What is the True Vertical Size of a 5 Gallon Bucket?

Last weekend, I embarked on an ambitious DIY project that required a dozen 5 gallon buckets. After some quick research online, I assumed grabbing the first 12 buckets at my local home improvement store would suffice. However, when I arrived home ready to get started, I realized the buckets varied slightly in height. While it didn’t completely derail my plans, it made me wonder – what is the true vertical size of a standard 5 gallon bucket?

In this post, we’ll take a detailed look at the typical height range of 5 gallon buckets. We’ll cover the standard measurements without a lid, as well as how lids can impact the total height. You’ll also learn about the different factors that cause small variations in sizing between brands and models. Let’s tackle this bucket sizing dilemma once and for all!

What is a Standard 5 Gallon Bucket?

First, let’s review some basics. A 5 gallon bucket is a cylindrical plastic or metal container that holds exactly 5 US gallons of liquid or material. It’s one of the most versatile items for DIY, storage, emergency preparedness, and more.

The capacity refers to the internal volume rather than the external dimensions. So while a standard 5 gallon bucket can hold 1,387 cubic inches or 5 gallons, its external height and diameter may vary.

The most standard height for a 5 gallon bucket without a lid is 12-14 inches. Diameter is usually around 12 inches at the base. The overall shape is cylindrical for optimal stability and stacking ability.

With these standard specs in mind, let’s look at why small variations in height exist between brands and models.

Typical Height Range of 5 Gallon Buckets

Although 12-14 inches is the expected norm, the exact height often ranges from 11-15 inches depending on the manufacturer.

For example, a Reliance 5 gallon bucket measures 14 inches tall. Many Homer brand buckets are 12.5 inches. Custom Line Pro Pak buckets are 15 inches tall. So while the variance seems small, an inch or two can make a notable difference depending on your project needs.

Why the Variations in 5 Gallon Bucket Height?

There are a few key reasons why 5 gallon bucket heights fluctuate slightly:

  • Differences in manufacturing molds and specifications
  • Custom sizes produced for specific functions
  • Metric versus US customary units

Each brand uses their own molds and specifications tailored to their manufacturing process. This accounts for small variations. Some brands also make custom sizes to suit specific use cases.

For example, some 5 gallon buckets are designed shorter to fit under commercial shelving or workspaces. Taller buckets are made to accommodate more headspace for certain materials. Buckets can also differ based on metric versus imperial units.

How Bucket Lids Change the Total Height

Another factor impacting the total height of a 5 gallon bucket is whether it has a lid. Let’s look at how lids change the measurements.

There are a few main lid types:

  • Solid lids
  • Lids with a screw ring
  • Gasket-sealed lids

Solid lids are one-piece tops that seal with the bucket rim. Ring lids screw onto the bucket to hold down a separate lid. Gasket lids use a rubber seal for an airtight fit.

When secured properly, lids generally add 1-2 inches to the bucket’s height. Locking lids that seal tightly can add even more. It’s important to account for this extra height if working in tight spaces.

Allowing Headspace with Lids

Headspace refers to the open space between the contents and the bottom of the lid. Leaving adequate headspace allows your materials to expand.

For example, water expands when frozen. So a bucket filled to the brim would cause the lid to bulge or pop off, creating a mess. For this reason, it’s recommended to leave 1-2 inches of headspace even if your bucket has a lid.

If your lid fits too tightly and leaves little headspace, it can damage the contents when they expand. So keep headspace in mind if maximizing the height of your 5 gallon bucket.

Other Factors Influencing 5 Gallon Bucket Height

While standard sizing is 12-14 inches, there are a few other variables that can impact 5 gallon bucket height:

  • Intended use and contents – Special sizes may be made if storing odd-shaped items.
  • Food-grade vs. regular plastic – Thicker food buckets add height.
  • Reinforced buckets – Added plastic or metal banding adds height.
  • Custom sizing – Some brands offer made-to-order sizes.

If your project has strict height requirements, check with manufacturers about custom options. Otherwise, allow for 1-2 inches of variance with standard buckets.

While most 5 gallon buckets are between 12-14 inches tall, the exact height can vary by over an inch depending on the brand. Factors like lids, headspace, contents, and custom sizing also impact the true vertical dimensions.

Hopefully this provides a helpful guide when purchasing buckets for your project needs. Always double check manufacturer specs if the height is a critical factor. With the right information, you can find 5 gallon buckets sized just right for the job.

The height of a 5 gallon bucket can vary based on the material it is made of. For example, a bucket made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) may be slightly taller than one made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE). This is because HDPE is a denser material, which can affect the weight and height of the final product.

The height of a 5 gallon bucket can also be affected by the thickness of the walls. A thicker wall will result in a taller bucket, as there is more material to work with. Conversely, a thinner wall may result in a shorter bucket, as there is less material to support the weight of the contents.

The height of a 5 gallon bucket can also be impacted by the presence of a handle. Some buckets have a handle molded directly into the side of the container, which can add an additional inch or two to the overall height. Other buckets have a separate handle that attaches to the side of the container, which can also add height.

The height of a 5 gallon bucket may also be affected by the type of lid used. A lid with a higher profile or deeper skirt can increase the total height of the bucket once secured.

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