12 Brilliant Kitchen Curtain Ideas to Showcase Your Sink Window

Kitchen curtains are often overlooked as a decorating element, but they can make a huge impact above your sink. Not only do they add style, but curtains provide privacy and light control. If you have a window above the sink, take advantage of this opportunity to showcase some fabulous curtain designs.

From ruffled tiers to patterned valances, there are endless possibilities. Whether your kitchen is traditional or modern, these brilliant ideas will inspire you to dress up your sink window!

Consider the Overall Style of Your Kitchen

Before choosing any curtain, it’s essential to think about the existing style of your kitchen. Is your decor more traditional with wood cabinets and antique accents? Or do you have a sleek, contemporary space with stainless steel and neutral tones?

The overall aesthetic of your kitchen should inform the type of sink window curtains you select. Your curtains can complement the decor or act as a statement piece, but they shouldn’t seem completely out of place.

Match Classic Kitchen Style with Traditional Curtains

For formal, traditional kitchens with an antique or cottage feel, choose curtains to match the old-world vibe. Luxurious gathered drapes, lace panels, chintz prints, and valances are right at home in classic kitchens.

kitchen curtain ideas above sink

Keep it Sleek and Modern with Simple Curtains

In minimalist, contemporary kitchens, the best curtains are fuss-free. Stick with solid colors in linen, cotton, or microfiber. For windows above the sink, cafe panels in a muted color allow light to filter in while maintaining privacy.

Choose the Right Fabric for Durability and Style

Not all curtain fabrics are created equal. In the high-traffic, splatter zone of the kitchen, you’ll want curtains made from durable, easy-to-clean fabrics.

Natural fibers like cotton and linen are excellent choices as they withstand moisture and can handle frequent washing. For a more luxurious look, select a polyester-silk blend. Stay away from high-maintenance fabrics like silk or satin unless they’ll be purely decorative.

The fabric determines how the curtains will look and function, so choose wisely!

CottonEasy to clean, breathable, durable
LinenCasual texture, wrinkles easily, durable
PolyesterColorfast, affordable, wrinkle-resistant
SilkLuxurious sheen, delicate, high maintenance

Get the Length Just Right

When it comes to sink curtains, proportion is key. You don’t want long curtains that could get wet or dirty. Instead, choose a length that falls just below the window sill – 18 to 24 inches is perfect.

Also consider the height of your window and sink. If they’re higher than usual, you may need slightly longer curtains. If in doubt, go with a classic cafe style that hits mid-window.

Measure Carefully for a Tailored Look

To get the perfect custom fit, measure the height of your window frame and mark where you want the rod to sit. Add your desired curtain length to determine total height. Keep width in mind too – multiply it by 2.5 to 3 times for fullness.

Explore These Brilliant Curtain Styles for Sink Windows

Once you have the basics covered, it’s time for the fun part – choosing a style! From ruffles to patterns and everything in between, here are 12 brilliant ideas to dress up your kitchen sink window.

Sweet and Sunny Cafe Curtains

Also called tier curtains, cafe styles are short and sweet. Typically measuring 12 to 24 inches, these curtains cover the bottom half of windows. They let in light while obscuring the view into your sink.

Opt for cute ruffled bottoms or a sunny yellow and white gingham print. Cafe curtains add personality without overwhelming a small sink window.

Soft and Romantic Ruffled Curtains

Ruffled curtains immediately create a soft, feminine vibe with their delicate gathered tiers. The cascading ruffles work beautifully as short sink curtains, or you can hang longer panels from a double rod.

White eyelet lace and floral cotton prints have a romantic cottage feel. For drama, go for bold ruffles in black or navy.

Sleek and Modern with a Double Curtain Rod

The luxurious look of a double rod instantly classes up any window. Have the best of both worlds with sheers and heavier drapes. Adjust them separately to control privacy and light.

In contemporary kitchens, hang simple crisp sheers over panels in neutral solids. Different textures like linen and velvet can make a stunning duo.

Make a Statement with Vivid Patterns

Tired of plain curtains? Inject major personality by hanging patterned fabric above your sink. Bold botanical prints, vibrant geometrics, or playful polka dots are guaranteed to liven things up.

Pair bright patterns with neutral walls and decor to keep the look balanced. This is an easy way to add an accent pop of color.

The Visual Interest of a Valance

Valances appeal to those seeking a more decorative curtain option. Positioned right above the window, a valance is like a headboard for your sink. It becomes a pretty focal point.

Choose tailored pleats or cascading swags. Coordinate fabrics like lace with satin for contrast. Combine a bright valance with simple cafe panels below.

Warm and Natural Linen Curtains

For an understated look with texture, try linen curtains in natural hues. The casual, rumpled texture of linen has tons of character.

In the kitchen, opt for medium-weight linen that provides privacy without blocking all light. Keep window framing visible by leaving sides uncovered.

Cloth Roller Blinds for Charm & Function

Roller blinds have a pulley system that rolls the blind up or down. Made of wood, bamboo, vinyl, or fabric, the blinds slide effortlessly to control light and privacy.

Pretty printed canvas blinds add personality while also protecting from grease splatters. Another option is roman blinds with soft folds when raised.

Farmhouse Chic with Tiered Curtains

To play up the cozy farmhouse vibe, try curtain tiers. The layers of ruffled fabric create the relaxed cottage look. Cotton, linen, or gingham prints seem fresh and casual.

Hang tiers alone as panels or pair them with a longer set of curtains. The options are truly endless and fun to mix and match.

Wood or Faux Wood Blinds

Blinds are a practical option for high-use kitchen windows. They’re customizable for privacy and easy to wipe down. Wood or faux wood blinds have a warm, inviting feel.

Look for adjustable slats so you can direct sunlight as needed. A blind is perfect if you want light control minus fabric to clean.

Bring It All Together with Coordinating Hardware

The hardware you choose completes the curtain look. Select rods, finials, and rings that coordinate with your overall aesthetic.

In modern spaces, stainless steel or sleek nickel rods have a clean-lined look. For farmhouse style, a chunky wood rod is charming. Go for wrought iron or brass rods and finials in traditional spaces.

Don’t be afraid to mix metallics like brass and chrome for extra personality.

Layer Different Styles for Maximum Impact

Why choose just one curtain idea when you can have two? Layering curtains with complementary designs and textures makes a statement.

Some chic combinations include:

  • A valance with cafe panels floating underneath
  • Sheers layered over opaque curtains
  • Tiers paired with a bold patterned curtain
  • Textured linen and sleek velvet

The options are endless, so embrace your creativity! Layering provides privacy and luxury in one fabulous look.

With so many options, from ruffles to patterns and everything between, the possibilities are endless when dressing up your kitchen sink window.

Whether your style is modern, bohemian, traditional or eclectic, the right curtains can enhance the space above your sink. They provide privacy while also making a stylish statement.

Use your sink curtains as an accent that brings your overall kitchen decor together. With this guide and a little creativity, you’ll find the perfect curtains to showcase your sink in style!

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