12 Striking Hardware Ideas to Makeover Your Kitchen Cabinets

Is your kitchen looking lackluster? Do the cabinets seem outdated or boring? Don’t despair – with the right hardware, you can transform the entire look and feel of your kitchen in a day. Read on for 12 brilliant hardware ideas guaranteed to give your kitchen a fresh, stylish makeover.

The knobs, pulls, and handles on kitchen cabinets serve both form and function. Beyond just opening cabinets, hardware makes a huge stylistic impact that can jazz up even the dullest kitchen. Materials like stainless steel, glass, and ceramic offer an endless array of options to complement any decor.

Measure Your Existing Cabinets

Before shopping for new hardware, take some measurements of your current setup. Note the distance between the cabinets and drawers and the size of the holes. In addition to aesthetic appeal, hardware has to actually fit. If your cabinets were custom built, the hardware likely is too. Knowing the dimensions ensures your new pieces will install properly.

It’s also helpful to remove one knob or handle to bring with you. This allows you to easily test potential replacements for fit. Standard sizing is common, but measuring first avoids surprises down the road.

hardware for kitchen cabinets ideas

Hardware Styles to Suit Your Kitchen

Black Hardware for a Modern Look

For a modern, polished look, black hardware is a top choice. Matte black, brushed black, or black nickel finishes all look sharp paired with white, gray, or wood cabinetry. The deep, saturated color provides ideal contrast. Black hardware delivers an elegant, contemporary vibe.

To make a statement, go for oversized pulls on drawers and use simple black knobs on the doors. Mixing finishes like oil-rubbed bronze with matte black can also add visual depth.

Vintage Appeal with Glass Knobs

Nothing delivers retro charm quite like glass and crystal knobs. Colored glass, jewel tones, and distressed accents inject serious personality. Pair these unique knobs with subway tile, open shelving, and farmhouse sinks to complete the vintage cooker vibe.

Glass knobs work especially well for cottage, farmhouse, retro, and eclectic kitchens. Cluster them together for a punch of dazzling color. Just be aware that clear glass shows fingerprints readily.

Stainless Steel for an Industrial Touch

For contemporary kitchens, stainless steel pulls create an industrial edge. Brushed stainless, chrome, or nickel finishes all complement the sleek aesthetic. Pair them with white, black, or wood cabinets and concrete or marble countertops to really maximize this modern look.

Bar pulls spanning the entire width of a drawer front emphasize strong, straight lines. Stainless steel’s durability also makes it ideal for high-traffic kitchens. Just be sure to clean occasionally to prevent water stains.

Bronze for Old World Character

Oil-rubbed, antique, or distressed bronze finishes bring a sense of weathered, old-world character to traditional kitchens. The muted, golden tones work beautifully with cream cabinets and butcher block counters. Bronze’s patina evokes a comforting, welcoming vibe.

For a rustic Tuscan feel, combine rough-hewn wood surfaces with scrolled bronze pulls. Wrought iron handles and hinges also complement this look nicely. Just keep the rest of the decor consistent for harmony.

Hardware Shapes and Sizes

Beyond the finish, the shape of hardware makes a difference too. Basic shapes include knobs, pulls, and handles. Knobs provide multiple grip points but occupy less space, making them ideal for delicate cabinet doors. Pulls offer a streamlined look, suiting sleek drawers and flat cabinet fronts.

Handles and pulls work especially well horizontally to emphasize the width of drawers. Using knobs and pulls together creatively provides style and functional benefits. Don’t limit yourself to just one type.

Play with mixing sizes as well for a collected look. Oversized pulls make a dramatic statement. Tiny knobs keep the focus on glass-front cabinets. Striking contrasts add an artistic element.

Placement and Installation

Standard guidelines suggest placing knobs or pulls three inches from the top of the door and centered horizontally. Lower cabinets typically have pulls spaced four inches from the bottom edge. However, personal taste trumps rules.

For DIY installation, you’ll need a drill, screwdriver, tape measure, and pencil. Use a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw size to avoid splitting the cabinet door frame. Work slowly and carefully to get the new hardware straight. Watch an online video tutorial for tips.

Removing old hardware requires gently prying up decorative covers then unscrewing the pieces. Take care not to damage the wood underneath. Label pieces to ensure easy reinstallation if needed.

Shop Top Brands and Budget Options

Quality brands like Rejuvenation, Restoration Hardware, and Emtek are go-to sources for high-end designer collections. Their pieces make stunning visual statements yet withstand busy kitchen wear and tear.

For budget options, big box stores carry an array of knobs and pulls at affordable prices. Look for solid brass rather than hollow or plastic. Test mechanisms for smooth motion. With some hunting, deals can be found.

Saving money doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Even inexpensive hardware looks luxe with the right finish. Spray paint lets you transform flea market finds into custom pieces.

Transform the Look and Feel

Aged brass knobs replace porcelain ones, instantly modernizing a kitchen. Clear crystal pulls swap in for spiral brass handles, taking the style from country to elegant. New hardware impacts aesthetics but usability too.

Larger pulls accommodate fingers of all sizes. Slide-opening mechanisms ease access for children or the elderly. Hands imprinted from opening old, difficult hardware may appreciate an upgrade. Just be sure measurements align.

With limitless style potential, hardware offers an easy, affordable way to revive your kitchen’s look. Follow the design details outlined here to makeover your cabinets with striking hardware that complements your unique decor.

A few key points to remember when selecting hardware:

  • Take measurements beforehand for proper sizing and alignment.
  • Choose finishes and styles that work with your kitchen’s existing aesthetic.
  • Mix knobs, pulls, and handles for visual interest.
  • Placement should suit both form and function.
  • High-end designer brands offer exceptional quality hardware.
  • Budget options can also look great if chosen carefully.
  • Hardware swaps provide big style impact with minimal effort.

The right pieces can make your kitchen brilliant. Have fun exploring the possibilities and finding hardware that reflects your personal taste and style.

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