12 Eye-Catching Paint Colors That Make Bathroom Cabinets Pop

If your bathroom has lackluster cabinets that blend into the background, painting them is an easy and affordable way to instantly give your space a makeover. With a fresh coat of paint, you can transform your cabinets from boring to beautiful. The key is selecting the right color to add vibrancy, flair and personality. From classic whites and grays to bold blues and reds, the color options are endless. Read on as we reveal 12 eye-catching paint colors that will make your bathroom cabinets pop.

Why Painting Bathroom Cabinets is a Great Idea

There are many great reasons to break out the paint and give your bathroom cabinets a colorful makeover.

First, it’s a quick and budget-friendly way to completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom without taking on a full, expensive remodel. With just some simple prep work, priming, and painting, you can update your space and make it look fresh and new again. The visual impact is dramatic.

Second, painting allows you to easily add personality, style, and flair to your bathroom. Tired of plain, generic cabinetry? With a new colorful paint job, you can showcase your unique style. It’s amazing how much of a statement a bold, vibrant color can make.

painting bathroom cabinets color ideas

Finally, painted cabinets give your bathroom an updated, high-end look without breaking the bank. Dated oak or worn white laminate cabinets quickly go from drab to fab with a coat of modern colored paint. The finished look will have your guests thinking you splurged on brand new designer cabinetry.

Planning Your Cabinet Paint Project

Selecting Paint Colors

When deciding what color to paint your bathroom cabinets, there are a few popular options to consider.

Whites and grays are classic, clean choices that never go out of style. Crisp bright white makes small bathrooms feel open and airy. Light grays work in both traditional and contemporary spaces. Go for an antique white for some warmth, or try a gray with faint blue undertones for a soothing vibe.

Blues and greens are also widely used in bathrooms, as they conjure up images of water and relaxation. Powder blue, sky blue, navy, aqua, seafoam green, and sage green are just some examples of the many shades available in these color families. Green is an especially versatile choice that pairs well with brass or wood accents.

If you want to make a bold statement, don’t be afraid to go for vibrant reds, sunny yellows, energetic oranges, or pretty in pink cabinets. These fun, fearless colors will make your bathroom the focal point of your home. Just be sure to coordinate accent colors carefully.

Here are 12 specific standout paint colors to consider for your bathroom cabinets:

  • Light Blue: Airy and peaceful
  • Navy Blue: Classic and nautical
  • Soft Green: Restful and soothing
  • Sage Green: Earthy and natural
  • Yellow: Cheery and upbeat
  • Red: Dramatic and daring
  • Pink: Playful and feminine
  • Purple: Regal and elegant
  • Black: Sleek and modern
  • Gray: Versatile neutral
  • White: Clean and bright
  • Two-Toned: Visual interest

Browse photos online or at your local paint store to see bathrooms with these cabinet colors. The options are endless, so have fun with it!

Prepping and Painting the Cabinets

Proper prep is crucial for getting great painted finishes on your bathroom cabinets. Here are the key steps:

First, remove all doors, drawers and hardware. Painting the cabinets in place on the wall is difficult. Take the doors and drawer fronts to a protected area for easier painting. Number pieces to keep them organized.

Thoroughly clean all cabinet surfaces with a deglossing cleaner or TSP substitute to remove grease and grime. This helps the paint adhere better. For a smooth finish, sand surfaces lightly to rough up the glossy layer.

Use a liquid deglosser on any slick or glossy cabinets to ensure the paint will stick. Then patch any nail holes, dents or damaged areas with wood filler and sand smooth.

Priming before painting is a must. Quality primer bonds well and provides a base layer that takes topcoat paint evenly. For best results, use separate primer and paint products.

When painting, apply at least 2-3 thin, even coats of high-quality cabinet paint, allowing proper dry time between coats as directed. Use an angled trim brush to paint cabinet frames and a small foam roller for doors and drawer fronts. Spray painting is faster but requires more prep.

Finally, once thoroughly dry, replace all hardware and restored doors/drawers to complete your colorful new cabinet makeover!

Design Ideas to Complement Your Fresh Cabinets

Your newly painted cabinets will look their best as part of a fully coordinated bathroom design. Here are some ideas:

Update other elements like flooring, wall tile, mirrors and lighting fixtures to match the style of your cabinets. For example, bold teal cabinets would pair well with white subway tile and brass finishes. Don’t leave elements in the space that clash with your new colors.

Add new hardware like knobs, pulls, and hinges in a finish that complements your cabinet color. Black, brass, nickel, and copper are popular choices. Update your faucets to match as well.

Incorporate pops of color through towels, rugs, shower curtains and accessories. Tie these accent pieces back to the cabinet color. For example, bring in reds and oranges with terra cotta tiles and towels if you have blue cabinets.

Mix in natural wood or marble textures and finishes to add warmth and contrast to painted cabinets. Wood shelving, framed mirrors, marble counters, and woven baskets work beautifully with colorful cabinetry.

Showcase your freshly painted cabinets with great lighting. Add undercabinet lighting, stylish pendants, and sconces to highlight your new colors. Natural light is ideal, so keep windows free of clutter.

Declutter countertops to prevent your beautiful painted cabinets from competing with too many accessories. Store away unnecessary items and regularly tidy up surfaces.

Your newly painted cabinets not only give your bathroom a fresh new look but also come with practical benefits.

Properly primed and painted cabinets are easy to keep clean and maintain. Simply wipe down with a soft cloth and mild cleaner as needed. The durable finish resists moisture, spills and grime.

The high-quality cabinet paint creates a hard, protective finish that will look great for years. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for longevity.

Updating your outdated cabinets by painting them yourself adds value and appeal to your bathrooms and home. It’s a budget makeover that makes a big impression.

Painted cabinets allow you to easily change up the look again down the road. Thinking of a new color? No problem! Just clean, lightly sand, prime, and paint again. It’s a weekend project when you’re ready for a change.

We hope you’ve been inspired to give your ho-hum bathroom cabinets a colorful makeover. With the right prep work and paint, you can easily transform them into the focal point of your space. Just have fun and choose a shade that showcases your style. Your bathroom will go from bland to beautiful in a fresh coat of paint!

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