10 Gorgeous Granite Countertop Colors Trending for Kitchens Now

Granite countertops offer unparalleled beauty and durability for kitchen remodeling projects. With natural designs that are unique in every slab, granite provides a custom, high-end look. Its strength makes it ideal for heavy use in kitchens. Granite is also heat, scratch and stain resistant. With new color trends emerging, many homeowners find granite offers the perfect balance of style and practicality.

Choosing the right granite can be overwhelming with the extensive range of color options. Whether aiming for a light and airy ambiance or a bold, dramatic flair, there is a granite to complement your vision. Here we cover ten trending granite colors primed to make your kitchen shine.

White Granite

White granite evokes a clean, bright aesthetic perfect for kitchens craving a fresh twist. The versatility of white granite means it pairs beautifully with stainless steel, enamel, or wood cabinetry. Its lighter profile allows white granite to open up smaller spaces. The crisp backsplash formed with white granite prevents kitchens from feeling too heavy or closed in.

Soft beige and grey veining add subtle hints of texture and dimension. With a polished finish, white granite offers a refined yet casual elegance. Bianco Antico is an elegant white granite mimicking Carrara marble. River White granite has cloudy patterning with grey streaks evocative of white quartz. For vivid grey and black marbling, White Ice granite adds a striking flair.

Key Benefits of White Granite:

  • Bright, clean look
  • Matches any kitchen style
  • Makes small spaces appear larger
  • Lightens and opens up kitchens

Black Granite

For bold contrast, few materials top black granite’s dramatic impact. The deep, dark hue acts as a moody anchor point to build your kitchen design around. Black granite pairs perfectly with light cabinets and stainless steel appliances, providing the ideal backdrop to make these elements pop.

most popular granite colors for kitchen countertops

With a polished finish, black granite takes on an elegant gloss. The subtle personality of grey and white veining adds depth without detracting from its striking color. Absolute Black granite is an intensely dark black option perfect for achieving a sophisticated, modern aesthetic. Black granite offers a timeless, luxurious look with an air of mystery.

Key Benefits of Black Granite:

  • Bold, dramatic contrast
  • Matches with stainless steel and light cabinets
  • Has an elegant, upscale look
  • Makes a statement

Gold Granite

Warm up your kitchen with gold granite countertops emulating the richness of gold. From vibrant yellow to subtle beige, the spectrum of gold hues infuses kitchens with a welcoming radiance. The natural luminosity enhances lighting while the metallic gleam pairs ideally with brass fixtures and hardware.

New Venetian Gold granite is a premier choice, with its exquisite threading of gold, tan, black, and ivory resembling natural quartzite. The multidimensional color variations allow gold granite to complement diverse cabinetry and flooring. For old world charm, gold granite brings European style to modern kitchens.

Key Benefits of Gold Granite:

  • Warm, welcoming ambiance
  • Luxurious, gleaming finish
  • Matches with brass accents
  • Elegant, upscale look

Brown Granite

For organic appeal, brown granite delivers the essence of nature to your kitchen design. Prized for its earthy tones, brown granite exudes comfortable simplicity. The versatility of brown means it pairs well with different cabinet styles and accent colors from vivid green to calming blue.

Uba Tuba granite, originally quarried in Brazil, provides a quintessential brown granite look. Its swirling pattern incorporates hues like beige, copper and honey for added visual interest. Brown granite offset with crisp white subway tiles makes for a pleasing combination. The natural backdrop creates a cozy kitchen environment.

Key Benefits of Brown Granite:

  • Natural, organic aesthetic
  • Works with diverse color schemes
  • Warm, welcoming ambiance
  • Casual, relaxed look

Green Granite

Make a lively design statement with the vibrant flair of green granite. Its eye-catching colors act as a bold focal point to instantly modernize kitchen spaces. Green granite adds an unexpected pop of color that contrasts beautifully with warm wood cabinets and natural stone elements.

Verde Butterfly granite stands out with its bright green and beige patterning reminiscent of butterfly wings. For bolder black and green contrast, Emerald Pearl granite provides a striking combo. The organic colors of green granite infuse kitchens with an invigorating energy perfect for contemporary spaces.

Key Benefits of Green Granite:

  • Vibrant, lively color
  • Modern, contemporary look
  • Works nicely with warm wood tones
  • Introduces an unexpected pop of color

Blue Granite

The cool, soothing colors of blue granite offer a refreshing twist on kitchen design. From frosty blue hues to hints of turquoise, blue granite introduces a palette both vibrant yet serene. Its adaptable nature means blue granite complements both airy cottage-style kitchens as well as modern designs.

Azul Platino granite stands apart with its crystalline coloring in varied shades of blue, grey, and white resembling the night sky. Offsetting blue granite with warm wood cabinetry balances these elements beautifully. For coastal kitchen designs, blue granite evokes the essence of the sea.

Key Benefits of Blue Granite:

  • Cool, calming color scheme
  • Brings a touch of vibrancy
  • Ideal for coastal, beach aesthetic
  • Works well with warm wood tones

Purple Granite

Majestic purple granite surfaces enliven kitchens with their mesmerizing depth and luster. Ranging from deep eggplant to lilac with accents of silver and grey, purple granite makes a regal design statement. Its rich colors embody elegance when paired with glass cabinetry and brushed metal fixtures for modern flair.

