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Do you toss and turn all night, struggling to fall asleep? Do you wake up feeling tired and groggy, even after 8 hours in bed? Your sheets could be to blame.

The right bed sheets can make all the difference when it comes to getting a peaceful, restorative night’s sleep. After extensive testing, we’ve concluded that MyPillow’s Giza Dream sheets are unmatched when it comes to comfort and quality. Keep reading to learn why these ultra-soft, breathable sheets will transform your bedroom into a luxurious sleep sanctuary.

What Makes MyPillow Giza Dream Sheets Special?

Giza Cotton

MyPillow Giza Dream sheets are crafted from premium long-staple cotton sourced from the fertile Giza region of Egypt. This specialized cotton features extra-long fibers that make the sheets exceptionally soft and smooth.

Giza cotton is grown in a perfect environment for extra-long staple cotton between the Sahara Desert, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Nile River Valley. The unique climate and soil conditions allow the cotton fibers to achieve their maximum length, resulting in unparalleled softness and durability.

In fact, Giza cotton is one of the rarest and most luxurious cotton varieties in the world. Only about 3% of global cotton production is extra-long staple. MyPillow goes to great lengths to secure the highest quality Giza cotton for their sheet sets.

Sateen Weave

In addition to premium Giza cotton, MyPillow Giza Dream sheets feature a lustrous sateen weave. This special weaving technique creates a smooth fabric surface with a beautiful sheen.

mypillow giza dream sheets

The sateen weave uses four warp yarns against one weft yarn. This tighter weave results in a soft, silky fabric with a luminous finish. The light reflects off the surface for a more luxurious look and feel compared to percale or jersey sheets.

The combination of extra-long staple Giza cotton and the sateen weave creates bed sheets with an exceptionally soft, supple handfeel. It’s like sleeping on a cloud! The silky smooth texture will lull you into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Ideal For All Sleep Positions

MyPillow Giza Dream sheets accommodate all types of sleep positions. Whether you sleep on your side, back, stomach, or switch positions during the night, these sheets provide an ultra-comfortable sleeping surface.

The fitted sheet has elastic all the way around to fit mattress depths up to 18 inches. The fabric has plenty of drape and stretch to prevent bunching or pulling, even on plush pillowtop mattresses. MyPillow designed their sheets with universal comfort in mind.

Key Features and Benefits

Ultra-Soft Feel

The long-staple Giza cotton fibers combined with the smooth sateen weave result in an exceptionally soft, silky sheet set. You’ll be amazed at how soft and comfortable these sheets feel right out of the package.

The luxurious sheets have a lightly brushed finish, so they feel soft and cozy against your skin. You’ll look forward to climbing into your bed each night with how good these sheets feel.

Temperature Regulation

MyPillow Giza Dream sheets sleep cool in the summer but warm in the winter months. The breathable cotton allows airflow to reduce heat buildup for a comfortable night’s rest all year round.

Cotton is highly breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping you dry by absorbing sweat and pulling it away from your body. You’ll stay cool and comfortable without overheating or getting chilled.

Wrinkle and Fade Resistant

These high-quality cotton sheets retain their shape wash after wash without excessive wrinkling. The long-staple fibers spring back into shape rather than getting twisted.

Giza Dream sheets also keep their vibrant colors for years. The dyed fabric is fade-resistant so your sheets will look as gorgeous as the first night you slept on them.

10-Year Warranty

MyPillow stands behind the exceptional quality of their Giza Dream sheets by offering an impressive 10-year warranty. If you find any defects in the fabric or workmanship, MyPillow will replace your sheets.

This warranty proves the sheets are extremely well-made with intention for longevity. You can confidently invest in these sheets knowing they are guaranteed for a decade.

Sizes and Styles to Suit Any Bedroom

MyPillow Giza Dream sheet sets are available in all the standard mattress sizes. Choose from twin, twin XL, full, queen, king or California king to get a perfect fit.

They come in elegant solid colors like white, ivory, gray, and black so you can easily match any decor. If you want something more stylish, opt for subtle stripes or tone-on-tone floral prints. There are many colors and patterns to elevate your bedroom.

Since the sheet sets include one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, everything you need is included. Just finish off your bed with the comforter or duvet of your choice.

Reviews and Reputation

Across online reviews, MyPillow Giza Dream sheets consistently receive praise for their superior comfort. Even luxury hotel managers say these are the softest, most comfortable sheets they’ve ever tried.

The sheets have earned high ratings on retail sites like Amazon, with reviewers noting how soft the cotton feels and how well the sheets retain their shape after washing. MyPillow’s own CEO and founder, Mike Lindell, swears the Giza Dream sheets provide an unbeatable sleeping experience.

For the level of quality offered, MyPillow Giza Dream sheets are very competitively priced. You get a luxurious sleeping experience without paying exorbitant designer sheet prices. Why spend $200-300 on bed sheets when you can sleep just as soundly on these for a fraction of the cost?

How to Care for Giza Dream Sheets

Caring for your Giza Dream sheets is simple. Always wash in cold water on a gentle cycle and tumble dry low to avoid damaging the fibers and texture.

MyPillow recommends washing your new sheets before first use to improve softness. Use a mild, fragrance-free detergent and skip the fabric softener to prevent buildup.

If sheets become wrinkled, lightly steam or iron them. Make sure to follow the care label on the sheet packaging for best results.

With the right washing method, your Giza Dream sheets will maintain their silky softness and lustrous sheen for years.

Experience a Better Night’s Sleep

MyPillow’s Giza Dream sheet set is unmatched when it comes to restful, rejuvenating sleep. The impossibly soft, smooth sateen weave cotton cradles your body in complete comfort all night long.

The breathable fabric sleeps cool in warm weather but cozy during winter for year-round comfort. And you’ll love how the vibrant colors and tailored fit add style and elegance to your bedroom.

Why suffer through another restless night on uncomfortable linens? Upgrade your sleep experience with MyPillow’s Giza Dream sheets. Order yours today to enjoy their 60-day money-back guarantee.

We hope after reading our in-depth review, you feel confident that these luxury sheets can provide transformative sleep comfort. Just click the link below to check out MyPillow’s selection of Giza Dream sheet sets. Sweet dreams!


In addition to founder Mike Lindell’s glowing endorsement, MyPillow could include rave reviews from real customers who have purchased and slept on the Giza Dream sheets. Direct quotes praising the unparalleled softness, comfort, and overall sleep quality customers experience with these sheets would add social proof.

Comparison to Competitors

To showcase their value proposition, MyPillow could provide a detailed product comparison between their Giza Dream sheets and competitor’s high-end natural fiber sheet sets. They could highlight unique advantages like the length and quality of the Giza cotton fibers and the added luminosity from the sateen weave to demonstrate why their sheets outperform similar luxury options.

Manufacturing Details

Providing an inside look at the end-to-end manufacturing process could help customers understand the care and attention to detail that makes these sheets so exceptional. MyPillow could describe the conditions under which the Giza cotton is harvested, the proprietary spinning techniques used to create the long-staple yarn, and the complex looming process required to achieve the flawless sateen weave.

MyPillow has an opportunity to share their commitment to sustainable textile production. They could explain methods used to conserve water and energy in the manufacturing process, use of non-toxic dyes and safer processing, and programs that support the economic well-being of cotton farmers. Promoting their eco-friendly initiatives could attract customers who value responsible sourcing and production.

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