The Secret to a Photo-Worthy Kitchen Sink Area

Who doesn’t dream of a kitchen worthy of its own photoshoot? While the stove and refrigerator tend to steal the spotlight, a well-designed sink area can be just as eye-catching. Elevating this often ignored space is the key to a kitchen that really makes a statement.

With some clever styling and decor decisions, your sink can go from bland to grand. Read on to discover ideas for creating a functional, yet photogenic area perfect for your next home magazine feature.

Prep the Walls and Surfaces

Since the area around the sink takes a bit of a beating, special consideration should be taken to prepare the walls. Tiles, stone, glass and properly sealed paints handle moisture well and wipe clean easily. Waterproof surfaces not only better withstand splashes and cleaning, but also allow for more decorate options.

above the kitchen sink decor

Storage and Organization

While an organized space always looks better in photos, storage near the sink serves both form and function. Open shelving, wall-mounted racks, and glass front cabinets keep essentials visible but out of the way during washing up. Built-in features like floating shelves, wine racks and herb gardens add personalized places to tuck away items.

Keep It Clutter-Free

Nothing distracts from a gorgeous sink area like clutter. Make sure things have a designated spot that keeps the space clear. It also helps to have everything on display so grabby hands don’t clutter up your pretty sinkside.

Lighting Sets the Mood

Statement lights do more than brighten up your work area, they cast everything around them in a whole new light. Sconces, pendants and under cabinet fixtures make even mundane tasks seem special. Consider lighting color and intensity based on your goals for the space.

GoalIdeal Lighting
Task efficiencyBright neutral light
AmbienceWarm mood lighting
Highlight decorAccent lighting

Chic and Customized Decor Ideas

Infuse Personal Style

When it comes to the space around your sink, there are no rules. Show off what makes you unique with artwork, wallpaper or even a living wall. A chalkboard is a great way to display ever changing messages or whimsical grocery lists.

Sleek and Modern Options

For contemporary cool, incorporare functional touches like a floating desk or built-in espresso bar. Stainless steel, black finishes and pops of metallic maintain an elegant vibe even amongst soap bubbles.

It’s amazing what high-end fixtures, lovely flowers and aesthetically pleasing dishware can do for a space! Tie everything together with cohesive accessories in your color scheme and style. Soon your sink area will have everyone begging you for the name of your designer.

Even the humblest kitchen sink can reach new heights with some thoughtful preparation. Before you know it, you’ll be fielding requests for a photoshoot of your own Pinterest-worthy area!

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