Transform Your Kitchen Workspace with a Stylish and Functional Ruggable Runner

The kitchen is often the busiest and messiest room in the house. From food prep to cooking to cleaning, the floors take a real beating. Which is why utilizing a rug runner in the kitchen can provide some much-needed protection and comfort underfoot. But not just any kitchen rug will do. You need one that can withstand daily wear and tear–liquid spills, crumbs, pet accidents–and still look great.

Ruggable rug runners check all the boxes for performance and style. With their patented two-piece system featuring a removable, washable rug cover and cushy rug pad, these runners are ideal for kitchens. Keep reading as we cover why a Ruggable kitchen runner should be at the top of your home upgrade wishlist.

ruggable runner for kitchen

Key Benefits of Using a Kitchen Rug Runner

It may seem like a simple addition, but rug runners offer a range of helpful benefits that can enhance your kitchen decor and function. Here are some of the top perks.

Adds Style and Visually Defines the Workspace

An attractive rug runner creates a decorative focal point in your cooking zone. It enhances the overall aesthetic by adding color, texture, and visual interest. Rug runners also help define and delineate your main workspace within the larger kitchen. This sense of boundary makes the space feel more intimate and put-together.

Provides Comfort and Cushioning Underfoot

Being on your feet for hours while cooking and cleaning can take a toll. A plush rug runner offers comfortable cushioning that’s soft on joints and legs. The texture is cozy yet supportive, providing relief compared to hard flooring materials like tile, wood, or laminate.

Protects Flooring from Spills, Cracks, Scratches

From red wine spills to olive oil drips, kitchens see no shortage of liquid messes and stains. A rug runner creates a protective barrier between your bare floors and these kitchen mishaps. The rug absorbs impact to prevent cracks and scratches in flooring as well.

Offers Convenience of Easy Cleaning

Machine washable kitchen runners are a game changer for flooring maintenance. No more scrubbing stubborn stains out of a rug on your hands and knees. Simply toss your Ruggable runner into the washing machine or take it to a laundromat. No special equipment or vacuuming is required.

Reduces Noise and Adds Insulation

Hard surfaces like tile, laminate, and wood tend to amplify noise from footsteps, cabinets slamming, and appliances. A kitchen runner helps muffle these sounds for a quieter cooking environment. The rug also provides a layer of insulation against cold floors.

Non-Slip Safety and Traction

Kitchens demand sturdy footing to prevent slips, especially when surfaces are wet. Ruggable runners come with a non-slip rug pad on the bottom to grip floors securely. This gives you extra traction even with socks on. No more sliding across the floor!

What to Look for in a Kitchen Rug Runner

Kitchen rug runners need to check several boxes to handle the demands of heavy daily use. Here are top considerations as you shop.

Washable and Stain Resistant Materials

The rug you choose needs to stand up to spills, drips, mud, and pet accidents while enabling easy washing. Natural fibers like cotton and wool are machine washable, as are synthetic polypropylene or polyester. Stain resistant treatment helps liquids bead up rather than absorbing.

Durable and Strong Construction

A kitchen runner sees a lot of traffic, so durability is a must. Look for tightly woven constructions that won’t unravel or shed fibers easily. Low pile rugs are better at trapping dirt below foot level. Avoid more delicate braided or high-pile rugs prone to damage.

Sizes to Fit Your Kitchen Workspace

Take measurements of your space to find a rug size that best suits your needs. Focus on high traffic areas like in front of the stove, sink, or fridge rather than sizing for the entire kitchen. Standard width options include 2.5, 4, or 6 feet.

Colors, Patterns and Textures

Choose rug colors and patterns that complement your existing kitchen color scheme and flooring. Busy patterns can help conceal stains. Neutral jute, sisal, geometric, or braided rugs suit many kitchen decors. Prioritize durability and functionality over flashy looks.

Non-Slip Backing for Safety

A quality kitchen rug runner should come with a non-slip rubber backing or attached gripper pad. This prevents the rug from sliding around on smooth floors when you walk on it. Slip resistance is a must for wet kitchen conditions.

Affordable Pricing and Value

Kitchen rug runners tend to cost a bit less than standard sized rugs. Make sure to balance cost savings with durability to ensure a long lifespan and daily value from your investment. Replace cheaply made rugs more often.

Why Ruggable Runners Are Ideal for Kitchens

Ruggable’s innovative kitchen rug runners check all the functionality boxes. Plus, they add a healthy dose of style. Here’s a closer look at what makes them excel in the kitchen.

Machine Washable and Stain Resistant

The removable rug cover unzips from the rug pad and can be tossed in any washing machine without hassle or special care. Spin cycles extract liquids and grime that might permanently set into other rug fabrics. Stain resistant treatment allows spills to beads up rather than absorbing.

Cushioned Comfort Backing

Ruggable’s thick memory foam backing provides unbeatable comfort and support. Your feet and legs stay pampered even during long food prep or cooking sessions. The cushioning also helps insulate from cold hard floors.

