Uncover the Benefits of Top Shield Ice & Water Products

Ice dams and roof leaks can cause extensive and costly damage to homes. Having a reliable ice and water barrier installed beneath your shingles is crucial to protect vulnerable areas and prevent water backup. This is where Top Shield Ice & Water products come in.

Top Shield offers premium roofing accessories, including two top-performing underlayment options: TopShield(r) G300 and GS PRO Ice & Water. Both serve as reinforced, self-adhering membranes to shield the roof deck from moisture infiltration. Keep reading to learn about the key features and proper installation of these advanced ice and water barriers.

What is Top Shield Ice & Water?

Overview of Top Shield Brand

Top Shield provides residential roofing materials and accessories, specializing in leak prevention solutions. Their product line aims to safeguard roofs through weatherproofing technology and robust construction.

Two Main Underlayment Products

The Top Shield Ice & Water shield system features two self-adhesive underlayment products:

  • TopShield(r) G300 Ice and Water: Glass fiber reinforced underlayment with mineral granules for skid resistance.
  • GS PRO Ice and Water: Similar membrane but with embedded aggregate on surface for enhanced grip.

Key Features and Benefits

Self-Adhering Ability

Top Shield underlayments feature a factory-applied adhesive backing so no permanent fasteners are necessary for application. They stick directly to the roof deck, allowing for faster and easier installation.

top shield ice and water

Reinforced Waterproof Membrane

These products consist of robust, woven glass fiber mats that are coated with waterproof asphalt. This reinforced material provides durability to resist damage while shedding water.

Extra Grip Properties

The surface finishes of the products improve traction:

  • G300 uses mineral granules that provide skid resistance, especially important on sloped roofs.
  • GS PRO has an embedded ceramic-coated aggregate that creates extra grip to prevent slippage.

Recommended Areas of Use

Top Shield underlayments excel at protecting vulnerable spots on the roof that are prone to ice dams or wind-driven rain infiltration. Such areas include:

  • Eaves
  • Rake edges
  • Overhangs
  • Valleys
  • Ridges
  • Hips
Vulnerable Roof AreaUnderlayment Function
EavesPrevent ice dam backup and moisture entry
Rake EdgesSeal edges where water could infiltrate from wind

Proper Installation Techniques

Surface Preparation

Proper surface prep ensures secure membrane adhesion. The deck should be smooth, clean, and dry before application. Fasten any loose decking material and sweep away debris.

Application Tips

When installing, peel back the underlayment’s release film to activate the adhesive. Press firmly into place but avoid stretching. Ambient temperature impacts adhesion ability–follow product guidelines for best performance.

Sealing the Edges

For full coverage, seal all slate and shingle edges using manufacturer adhesive strips. This encapsulates and protects roof elements like dormers, vent pipes, chimney bases, and skylights.

Primary Applications

Under Slate or Asphalt Shingle Roofs

While enhancing weather protection, Top Shield underlayments will not interact or cause staining issues when placed below slate or asphalt shingle roofs. The products’ durable materials ensure the roofing above remains securely in place.

Around Roof Elements

Applying ice and water barrier around the base of dormers, chimneys, vent stacks, and other rooftop elements provides critical flashings protection against moisture damage.

Solutions for Common Roof Problems

Ice Dams

Ice dams occur when snow on the upper roof starts to melt and refreezes at the eaves, causing water backup. Top Shield membranes provide an enhanced ice barrier to prevent this roof-destroying issue.

Wind-Driven Rain

Heavy winds can blow rain sideways under shingles. Top Shield waterproof underlayments safeguard vulnerable areas from moisture ingress during intense storms like hurricanes.

Old, Worn Shingles

On aging roofs with warped, cracked shingles, Top Shield products offer added leak protection from precipitation and moisture entry while re-roofing takes place.

Additional Top Shield Roofing Products

Related Accessories

Top Shield also provides associated ice and water barrier installation accessories. These include lap sealants for watertight membrane joints and termination bar fasteners to properly finish underlayment edges.

Other Underlayment Options

Top Shield offers several underlayment product lines featuring different surface materials and coatings. Compare options like aluminum-coated membranes and fiberglass-reinforced felts to choose the best fit for your roofing needs and climate conditions.

Now that you’re familiar with the unmatched benefits of Top Shield Ice & Water barriers, it’s time to take action. Assess your roof’s vulnerability, obtain contractor quotes for installation services, and purchase the needed products to keep your home reliably protected, come rain or snow.

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