The Truth About the Piper Glen Bed’s Quality and Sizing Issues You Need to Know

If you’re in the market for a new bed, you may have come across the Piper Glen upholstered bed. With its plush, padded headboard and range of color options, it likely caught your eye as a stylish and cozy centerpiece for your bedroom. However, as you research further, you’ll find mixed reviews on the quality and fit of this popular bed frame. Reports of sizing issues and unpleasant odors have put the Piper Glen’s longevity and value into question.

In this post, we’ll examine the details around the Piper Glen’s construction flaws and upholstery problems. You’ll learn the facts on how well it truly fits various mattress sizes, along with the concerns around the long-lasting smell coming from its fabrics. With the pros, cons, and tips we provide, you’ll be able to determine if the Piper Glen bed is the right choice for your master suite or guest room makeover.

Piper Glen Bed Overview

The Piper Glen bed offers a fully upholstered design, encasing both the headboard and frame in soft, padded fabric. Its silhouette features a gently curved headboard with button tufting and sloped sides that give it a welcoming aesthetic. This bed comes in twin, full, queen, and king sizes to fit standard mattress dimensions.

Available colors include light gray, dark gray, and beige to match a variety of decor styles. The neutral palette helps it blend seamlessly into any bedroom. You can purchase the Piper Glen directly through Costco’s online furniture store, Costco Direct. Prices range from $399.99-$799.99 depending on size.

Customer Reviews on Comfort and Appearance

Overall, the plush feel and attractive style of the Piper Glen bed have received positive marks from customers. They describe the padded headboard and footboard as “extremely comfortable” and “like sleeping on a cloud.” The soft, fully upholstered frame provides a cozy and inviting look that serves as a focal point in the bedroom.

Many owners love the look of the graceful, sloped headboard, stating it gives their room a clean and elegant finish. They are impressed with the variety of color choices available, making it easy to match existing decor. Overall, reviews indicate the Piper Glen makes a beautiful addition to the bedroom with its tufted details and soothing upholstered silhouette.

Complaints About Improper Sizing

While reviews praise the Piper Glen’s plush comfort, they widely criticize its sizing issues. The most common problem occurs with the king and California king sizes. Owners report a gap at the foot of the bed frame that is too small to accommodate a true king or Cal king mattress.

The frame appears skewed, as if it was designed for some non-standard mattress measurement between the two. Many owners end up with an ill-fitting mattress that leaves uncomfortable gaps on one or both sides. There is speculation that the Piper Glen has a defect in its wooden frame construction.

piper glen upholstered bed

Unfortunately, Costco’s returns and exchange process provides little help. The company does not offer partial refunds, so owners cannot simply exchange for a smaller queen size. Costco also charges return shipping on furniture, leaving customers stuck with an unusable bed that does not actually fit king-sized mattresses.

Issues With Unpleasant Upholstery Odor

Along with sizing problems, the Piper Glen also suffers from widespread complaints about its unpleasant odor coming from the upholstery fabrics. Right out of the box, many owners notice a strong chemical or “fishy” smell permeating from the padded headboard.

Despite attempts to air out the materials for weeks, the noxious odor persists. This suggests the issue lies in the adhesives or chemicals used in production rather than standard new mattress off-gassing.

For those sensitive to scents, this long-lasting upholstery smell may make the bed unbearable and unusable. It’s unclear whether Piper Glen has changed manufacturing techniques or fabrics to address this prevalent odor problem.

Costco Direct’s Response to Complaints

When customers reach out to Costco Direct regarding the sizing flaws or odor of the Piper Glen bed, they receive little assistance. The company does not seem to publicly acknowledge design issues or materials problems with their Piper Glen model. Those seeking a return or exchange due to these defects share only frustrating experiences.

Rather than offering refunds or suggesting solutions, Costco customer service allegedly gives pushback on the complaints. Some report being told the sizing and smell issues are normal parts of buying a new bed. This lack of transparency and accountability on quality concerns further damages the Piper Glen’s reputation.

Tips to Avoid Piper Glen Problems

If you favor the Piper Glen’s upholstered style but want to avoid its pitfalls, consider these tips:

  • Carefully measure mattress and bed dimensions before purchase
  • Opt for a pillowtop headboard instead of upholstered
  • Open box and air out in garage before moving into bedroom
  • Shop around more before deciding on the Piper Glen

Checking exact sizing could help determine if your mattress will properly fit. Choosing a non-upholstered bed could prevent odor issues. Taking time to air out and compare more options reduces the risks of ending up with an unusable Piper Glen.

Are the Problems Dealbreakers?

For many customers, the pervasive quality control issues are dealbreakers for purchasing the Piper Glen bed. Yet its attractive style and lower price point still entice some buyers to take a gamble.

It requires weighing the pros of the cozy upholstered look against the cons of imperfect sizing and bothersome odor. There may be ways to mitigate the problems through careful inspection, thorough airing out, or mattress adjustments.

However, quality and value exist in other comparable upholstered beds and bed-in-a-box options like Zinus or Amazon Basics. So the Piper Glen’s flaws could simply be too much to justify buying when alternatives are available.

The Piper Glen bed offers an eye-catching upholstered style but falls short on proper mattress fit and fabric quality. Its sizing flaws and lingering odor issues have overshadowed its otherwise plush and aesthetically pleasing design.

Before purchasing, carefully weigh these widespread complaints against your needs. Inspect sizing charts, purchase from somewhere with easy returns, and don’t expect the unpleasant smell to disappear. With extra diligence, certain buyers may find the Piper Glen worth the gamble, but exercise caution.

In the busy world of online bed-in-a-box brands, there are comparable options without pervasive quality problems. Unless you’re able to overlook its defects, your search is better focused elsewhere.

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