Durable Enough for Heavy Use

Tightly woven polypropylene fiber construction gives Ruggable runners exceptional durability. They won’t loosen, unravel or shed excessively when subjected to heavy daily use in the kitchen. Quality craftsmanship supports longevity.

Stylish Designs and Patterns

Choose from modern geometric prints, whimsical florals, classic braided, and textured jute designs. Bold patterns like chevron or buffalo plaid help conceal stains. Find the perfect complement to your existing kitchen design scheme.

Reasonable Price Point for the Value

Ruggable kitchen runners offer an affordable price point, especially compared to other machine washable rug brands. The upfront investment pays dividends over time thanks to their durability and daily performance. Easy care also saves money.

The Ruggable Difference

Ruggable’s patented two-piece system sets them apart from typical one-piece rugs. The removable, washable rug cover affixes securely to the grippy rug pad below. Together this system was designed specifically with kitchens and high-traffic areas in mind.

Tips for Selecting the Right Size Ruggable Kitchen Runner

Choosing the best size rug runner comes down to taking careful measurements of your space. Keep these tips in mind.

Measure Your Exact Workspace Area

Focus on sizing your Ruggable runner to high traffic zones like in front of the kitchen sink or stove. Measure between cabinets, appliances, and countertops. You likely don’t need a runner sized to the entire kitchen floor.

Allow for Pulling Out Chairs and Opening Appliances

When taking measurements, add an extra few inches of clearance all the way around the rug. This prevents tripping on rug edges when pulling out chairs or opens fridge doors. Corner slippage accidents will also be avoided.

Standard Width Options

Ruggable kitchen runners come in convenient standard widths like 2.5 feet, 4 feet, and 6 feet. Choose the option that best suits your traffic areas and existing layout. Many galley kitchens do well with a 2.5-4 foot width.

Consider Existing Kitchen Measurements

Take into account the dimensions of your current kitchen floor plan when sizing, so rug edges don’t end up overlapping onto other types of adjacent flooring. A proportional sized rug can complement the existing shape and flow.

Caring for and Maintaining a Ruggable Kitchen Runner

Caring for your Ruggable runner helps preserve quality and extend its lifespan. Follow these maintenance tips.

Follow Washing Instructions Carefully

Always reference Ruggable’s care instructions for washing. In general, wash in cold water on a gentle cycle using a mild detergent. For stubborn odors add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. Always air dry completely flat to prevent damage to the rug shape.

Immediately Clean Spills and Stains

Act quickly when spills happen before they have a chance to set into the fibers. First, blot liquids gently with a dry towel to soak up as much as possible. Then spot treat set-in stains with a mild detergent and cold water, gently scrubbing.

Rotate Regularly to Distribute Wear

To prevent uneven fading and wear patterns on your runner, periodically rotate the direction or swap the ends around. Simply shifting which side faces the sink or stove monthly extends lifespan.

Vacuum Often to Prevent Dirt Buildup

Regular vacuuming not only keeps your Ruggable runner looking fresh, but it also extends its durability. Use a vacuum with a beater bar brush head to lift ground-in dirt and debris stuck below top fibers.

Consider Placement of Rug Pads

For hard floors, use a non-slip rug pad beneath the entire rug for added cushioning and grip. This helps prevent shifts, bunching, and corners flipping up. Anchor rug pads specifically made for Ruggable are best.

Customization for Style and Function

Ruggable offers various customization options that allow you to put a personal spin on your kitchen runner. Choose the size, color, pattern and materials that best serve your space and taste.

Size Options

Ruggable has expanded their selection of runner sizes beyond standard widths. Choose narrow 15-inch widths for tight spaces or extend up to 9-foot lengths for larger kitchens. Or get a custom size made to your exact measurements.

Colors and Patterns

Express your unique style by choosing from Ruggable’s ever-evolving palette of colors and prints. Vintage boho florals, modern geometrics, classic stripes, preppy plaids–the options are truly endless. Mix and match to other kitchen decor.

Materials and Textures

In addition to polyester and polypropylene, Ruggable offers runners made from natural fibers like jute and cotton. Play with texture contrasts against your existing floors. The nubby loop pile of jute rugs adds rustic charm.


For the ultimate custom rug, choose Ruggable’s Signature Collection. Add your own name, meaningful date, or short phrase like “Eat, Drink, Be Merry” to a runner using machine embroidery for a personalized accent.

Upgrading your kitchen with a Ruggable rug runner brings both stylish design and essential function to your workspace. Between the easy care, machine washable convenience and customizable color and size options, Ruggable takes the stress out of choosing a durable kitchen floor covering. Give your floors an affordable facelift with the perfect kitchen runner for your cooking and cleaning needs.

For less maintenance, less money, and loads more versatility, Ruggable can’t be beaten. Browse our wide selection of kitchen rug runners to find the perfect fit for your space today!

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