Tired Of Ill-Fitting Curtains? Get It Right With 64 Inch Lengths

Are you fed up with curtains that are too short or too long for your windows? Getting the length right is key to making your curtains look and function their best. After years of hit-or-miss curtain purchases, we’ve found that 64 inches tends to be the ideal length for most standard window sizes.

Measure Your Windows Properly

The first step is accurately measuring the height of your windows. This ensures you purchase curtains long enough to properly cover the window. Here’s how to measure correctly:

  • Use a steel tape measure for maximum accuracy. Cloth measuring tapes can stretch over time.
  • Measure from the very top of the window frame down to the sill. Round down to the nearest whole inch.
  • If your windows are close to 60-62 inches high, 64 inch curtains will be an ideal length.

Account For Curtain Stack Height

One factor many forget is that curtains gather when they are opened. This stacked height needs to be accounted for:

  • Allow 2-3 inches of height above the window frame for the gathered curtain stack.
  • So if your windows are 60 inches high, 64 inch length curtains will still provide full coverage.

Purchase 64 Inch Lengths Specifically

When shopping for curtains, pay close attention to the listed lengths. Some manufacturers will round measurements, using lengths like “63 inches.”

Instead, look for curtains that are:

curtains 64 inches long
  • Precisely 64.0 inches for true floor length.
  • Double check length with seller if not indicated.

Choose A Lined Curtain For Durability

Lined curtains might cost a bit more, but we highly recommend them for 64 inch long curtains. Here’s why:

  • Unlined curtains wear faster and start to sag over time.
  • Match lining type to needs – blackout vs. light filtering.
  • Fully lined curtains maintain shape and hang neatly longer.

Opt For A Double Grommet Hem

The hem style affects appearance and function:

  • Double grommet hems have two rows of grommets for stability.
  • Provides more support for long 64 inch curtains.
  • Helps curtains hang cleanly when opened.

Get Extra Wide Curtains

For proper coverage, purchase curtains wider than your window:

  • Choose curtains 2 to 3 inches wider to prevent light gaps.
  • Wider panels also have a fuller, luxurious look.

Allow For Proper Curtain Rod Length

Don’t forget to get a curtain rod that fits!

  • Extend rod 2 to 3 inches past the window edges.
  • Purchase a rod at least 4 inches longer than the curtains.
  • For 64 inch curtains, a 68 to 72 inch rod works best.

Following these tips will help you finally get gorgeously long, flowing curtains. 64 inches tends to work perfectly for standard window sizes. Next time you’re shopping for curtains, look for this ideal length. Carefully measured windows and curtains, with attention to detail, will give you a picture-perfect fit.

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