to life. Here are a few quick ways to beautify your entryway with summery florals.

Hanging Flower Baskets

A basket overflowing with cascading flowers makes a gorgeous statement by your front door. Choose a metal, plastic, or rattan hanging basket filled with vibrant blooms like petunias, begonias, fuchsia, and million bells. Hang the basket from your porch awning or fasten a bracket to display it by your door.

Succulents in Concrete Planters

Concrete planters have a modern, sleek look and are perfect for displaying succulents and drought-resistant plants. Arrange a mix of colorful succulents like echeveria and sedum. Hen and chicks also add nice texture. Group a few concrete pots together on your porch or steps.

Watering Can Flower Display

An ordinary galvanized metal or plastic watering can becomes a work of art when filled with an abundant bouquet of fresh flowers. Choose a mix of blooms and foliage in warm colors like coral, orange, yellow, and red. Overflowing flowers give a watering can loads of charm.

Decorating your front door for summer is one of the easiest ways to give your home’s curb appeal a lift. With beautiful wreaths, coastal accents, blooming planters and a bit of creativity, you can easily create an entryway that feels bright, inviting and full of seasonal spirit.

We hope this post has provided lots of fun and unique inspiration for dressing up your front porch or doorstep this summer. The best part is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to give your home an instant dose of summertime charm. Many of these clever decor ideas can be DIYed on a budget.

As seasons change, remember to swap out your summer motifs for fresh fall accents. Keeping your entryway decor updated throughout the year is key for great curb appeal all 12 months!

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