The Insider’s Guide to Replacing Broan Allure Range Hood Lights

Upgrading the lighting in your Broan Allure range hood can make a big difference in your kitchen’s illumination. But finding the right replacement bulbs requires some insider knowledge.

Picking the Perfect Bulbs for Your Broan Allure Range Hood

When your Broan Allure lights start to flicker or grow dim, it’s a sign that the bulbs need replacing. But not just any bulb will do. Here’s what to know about selecting the right replacements:

  • Consult your owner’s manual on bulb shape, base type, and recommended wattage.
  • Choose between halogen or LED. LEDs are more energy efficient but may burn out faster.
  • Match the shape and base to your existing bulbs – likely PAR20 or PAR30 floodlight style.
  • Ensure dimmer compatibility if your Broan Allure has a dimmer switch.
  • Match or slightly reduce wattage – excessive wattage generates unwanted heat.

Inspect your current bulbs and check the manual to identify the specifics before shopping for new ones. This ensures the replacements will fit and function as expected.

broan allure range hood light bulbs

Halogen vs. LED Bulbs

The factory installed bulbs in Broan Allure range hoods are halogen. But LED cost savings and longevity make them a popular replacement choice. However, some users find frequent LED burn outs to be an issue.

If you are replacing LEDs that failed prematurely, consider going back to a quality halogen PAR floodlight bulb instead. While not as energy efficient, they may hold up better long term.

Where to Purchase Replacement Bulbs

Once you know what you need, it’s time to shop. Broan Allure range hood light bulbs can be found:

  • In lighting departments at hardware/home stores
  • Through online retailers like Amazon or lighting specialty websites
  • Directly from Broan if under warranty

Be sure to take a photo of your existing bulbs or bring an old one with you for comparison. This makes it easy to match specs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing Your Broan Allure Light Bulbs

When your new bulbs are in hand, it’s go time! Follow these steps for safe, successful installation:

  1. Turn off the circuit breaker to cut power to the range hood.
  2. Allow bulb and fixture to cool to avoid burns.
  3. Locate the retaining clip and slide to release light cover.
  4. Remove old bulb from socket with gentle clockwise turn.
  5. Align pins on new bulb and insert into socket.
  6. Inspect wiring connectors, tighten if loose.
  7. Replace light cover and restore power.
  8. Test new bulbs – light should come on and operate normally.

Take care not to touch new bulbs with bare hands – use a soft cloth or gloves to insert. Also double check all wiring connections are tight before restoring power.

What If Your Broan Allure Lights Aren’t Working Right?

Even with compatible new bulbs, you may encounter issues like:

  • Frequent LED burnouts – consider replacing with halogen bulbs instead for longer life.
  • Problems with the light switch – clean contacts, check connections.
  • Flickering/dimming lights – tighten any loose wiring connectors.

If bulb and switch replacements don’t remedy lighting problems, there may be a wiring fault requiring professional service.

To keep your Broan Allure range hood lights performing their best:

  • Replace bulbs every 1-2 years, or immediately if burned out.
  • Clean light covers regularly to maximize brightness.
  • Check wiring connections when changing bulbs.
  • Call an electrician for any persistent electrical issues.

With this guide, you can find all the details on selecting the perfect replacement bulbs. Following proper installation steps and ongoing maintenance will keep your model brightly illuminated for years to come!

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