Weave Cheerful Lemon Wreaths For A Bright Home Accent

Lemon wreaths have become an increasingly popular home decor accent in recent years. With their vibrant hue and zesty citrus scent, these lively wreaths can instantly brighten up any space.

Gather Your Materials

The first step in creating lemon wreaths is assembling your supplies. You can opt for fresh lemons for a more authentic and fragrant wreath, or faux lemons for an everlasting indoor accent. Either way, you’ll need:

  • Lemons – fresh or faux
  • Floral wreath form or frame
  • Floral wire, ribbon, raffia to attach lemons
  • Scissors, wire cutters
  • UV protection spray (for outdoor wreaths)

Collect any other embellishments you’d like to incorporate such as greenery, flowers, or herbs. Having all your materials prepped will make the wreath crafting process easy and enjoyable.

Preparing the Lemons

Once you’ve gathered your wreath-making supplies, it’s time to prepare the lemons. For fresh lemons, select ripe, vibrant ones with bright yellow skins. Gently wash the lemons, then pat them dry. To get tidy slices or spirals for your wreath, use a sharp knife and cut the lemons width-wise into rounds or length-wise into spirals about 1/4 inch thick.

If you want your fresh lemon wreath to last longer without drying out, try dehydrating the slices for a few hours before adding them to the wreath form. For faux lemons, simply separate any pre-sliced rounds or spirals from the stems.

lemon wreaths and home decor

Constructing the Wreath

Now comes the fun part – assembling your masterpiece! Start by securing a wreath form or frame. Next, using floral wire, attach lemon slices around the form, overlapping them slightly. Try weaving the slices in a circular pattern or alternating directions for visual interest. As you work, weave in sprigs of greenery, herbs, or flowers. For added texture, also incorporate raffia, burlap strips, or sheer ribbon.

Continue decorating your wreath by layering and intermixing your decorative elements. Feel free to get creative with different shapes, colors, and textures. The options are endless! When your lemon wreath design feels complete, finish by misting outdoor wreaths with UV protection spray to help preserve the wreath.

Displaying Your Creation

Now for the fun part – finding the perfect spot to showcase your handcrafted lemon wreaths! Most lemon wreaths are designed to be hung for optimal display. Try hanging yours on an exterior door, wall, fencing or post. For indoor wreaths, hang on walls, over cabinets or next to windows. You can also display lemon wreaths on tables, shelves or mantels.

Aim for prominent areas where the bright colors will pop. But make sure the location complements your existing decor. The wreath will look best when the style blends seamlessly. Change out your wreath seasonally or when you need a new burst of color.

Inspiring Design Ideas

The beauty of lemon wreaths is there are endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your design. Here are just a few ideas to inspire your inner craftsman:

  • Monochromatic magic: Stick to all lemon slices for a bold, vivid statement
  • Citrus twist: Incorporate orange, lime and other fruits along with lemons
  • Spring fresh: Weave in an array of fresh blooms and herbs for lively color
  • Boho chic: Use burlap, feathers, dried florals for an earthy style
  • Classic elegance: Accent with white flowers and ribbons for timeless appeal

You can also match your wreath to any theme or holiday. The options are limitless!

Follow these handy care and keeping tips to help your lemon wreaths look their best:

  • Mist faux wreaths with lemon oil periodically to refresh the scent
  • Use strong wire, thick ribbon for durability if wreath feels loose
  • Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to boost fragrance
  • Make mini wreaths using kids’ craft supplies for fun projects

You can make a lemon wreath with a little creativity and know how. We hope these tips have inspired you to start weaving and displaying your own cheerful lemon creations. No matter where you hang them, these handmade wreaths are sure to infuse any space with bright, lively style.

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