Wake Up to Style and Storage with an L-Shaped Breakfast Nook

Starting your day gathered around the breakfast table with loved ones is a joyful morning routine. But in many homes, lack of space can make it a challenge to create a dedicated breakfast nook. This is where an L-shaped breakfast nook with smart storage solutions can help. With an L-shaped design, you can maximize every inch while integrating storage that keeps items organized and accessible.

Let’s look at choosing the right size, storage solutions to consider, materials and finishes, style ideas, and more to create a breakfast nook that matches your personal flair.

Choose the Right Size L-Shaped Breakfast Nook

When planning your L-shaped breakfast nook, first look at the dimensions of your kitchen space. You’ll want enough room for seating without crowding the area or impeding workflow. Some standard measurements to consider:

l shaped breakfast nook with storage
  • Optimal nook depths for small kitchens range from 32-40 inches deep.
  • Ideal widths are often between 48-60 inches wide.
  • Allow at least 36 inches for walkways so you can easily move about.

You can also use a flexible measuring tape to map out different configurations with painter’s tape on the floor. This lets you test run the sizes in real space before committing.

Utilizing Vertical Space with Storage

One great advantage of L-shaped breakfast nooks is their ability to maximize vertical storage. Install tall, slim compartments that make use of height rather than taking up valuable floor space. You can store anything from cookbooks, baking pans, and small appliances to cleaning supplies, craft items, or kids’ toys. Backlighting or under cabinet lights are an easy way to showcase what’s inside.

Hideaway Storage Under Bench Seating

Another go-to storage solution is to incorporate hideaway compartments under the L-shaped bench seating. These can be open cubby spaces, drawers of varying sizes, or cabinets with doors that enclose the contents.

Popular items to keep handy include breakfast table settings, placemats and table runners, entertainment remotes or charging cables, and children’s art supplies or homework stations.

Secret Storage Inside Lift-Top Benches

For even more clandestine storage, choose lift-top benches that secretly conceal interior spaces. The bench cushion lifts up to reveal cleverly hidden storage areas. These are ideal for stashing baby gear, toys, or electronics you want out of sight but still easily accessible.

Multi-Functional Seating and Hidden Storage

You can also maximize storage and seating simultaneously with multi-purpose furniture pieces. Look for benches that actually open to expose interior compartments. Or select storage ottomans that do double duty–simply lift the padded top to access all kinds of items inside.

These solutions increase storage capacity without expanding the nook’s footprint. And switching out the bench cushions or ottoman coverlets allows you to change up the style with minimal effort.

Optimize Wasted Spaces

Even small voids around or under the breakfast nook can prove useful for tucking away items. Try installing a narrow bookcase or shelving unit at the end of the L-shaped bench. Or stash seasonal dishes or linens inside a low cabinet fitted beneath the nook’s overhang.

Getting creative with typically unused spaces adjacent to your breakfast nook opens up storage potential. Even a rolling cart tucked under the edge of an overhang can house coffee and breakfast supplies.

Customizable Storage Solutions

Look for L-shaped breakfast nook furniture that offers customizable storage. Adjustable shelves, multiple drawers, and removable cubbies or bins let you tailor the compartments to your needs.

For example, use a deep lower cabinet for large platters and serving dishes. Up above, shallower shelves neatly store smaller plates and teacups. Or insert slim divider panels to organize cooking utensils or craft supplies into organized sections.

Keep Items Accessible Yet Out of Sight

The key is keeping things handy but out of sight. Closed storage keeps kitchen tools or kids’ items from cluttering up the space. But features like pull-out shelves and rollout drawers make the contents easy to access as needed.

LABELING tip: Apply removable vinyl labels to identify bins or shelves. This keeps everyone organized.

Materials and Finishes

L-shaped breakfast nooks come in a variety of materials to match your personal style and kitchen design aesthetic.

Wood Types

Solid wood choices like oak, maple, and cherry exude natural warmth. Opt for woods with a smooth grain if you prefer painted or washed finishes.

  • Unfinished wood lets you stain to any hue for a custom look.
  • Painted wood finishes suit casual cottage aesthetics.
  • Whitewashed woods create an airy, beach-inspired vibe.

Metal and Plastic

For a sleek, modern aesthetic, metal and plastic nooks have an ultra-contemporary vibe. Durable finishes like chrome, matte nickel, or powder-coated enamels resist wear and tear.


Upholstered benches or ottomans lend plush comfort with tailored style. Tufted designs create a classic look, while bold patterns or textures add vibrance.

If possible, opt for eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, linen, jute, or vegan leathers in your L-shaped breakfast nook.

Additional Breakfast Nook Storage Ideas

Complement your L-shaped breakfast nook’s storage with handy organizational features placed strategically throughout the space:

  • Mounted wall racks or shelves
  • Under-cabinet racks to hold mugs or utensils
  • A hutch, china cabinet, or bookshelf module
  • Pretty baskets lining open shelving
  • Over-the-door hooks on nearby walls or cabinets

Position items you use daily within arm’s reach. Place lesser-used items further away to keep the most accessible areas clutter-free.

Style Your L-Shaped Breakfast Nook

The finishing touches complete your L-shaped breakfast nook’s style. Have fun decorating with accessories that showcase your personal flair!

Soft Touches

Plush pillows, cozy blankets, and window treatments add warmth. Play with different textures and patterns to create an inviting ambiance.


Overhead pendant lighting illuminates the tabletop while accenting your design scheme. Under-cabinet task lighting aids food prep.

Wall Decor

Consider a gallery wall display or strategically placed art pieces. Painted murals or wallpaper establish creative backdrops.


Bring nature indoors with potted plants, herbs, or a living wall garden. Greenery energizes the space.

Incorporate your nook into surrounding kitchen cabinetry for a cohesive look. Then have fun styling your personalized breakfast nook retreat!

An L-shaped breakfast nook with smart storage is a savvy way to carve out mealtime space even in the most compact kitchens. With an array of sizes, storage options, and stylish finishes available, you can create a breakfast nook that perfectly suits your family’s needs and design sensibilities.

Just be sure to accurately measure your kitchen footprint, consider multi-functional furniture, and incorporate specialized storage to keep the space organized. With some creative planning, you’ll soon be enjoying leisurely mornings and quality time around your kitchen table.

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