Purple Silk granite is a premier choice featuring an exquisite blend of royal purple with wispy grey patterning. For vivid purple and blue tones, Midnight Star granite provides a cosmic ambiance. The right purple granite transforms kitchens into an artist’s dream with its stunning, gem-like colors.

Key Benefits of Purple Granite:

  • Regal, luxurious look
  • Lush, intriguing colors
  • Sophisticated flair
  • Matches with glass cabinets and metal

Red Granite

Red granite surfaces are smoldering centerpieces radiating passion, drama and intensity. Bolder reds infuse kitchens with heat and energy for a vibrant, daring appearance. When balanced with lighter neutral tones, red granite offers a bold yet refined look.

Rosso Alicante granite provides a quintessential red granite aesthetic with swirling veins of crimson, beige and black. The natural depth of color and sparkle creates visual interest. Pair red granite with cherry wood cabinets and matte black fixtures for a stunning contrast. Red granite brings the heat and personality to transform plain kitchens into the heart of your home.

Key Benefits of Red Granite:

  • Intense, passionate flair
  • Makes a dramatic statement
  • Brings vibrancy and energy
  • Works nicely with cherry wood cabinets

Gray Granite

Subtly sophisticated, gray granite surfaces provide an adaptable elegance perfect for modern transitional kitchen designs. Gray offers a versatile neutral backdrop to build your kitchen around. Its muted tones pair seamlessly with dramatic dark woods as well as crisp whites.

Steel Gray granite is aptly named for its steely tones threading silver, charcoal and tan for modern elegance. Gray granite paired with walnut cabinetry achieves a refined yet inviting look. For an urban chic kitchen, gray granite with glass tiles and chrome finishes creates a posh aesthetic.

Key Benefits of Gray Granite:

  • Sleek, refined appearance
  • Serves as a stylish neutral backdrop
  • Pairs nicely with dark and light woods
  • Ideal for modern transitional spaces

Multicolor Granite

For those desiring a truly unique look, multicolor granite delivers with its bursts of elaborate patterning resembling natural art. The random splashes of color resembling quartz, marble, and natural stone make for striking visual presence. Multicolor granite pairs well with neutral cabinetry to let its varied colors shine.

Labrador Antique granite exemplifies this style with its mingling of black, blue, gray, green and brown tones accented with snippets of gold. Multicolor granite surfaces with their unmatched personality are ideal statement pieces. Embrace your inner artist and let this visually arresting granite energize your kitchen.

Key Benefits of Multicolor Granite:

  • Unique, artistic personality
  • Visually striking and energetic
  • Makes a bold decorative statement
  • Complements neutral cabinetry

Choosing the Right Granite Color for Your Kitchen

With the extensive range of trending granite colors, selecting the perfect slab may seem daunting. But keeping your overall design vision in mind helps narrow down the options. Consider how factors like your cabinetry, flooring, backsplash and countertops play off each other. The goal is to strike the ideal balance between complementing and contrasting elements.

For example, white granite pairs beautifully with light oak cabinets and beige tile flooring for a seamless, elegant look. Black granite makes maple cabinets and grey slate flooring pop in contrast. Gold granite could match nicely with existing brass fixtures while providing warmth against cool stainless steel. Think about the atmosphere you wish to achieve and how to best make the granite colors enhance this style.

Also, mind the size and layout when choosing granite. Bold dark granite helps ground large open kitchens but may overwhelm a smaller galley space where soft beige is more suitable. Experts recommend selecting granite within the same color family as your cabinets and flooring for a cohesive effect. With strategic planning, you can utilize granite colors to realize your ideal kitchen vision.

Caring for Granite Countertops

Beyond endless design options, granite also provides unparalleled durability. The mineral composition makes granite highly resistant to scratching, chipping and heat. But proper care is still essential, especially with the growing popularity of open-pore granite which is more prone to absorbing liquids.

For day-to-day cleaning, use a mild soap and water solution avoiding harsh chemical cleaners. Baking soda offers a handy natural scrubbing agent to maintain luster. Pay close attention to spills, immediately wiping any liquids to prevent staining. For food prep, utilize cutting boards to protect the surface.

Sealing is highly recommended every 1-2 years for maximum protection, especially for more porous varieties. Reapplication provides a barrier resisting moisture and stains. Avoid abrasive scouring pads and instead use soft cloths when cleaning. Following these best practices preserves your granite’s flawless finish for years of enjoyment.

Granite countertops undeniably enhance kitchen designs with natural beauty, durability and endless customization. The latest granite colors from brilliant whites to bold reds expand possibilities for achieving your ideal aesthetic. Whether aiming for an airy brightness or daring drama, the perfect granite awaits.

Keep functionality in mind as well when selecting granite. But the good news is granite offers such extensive diversity; there is a color to complement virtually any cabinetry, flooring or decor style. Revitalize and personalize your kitchen with gorgeous granite countertops. Let the endless inspiration of nature’s beauty come to life in your own home.

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