Tiny Bathroom? Discover Where to Stash Essentials in Style

Trying to cram storage into a small bathroom while maintaining a stylish aesthetic can feel next to impossible. With some clever solutions, we’ll show you how to effortlessly tuck away all those toiletries and tools that clutter precious square footage.

By rethinking existing space and selecting streamlined furniture shapes sized for your tiny washroom, you can infuse both form and function. Read on to learn expert strategies any homeowner can use to maximize their microscopic bath.

Measure Your Bathroom Corner Precisely

Before shopping for the perfect corner table, accurately measuring the parameters of the available area is a crucial first step. This ensures you select a piece tailored to the unique dimensions of your bathroom that suits the layout instead of overcrowding the room.

Tools NeededTape measure, pen & paper for noting measurements
What to MeasureWidth, height, depth and any quirks or irregularities of corner area

Be sure to measure from multiple angles, as older homes often deviate from perfect 90 degree corners. Carefully track the narrowest and widest points. Also indicate the location of existing plumbing, electrical outlets, medicine cabinets or any other built-in elements in proximity to the corner you want to place a table.

small corner table for bathroom

Having these precise measurements on hand allows you to shop for a scaled piece that fits the space properly. Rather than eyeballing it, get the exact numbers to ensure your purchase won’t be too cramped or stick out awkwardly.

Style Considerations for Your Small Bathroom

Aesthetic Goals

Before shopping table options, decide what overall aesthetic best suits your tiny bath. Is your style modern and sleek or traditional with some coastal vibes? Consider what mood you want to evoke and make a list of some descriptive words to guide the search.

Also assess what tone the rest of your bathroom design features. You’ll want your new corner table to complement existing style elements rather than clash. If your hardware and fixtures boast brushed gold, stick to similar metallic finishes or neutral wooden tones for cohesion.

Materials & Finishes

Small corner tables come in a range of materials like wood, metal, glass, ceramic or even woven baskets. Consider the pros and cons of each for placement in a humid bathroom prone to moisture and condensation.

  • Wood exudes warmth but requires diligent sealing
  • Metal offers industrial edge but can show water spots
  • Glass looks lightweight but necessitates vigilant cleaning
  • Ceramic withstands moisture but can chip if knocked
  • Woven baskets provide texture but not stability

Alternatively, explore plastic-based laminates that fuse decorative melamine or acrylic sheets to a moisture resistant MDF or plywood core. This achieves the look of pricier materials minus the high maintenance.

Once you land on the right material, decide whether to match existing fixtures and faucets or make a statement with an eye-catching contrasting finish. This small piece packs a decorating punch so have fun with it!

Space Saving Design Elements

When evaluating corner table options, carefully consider the inclusion of built-in storage elements like cabinets, shelves, drawers and other space saving design details. Not only do these streamline a piece’s functionality but they can also reduce visual bulk.

Multi-functional furniture that pulls double duty such as a table that boasts a towel bar or mirror neatly incorporated suits tiny bathrooms swimming in stuff but starved for space. Remember – every inch counts!

Choose the Right Table Shape & Size

Common Shapes

Corner tables come in a variety of useful shapes and sizes suitable for cramped quarters. While round or oval options maximize precious floor space with their compact silhouette, angular square or rectangular pieces typically offer more storage capacity.

For a unique flair, explore sculptural options featuring unusual shapes like stars, waves or polygons if you have the floor area to spare. Just be mindful of pointy corners that could cause accidents in frequently trafficked bathroom zones.

Measure Twice, Buy Once

When preparing to purchase an ideally proportioned corner table, carefully measure your existing bathroom twice to guarantee accuracy. Nothing’s worse than excitedly unpacking an expensive furniture investment only to find it forlornly poking out and obstructing foot traffic or failing to properly tuck right into the allotted corner.

Ensure adequate clearance is retained around the perimeter of the piece allowing bathroom doors to fully open without collision. Account for any architectural protrusions including unusually thick baseboard moldings when calculating fit. Also confirm that plumbing lines feeding toilets or sinks won’t preclude snug positioning.

Additionally, evaluate if electrical outlets located nearby dictate table placement limitations. You want to prevent cord-tripping hazards but still have accessibility to charge devices. An ill-measured model that blocks prized plugs assists no one.

Smart Storage Solutions to Employ

When it comes to organization, small spaces call for ingeniously designed storage solutions. From tiered shelves to hanging organizers, discover ways to neatly tuck away all those toiletries crowding your tiny bath.

Tiered Shelving

Optimize vertical real estate by installing corner shelving that climbs the wall in graduated tiers. This smartly provides a designated spot for folded washcloths and hand towels as well as stashes of backup toilet paper rolls.

Look for corner shelves featuring a ledge or lip to securely corral tubes, cans and bottles of cleaning spray. Or, employ inexpensive wire organizers that mount underneath to neatly contain chaos!

Hanging Organizers

Take advantage of oft-overlooked air space by affixing mesh pockets or stacking bins onto a corner table’s side panels or empty surrounding wall area. These translucent receptacles make visible what’s inside so you can quickly grab cleaning supplies, cosmetic bags or bath toys.

Hanging organizer attachments prevent items from accumulating flat surfaces, further amplifying the usable area. This helps maintain tidiness which minimally designed small baths rely on.


To fully conceal jumbled messes of cotton balls, Q-tips and dental floss boxes, incorporate cabinets or drawers into your corner table. Stashing items out of sight not only promotes orderliness but aligns with most bathrooms’ clean aesthetic.

Inside each drawer, arrange removable trays neatly lined with tiny bins to compartmentalize contents by category like hair care, skin care or men’s shaving supplies. This facilitates finding specific products quickly without disassembling structures.

Decor Touches to Elevate Your Style

A final layer of refinement involves incorporating some special touches that enhance visual appeal. From textural baskets to cheerful blooms, implement these details as skillful finishing flourishes.


Incorporate hand-woven wicker or rattan in natural wood tones for an organic textural contrast to sleek surfaces. Tuck these fibrous vessels underneath your corner table or nested neatly within open shelving to house all those unruly loose items like cotton balls, Qtips and hair ties.

For a unique touch, try decorative glass canisters housing bathroom staples like cotton rounds or fragrant soaps. Their translucent body allows contents to show through, eliminating unsightly labels.


Insert elegant trays crafted of metal, mirrored glass or recyclable plastic to corral smaller items prone to shifting around like perfumes, lotions, razors and toothbrush holders. Not only do these containers consolidate things, but they can also be removed altogether for easy cleaning.

Their impervious surfaces protect shelves from stains and spills while raising displayed elements to an artful vignette. Experiment with geometric designs or nature inspired prints to complement your decor scheme.

Flowers & Greens

Introduce a bit of lush greenery or seasonal blooms to warm up sleek, sterile spaces using corner table tops as elevated perches for planters and vases. Go for drought tolerant varieties like succulents, air plants or orchids which thrive without much hydration or sunlight.

A mini herb garden planted atop a table instantly infuses scent and freshness. Consider basil, rosemary or lemon thyme. Place towards a window if occasional watering permits or research self-sustaining terrariums for low maintenance but high visual impact.

With some clever reconfiguring, even the most microscopic bathroom can reveal hidden storage potential. Use these guiding principles for introducing a space-saving corner table tailored to your petite bath’s unique specifications and style sensibilities.

By incorporating specialized organizing accessories and select decorative accents, soon you’ll enjoy a fully functioning, decluttered oasis serenely styled to suit your needs. For more small bathroom inspiration, explore additional storage furniture finds that multitask both fashion and function while keeping maintenance manageable!

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