Upscale Your Kitchen with High End Tables (Buyer’s Guide)

A high end kitchen table serves as the stylish centerpiece for entertaining and family meals. Investing in a luxury dining table elevates your space with timeless design.

What Makes a Table “High End”?

Not all kitchen tables are created equal. True high end dining tables are characterized by:

  • Premium Materials – Exotic hardwoods, natural stone, hand-blown glass, and metals like brass and stainless steel create luxury appeal.
  • Quality Craftsmanship – Meticulous construction standards and artisanal details like joinery set high end tables apart.
  • Designer Brands – Recognizable names known for luxury furnishings increase value.
  • Custom Design – Options to personalize size, shape, materials make a statement.
  • Expensive Price Points – Superior materials and workmanship come at a cost.

High end kitchen tables match the quality of other luxury furnishings and fixtures in your home. They bring an elevated, heirloom level design sensibility to your space.

Benefits of Investing in a Luxury Table

Why splurge on a high end kitchen table when you can buy one online for a few hundred dollars? Here are the advantages of investing in an upscale dining table:

  • Heirloom Quality – Structurally sound, a luxury table will remain a showpiece for generations.
  • Visual Impact – Make a statement with a bold high end table that becomes the room’s focal point.
  • Customization – Tailor the size, shape, materials and details to your taste and needs.
  • Conversation Starter – An upscale table intrigues guests and makes entertaining more memorable.
  • Increased Home Value – Luxury furnishings increase a home’s worth and appeal to buyers.

For spaces you enjoy sharing with family and friends, a high quality table is a sound investment that will anchor the room for years.

high end kitchen tables

Popular Materials for High End Tables

The materials used in construction play a key role in luxury tables. Here are some popular options and their defining characteristics:


Exotic hardwoods like walnut, teak, mahogany, and oak are prevalent. Their natural grain patterns and warmth bring an organic, timeless look. Durable against daily wear-and-tear, wood comes in a range of finishes.


Natural stone surfaces like marble, granite, quartzite, and soapstone add elegance. Materials are chosen for their veining, luster and naturally occurring patterns that develop character over time. Stone offers a smooth, cool contrast to other textures.


Metals like brass, stainless steel, and wrought iron provide sleek contrast. The industrial edge of a steel or iron base plays against the softness of a wood top. Over time, patinas develop adding more dimension.


Adding a transparent glass tabletop creates lightness and space. The delicacy of detail in hand-blown glass makes a stunning impression. Glass inserts in a wooden base pair beautifully as well.

What to Look for in a Luxury Brand

When investing in a high end product, the name and reputation behind it matters. Seek out established brands known for:

  • Heritage – Longstanding companies have proven staying power and expertise.
  • Quality Materials – Only source from ethical vendors who value sustainability.
  • Skilled Craftsmanship – Evidence of meticulous construction and standards.
  • Consistency – Signature style across collections and years.
  • Customization – Offer made-to-order services and personalization.
  • Versatility – Provide both traditional and contemporary styles to suit varying tastes.
  • Investment Quality – Worth the initial spend and maintain value over time.

Luxury brands charge premium prices because they adhere to uncompromising quality benchmarks. This ensures your table will impress for generations.

Key Design Elements of High End Tables

What really makes a luxury kitchen table stand apart is the details. Look for design elements like:

  • Mixed Materials – Combining contrasting materials creates visual interest. A marble topped pedestal with black metal base makes a statement.
  • Unique Shapes – Reject basic rectangle and oval shapes for creative silhouettes like a kidney, leaves or soft oblong.
  • Bold Bases – Sculptural legs or pedestals in raw metal or natural wood shapes become artistic focal points.
  • Extension Capability – Insertable leaves allow tables to expand to welcome extra guests.
  • Special Details – Hand inlaid designs, intricate carvings, exotic veneers and special finishes up the luxury appeal.

These nuances reflect meticulous craftsmanship and design ingenuity, taking a functional table to an artful masterpiece.

How Much Do Luxury Kitchen Tables Cost?

Given the premium materials and craftsmanship involved, high end kitchen tables range dramatically in price. You can expect to invest anywhere from:

  • $3,000 – $5,000 for a table from an established luxury brand made of quality wood or stone.
  • $5,000 – $10,000 for more exotic mixed media tables combining metals, thicker slabs of marble, hand-blown glass, and intricate craftsmanship.
  • $10,000+ for brands like Restoration Hardware’s RH Atelier Collection featuring one-of-a-kind antique reclaimed materials and artisanal production.

Prioritize quality construction and the longevity of materials over size. A meticulously crafted 60″ table beats a cheaply made 84″ table every time. Bear in mind extension capabilities can increase seating when needed for special occasions.

Consider making a statement with your base selection where unique mixed media components and sculptural shapes may increase costs. Balance that with a simple timeless wooden top in a classic rectangle or oval shape to keep the focus on the base without inflating the budget.

Setting the Table – Decor that Complements

Once you’ve selected your high end table, choose decor elements that enhance its style:

  • China, glassware and flatware – Complement patterns and metal finishes.
  • Table linens – Pair minimally with glass or stone tops and use textures like linen or lace to soften wood.
  • Centerpieces – Low floral arrangements and candles create mood.
  • Lighting – Chandeliers, pendants and sconces boost ambiance.

Anchor the table with an area rug underneath. Select seating and side chairs that match the sophistication of your table’s style. This thoughtful styling creates a cohesive luxury aesthetic.

Getting the Right Fit – Measuring for Your Space

When investing in a luxury table, you’ll want it to remain in your home for years. Avoid selecting a size too specific for your current space in case you move. Instead focus on standard versatile sizes and extension capabilities.

Leave enough room for seating and traffic flow. Allow for 42-48 inches minimum per seating side. Measure entryways to ensure delivery feasibility.

Here are typical dimensions for common shapes:

  • Round – 60-84 inches in diameter
  • Square – 60-72 inches
  • Rectangle – 60-84 inches long and 36-48 inches wide
  • Oval – 60-96 inches long and 42-54 inches wide

Extendable tables offer flexibility – a 60 to 84 inch expands to 96 or 120 inches with inserted leaves. This conveniently accommodates large parties when needed.

Inawkward layouts, round tables can angles and corners better versus cumbersome rectangles. Customized tables accommodate unique measurements or angles where standard sizes won’t.

Where to Shop for Luxury Tables

Find an inspired high end kitchen table through:

  • Online luxury brands – Companies like Restoration Hardware allow you to order directly online.
  • Furniture showrooms – Try designer brands Picket House Furnishings, Theodore Alexander for inspiration.
  • Auctions and antiques – Discover one-of-a-kind reclaimed timber or stone tables.
  • Interior designers – Hire a professional to have a table custom built.

If buying online, study images closely for craftsmanship details. For custom work, check examples of past designer work to ensure it fits your style. Travel to showrooms or auctions in person when possible to inspect quality firsthand before purchasing.

The right high end kitchen table makes an impact. A luxury table signals you value quality craftsmanship and believe in furniture that lasts. For families that regularly congregate in this space, it’s an investment that graces your daily life.

By now you’re fluent in the hallmarks of heirloom level tables. You recognize premium materials, quality construction and striking silhouettes when you see them. Combining this discernment with our tips will lead you to the perfect fit. So go ahead – make the ultimate luxury statement in your kitchen with confidence.

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