The Official Guide to King Size Headboard Dimensions

When outfitting a master bedroom with a spacious king-size bed, choosing the perfect headboard is key to creating a luxurious and inviting sleep space. But with so many options for height, width, shape and style, how do you pick the ideal dimensions for your king headboard?

We’ll look at typical width, height, thickness and more. We’ll also discuss the many factors that impact your headboard size selection – from design aesthetics to mounting methods. Follow along for expert tips on measuring, visualizing sizes and finding the perfect proportions for your bedroom. By the end, you’ll have the complete dimensions to shop for and install a headboard that truly completes your king bed oasis.

king size headboard measurements

Typical Dimensions for King Size Headboards


The most important dimension to get right with a king headboard is the width. Standard king size mattresses measure approximately 76 to 80 inches wide (193 to 203 centimeters). For the headboard to adequately span the mattress, the recommended width is also 80 inches.

A headboard that is narrower than the mattress may look undersized and out of sync with the bed. Wider than the mattress can also throw off the proportions. There is some leeway here – a few inches narrower or wider won’t make a major difference visually. But aim as close to the 80 inch width as possible for the best fit.


When it comes to king headboard height, there is more flexibility. The typical range is between 48 to 60 inches tall (122 to 152 centimeters). But you can certainly go taller or shorter if it fits your needs.

Lower height headboards from 48 to 54 inches give a more minimal, streamlined look. This can help keep a small bedroom from feeling cramped. It also allows for displaying art or other decor on the wall above.

For a bigger, bolder statement, headboards measuring 60 inches or taller add drama and luxury. This creates an inviting spot to lounge against with pillows. But be sure to measure furniture clearance and ceiling height if going for a taller headboard.

Other Measurements

In addition to width and height, a few other key measurements factor into selecting and installing your king headboard:

  • Depth/thickness – Slimline headboards start around 2 inches deep, while padded ones can be 6 inches or more.
  • Leg height – For standalone headboards, the leg height impacts total height.
  • Bed-to-wall clearance – Measure to ensure sufficient space for wall mounted headboards.

Take these into account when browsing different styles to find the proportions that work for your space.

Factors That Impact King Headboard Size

Beyond the typical size numbers, several other factors influence your perfect king headboard dimensions:

Design and Style

The options for headboard materials and designs are nearly endless. Simple padded headboards tend to be lower profile and smaller overall. Ornate upholstered headboards with tufting, sleek modern wood ones, and metal scrollwork headboards make bolder statements.

Frame shape also varies – rectangular, arched, wingback and more. So consider your bedroom decor style when choosing. Aim for cohesive proportions between the headboard and bed frame. For example, an oversized tufted headboard pairs well with a traditional wood sleigh frame. But it may look disproportionate against a low platform bed.

Mounting Method

How you mount the headboard also impacts size selection. Wall mounted headboards can go as high as you want, since they don’t need legs. Just ensure the wall can support the weight without sagging. And measure stud locations if attaching directly to the wall.

For standalone headboards, balance height with the leg length needed for stability. Also consider how it will attach to the bed frame. Some include hooks, notches or posts to secure them in place.

Personal Preferences

Of course your own priorities and tastes are important when choosing king headboard dimensions too. Key questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you prefer a cozy, enveloped feel or more open, airy space around the bed?
  • Is lounge comfort against the headboard or visual statement more important?
  • Will both people be able to comfortably sit up and recline?
  • What is your budget for materials based on size?

Be honest about how you want the space to feel and function when finding dimensions that work for your needs.

Tips for Measuring and Choosing Dimensions

Follow this advice to choose the perfect king headboard measurements for your bedroom:

Measure Your Current Bed and Space

Start by carefully measuring your existing king mattress length, width and height off the floor. Also measure ceiling height, existing furniture clearance, and available wall space width if planning to mount it. This gives you a baseline for proportional headboard sizes.

Know Your Bed Frame Style

Consider your current or planned bed frame style. For example, attaching a headboard to a metal frame is different than a wood one. Frame height and footboard details may also impact what size headboard complements it best.

Make Scale Drawings

Having trouble visualizing how different sizes will look? Make some simple scale drawings of your space using the measurements. Sketch in headboard options at different widths and heights to get a feel for proportions.

Order Samples

Don’t just rely on photos when shopping online. Many retailers offer inexpensive headboard samples so you can experience the height and view fabrics and materials up close.

Think Long Term

Will you possibly upgrade your mattress in the future? If so, factor in width and height accommodations now so you don’t have to replace the headboard later.

Finding the perfect king headboard size involves carefully considering width, height, style, mounting options and personal needs. While standard king headboards measure around 80 inches wide by 48 to 60 inches high, flexibility exists based on your priorities.

Aim for a width in proportion to the king mattress. Then select a height that provides both lounge comfort and eye-catching style. Measure twice, visualize the size and style in your space, and order samples when possible.

You can create a bedroom that’s worthy of royalty with the right dimensions. So don’t settle for less than your ideal centerpiece and focal point. Use this guide to crown your bed with a headboard made to measure!

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