The Complete Guide to Stylish 94 x 96 Duvet Covers

For those who love the feeling of being wrapped up in a luxurious, oversized duvet, the 94 x 96 size is the ultimate choice. But this extra long and wide size can be tricky to find. We’ve put together this guide to help you discover the benefits of the 94 x 96 duvet cover and how to find the perfect one to suit your style.

What is a 94 x 96 Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover is a protective layer that slips over the duvet insert. The 94 x 96 size refers to a cover that is 94 inches wide and 96 inches long. This oversized shape is perfect for those who want their duvet to drape generously over the sides of the bed or need extra length due to tall stature.

Key Dimensions

  • Width – 94 inches (238 cm)
  • Length – 96 inches (244 cm)

This is much larger than standard sizes like Queen or King. It provides ample coverage for those who need more space to stretch out and get cozy.

Why Choose a 94 x 96 Duvet Cover?

Here are some of the top reasons to opt for the 94 x 96 inch duvet cover:

Accommodates Oversized Inserts

Many duvet inserts today are getting bigger and bigger. The 94 x 96 cover provides more than enough fabric to insert extra wide and long duvets or comforters.

94 x 96 duvet cover

Dramatic Draping Effect

The extra length and width allows the duvet to cascade luxuriously over the sides of the bed for a lavish hotel-style look.

Added Coverage

There’s nothing worse than your toes or shoulders peeking out from the duvet at night. The 94 x 96 size minimizes uncovered spots so you stay cozy all night.

Ideal for Tall People

Those over 6 feet tall can finally get a duvet cover that’s long enough to comfortably tuck in at the foot of the bed.

Finding the Right 94 x 96 Duvet Cover

Where can you find this specialty oversized duvet? Here are some tips for shopping for the 94 x 96 size:

Check Specialty Retailers

Your best bet is to check stores that focus on oversized bedding like Company Name . They understand the need for extra long lengths and widths.

Custom Ordering

Many bedding manufacturers can do custom sizes. Provide them with the 94 x 96 dimensions to get exactly what you need.

Take Measurements

Knowing the exact height and width of your mattress will ensure the duvet drapes perfectly. Measure carefully before ordering.

Fabrics and Materials

Which fabrics work best for the oversized 94 x 96 cover? Consider these recommendations:


Lightweight cotton is breathable and soft while still providing that cozy wrapped up feel.


Linen offers temperature regulating properties perfect for night sweats. The texture adds depth and style.


For affordable softness, microfiber sates with a silky finish. It’s budget-friendly too.

Match Thread Count to Insert

Choose a higher thread count around 300-500 for heavy inserts. Lower thread counts around 200-300 work for lighter duvets.

Popular Styles and Designs

What are some stylish options for your oversized duvet cover?

Solid Colors

From brights to neutrals, solids keep the focus on the luxe proportions and draping effect.

Large Scale Prints

Make a dramatic statement with oversized floral, paisley, or geometric prints.


Seersucker, velvet, ribbing, and embroidered styles add visual appeal through touch.


Personalize with your initials or name for a custom designer look.

Caring for Your Duvet Cover

Caring for the 94 x 96 cover takes a bit more effort than smaller versions. Follow these tips:

Washing Methods

Front-loading washers are ideal, or use a gentle cycle. Never overload the machine; wash individually.

Low Heat Drying

Tumble dry on a low, delicate setting. Removing promptly minimizes wrinkling.

Spot Cleaning

Don’t wait on stains – spot treat immediately with gentle cleanser and water.

No Bleach

Do not use chlorine bleach as it can damage fabrics and cause colors to fade.

We hope this guide has shown you the pleasures of owning an oversized 94 x 96 duvet cover. From accommodating extra tall people to creating a majestic draping effect, this size offers the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

Finding the perfect fabric, style, and retailer may take some legwork, but it’s worth it to experience the coziness only the 94 x 96 size can provide. Sweet dreams!

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