Unexpected Under Deck Ideas to Enhance Backyard Style

If you have a deck in your backyard, you may be overlooking valuable space underneath that could allow you to expand your living area and boost your home’s style. While many homeowners use basic lattice panels or tacky tarps to conceal this area, you can transform it into an attractive and functional asset with the right under deck ideas. From storage solutions to built-in seating, lights, and green walls, innovative under deck skirting and design can take your outdoor oasis to the next level.

Why Add Skirting Under Your Deck?

You may wonder why it’s worth putting effort into decorating the underside of your deck. There are several compelling reasons:

under deck skirting ideas
  • Conceal unsightly structural elements like concrete piers or exposed joists and beams. This gives a cleaner look.
  • Create additional living or storage space to expand the functionality of your backyard.
  • Enhance your overall backyard appearance with attractive design features.
  • Add unique lighting, plant walls, artwork or architectural elements.
  • Keep out moisture, prevent erosion, and stop pests from nesting under the deck.

With creative under deck skirting ideas, you can add privacy, weather protection, storage solutions, lighting, and aesthetic appeal. This transforms wasted space into valuable real estate, allowing you to get the most out of your property.

Popular Materials and Options

If you decide to spruce up the area under your deck, there are countless material options. Popular choices include:

  • Wood panels or lattice for a natural, earthy aesthetic
  • PVC or composite wraps that resist weathering and require little maintenance
  • Faux stone or brick finishes that mimic the look of traditional masonry at a lighter weight and lower cost
  • Vinyl or metal siding panels that are budget-friendly and easy to install
  • Integrated storage solutions like cabinets, hooks, shelves and utility stands
  • Custom built-in seating with storage areas concealed neatly underneath

With this wide range of materials and design options, you’re limited only by your imagination. You can create stylish spaces for storage, entertaining or just enjoying some alone time in a secluded nook. Under deck areas provide the perfect versatile canvas.

Key Design Considerations


Since your under deck skirting will be visible from certain backyard vantage points, aesthetics are important. Some key considerations include:

  • Select colors and materials that complement your home’s exterior and overall backyard style
  • Incorporate lighting features or hanging plants to add visual interest
  • Aim for a cohesive flow between deck and ground-level design elements


While looks are key, your under deck area also needs to work on a practical level:

  • Allow adequate ventilation to prevent moisture buildup and associated wood rot or mold growth
  • Take measurements and maximize usable space for furnishings, storage stands or other amenities
  • Weatherproof storage areas to shield items from rain, snow and other elements as needed
  • For properties with sloped landscapes, ensure proper drainage and account for pitch in stand or seating placement

Privacy Benefits

Under deck skirting can also boost privacy in your backyard, creating a greater sense of seclusion. Some advantages include:

  • Visually shielding gathering areas underneath the deck from neighbors’ sight lines or external noise
  • Preventing small pets or children from wandering beyond backyard borders if you have an unfenced property

Enhance Overall Style

From rustic and earthy to sleekly modern, under deck skirting can complement any aesthetic. Get inspired with these ideas tailored to popular decorative motifs:

Rustic Looks

For a cozy, country style:

  • Showcase natural wood’s gorgeous grains and textures with panels, lattice and timber accents
  • Incorporate faux stone finishes as accent walls or decorative trim details
  • Hang wrought iron lantern lights for an inviting glow during backyard gatherings

Modern Options

To embrace contemporary style:

  • Select sleek grey composite decking skirting or brushed metal panels
  • Incorporate hidden LED strip lighting to indirectly illuminate the space
  • Embrace angular and asymmetric shapes with tiered deck levels, creative plant arrangements or custom seating

Mixed Media Ideas

For an eclectic blended aesthetic:

  • Combine multiple textures like wood planks, stone veneers and living green walls
  • Contrast black window frames against whitewashed brick backdrops
  • Incorporate unexpected shapes like globe pendant lights or curved benches

The design options for under deck areas are virtually unlimited. Visit some backyard landscaping sites, houzz.com, and Pinterest for more inspiration on materials and layouts suited to your preferred motif.

Budgeting and Installation Tips

Bringing your under deck ideas to life does involve some investment. Some things to factor:

  • Professional installation of custom skirting systems can run $25-$50 per linear foot
  • Save substantially with DIY lattice panels or pre-fab kit sets
  • Learn proper practices for optimal pitch/drainage to avoid flooding or moisture damage
  • Get creative with unique shapes using inexpensive materials like plywood or salvaged items

If hiring a contractor, get quotes from 3-4 deck specialists outlining material and labor costs. Be sure to ask about timeline expectations, warranty coverage, and final visualization renderings so there are no surprises.

Storage and Accessibility Considerations

To enjoy your under deck space fully, ensure it meets your storage and access needs with features like:

  • Built-in shelving, utility hooks, cabinets and storage benches to organize outdoor living items
  • Carefully measure spacing and dimensions to confirm storage pieces and furnishings fit
  • Easy-access doors that slide or pivot open without blocking walking paths
  • Heavy-duty rolling storage that pulls out for convenient access

Also check local building codes for specifics on railing height, ventilation requirements, and restrictions on permanent structures based on your property zoning.

Adding Lighting and Other Details

To put the final polish on your new under deck entertaining zone:

  • Strategically place accent lighting like spotlights or path illumination for ambiance and safety
  • Embrace creative plant arrangement ideas like vertical gardens or hanging ferns
  • Incorporate custom metal artwork, wind chimes or other decorative elements

Let your personality shine through to create a one-of-a-kind exterior living space perfect for relaxing and connecting with friends and family.

Hopefully the possibilities sparked some inspiration for breathing new life into your under-utilized deck space. Don’t limit yourself to basic skirting and storage! With ingenious design that captures your unique style, this area can provide the perfect conversation piece for backyard gatherings.

What unexpected under deck ideas captured your imagination? Gather inspiration images, measure your deck footprint carefully, and create a wishlist to slowly bring your vision to reality. Incorporating a few fabulous focal points at a time allows you to save up and invest in the details that matter most.

Before you know it, you’ll have a fully-furnished secret garden area perfect for parties, playtime and peaceful solitude without the hassle of yard maintenance. Stop concealing this valuable real estate and start showcasing it!

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