The Complete Guide to Styling Your Living Room With Oversize Mirrors

Extra large wall mirrors are becoming a popular decorating trend for living rooms. Placing an oversized mirror in your living space can instantly make the room feel larger and more open. But with so many shapes, styles, and sizes to choose from, how do you pick the perfect mirror to reflect your home’s aesthetic?

This complete guide will walk you through everything you need to know about styling your living room with large statement mirrors. We’ll cover popular mirror styles, materials, placement tips, and more so you can find the right oversize mirror to enhance your home.

Different Styles of Oversized Mirrors

Oversized mirrors come in a range of designs to match any living room decor. Here are some of the most popular large mirror styles for the living room:

Modern Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors have a sleek, contemporary look with clean lines and minimal edges. Their streamlined style makes them ideal for modern, minimalist living rooms. Try hanging a frameless mirror near furniture with sleek lines to complement the aesthetic. Position it above a sofa or sideboard to reflect light and create an airy, open feel.

Rustic Framed Mirrors

For a cozy farmhouse or rustic inspired living room, consider a large mirror with a natural wood or distressed metal frame. The warm, textural frame will soften the reflective surface. Hang it above a console table or mantel to accent the decor. Let the frame extend beyond the edge of the mirror for added dimension.

extra large wall mirrors for living room

Ornate Mirrors

Traditional living rooms often incorporate at least one ornate mirror with an elaborate frame. Look for carved details, metallic finishes, or gilding to create an elegant focal point. Place an ornate large mirror above a fireplace or on the longest wall in the room. The striking frame will draw attention and serve as an impressive decorative accent.

Materials and Quality

Oversized mirrors come in a variety of different materials, each with their own characteristics and care requirements.


Glass is the most common material for mirrors. Standard clear glass works for most frames, but you can also find tinted, smoked, or colored glass for extra decorative flair. Glass mirrors are prone to cracks and breakage if hit with blunt force. Avoid hanging them in high traffic areas or near active children or pets.


For an industrial vibe, try a large iron, steel, brass, or copper mirror. The metal finish can be polished, antiqued, or painted to fit your living room’s color palette. Metal mirrors add beautiful warmth but may be prone to scratches, chips, and dents if mishandled.


Solid wood frames have a classic, natural look. Check for real wood rather than wood veneers, which can warp or peel over time. Wood can be stained, painted, or distressed according to your taste. Keep wood mirrors away from direct sunlight and heating vents to prevent cracking or warping.

Determining the Right Size

When selecting an oversize mirror, pay attention to the proportions of your living room. As a general rule, the mirror should be no more than 30% of your wall space. For example, a 10-foot wide living room could accommodate a mirror up to 3 feet wide. Scale up or down based on your exact dimensions.

In a small living room, resist the urge to hang one massive mirror. The reflective surface will overwhelm the space. Instead, choose two identical medium or large mirrors to flank a sofa or fireplace. The balanced look will open up the room without dominating.

No matter the size, placing the mirror’s bottom edge closer to the floor will make it appear larger. Hang it just above a console or mantle rather than too high on the wall. The lower you go, the bigger the mirror will seem.

Hanging and Placement Tips

Proper placement is key to allowing your oversize living room mirror to have the desired visual effect. Follow these top tips:

Above Furniture

Anchor your seating area by hanging a large mirror above a sofa, sideboard, or console table. Position it about 4-10 inches above the furniture top. The mirror frames and accentuates the furniture while also bouncing light around the space.

On the Wall

For a bolder look, hang your mirror right on the wall. Place it next to a window so it can reflect outdoor light and views. Hang horizontally or vertically depending on the mirror’s shape and your room layout. Lean it against the wall at an angle for a casual effect.

In a Corner

Strategically place a large mirror in an empty corner to make the space feel more complete. Use two identical mirrors joined at a 90-degree angle to avoid any awkward gaps where the walls meet. This creates the illusion of a continuous wall surface.

Incorporating Mirrors With Other Decor

When styling your living room with an oversized mirror, don’t overlook the importance of decorating the surrounding space. Here are some accent ideas:

  • Flank the mirror with matching wall sconces or pendant lights
  • Layer artwork and photos around the mirror’s edges
  • Set decorative objects like vases and candles on a console below
  • Tie in pillows and throws that pick up colors from the mirror’s frame

In transitional living rooms blending modern and traditional elements, use an ornate mirror to elevate a sleek, neutral palette. The glamorous mirror brings in visual interest without overwhelming the calm space.

Shopping for Oversized Mirrors

You can find a wide selection of extra large mirrors for your living room in stores and online. Here are some shopping considerations when looking for the perfect oversize mirror:

  • Browse in-store to evaluate size, quality, and appearance in person
  • Online is convenient but pay close attention to dimensions and descriptions
  • Custom framing from local artisan shops allows full personalization
  • Retailers like Pottery Barn offer models suited to many decor styles
  • Measure your intended wall area prior to ordering to achieve the ideal fit

Well-chosen oversized mirrors can make a living room feel bright, spacious, and stylish. Pay attention to the right size, style, material, and placement to enhance your existing decor. With the tips in this guide, you can confidently shop for and install showstopping mirrors that provide both form and function.

When positioned thoughtfully, extra large mirrors transform and elevate living rooms of any size or style. Just take care to find the perfect design that reflects your personal taste and complements your furnishings.

The many benefits of oversize mirrors make them a versatile and worthwhile investment. With ample reflective light and an instant sense of expanded space, they create a welcoming living room you’ll be proud to relax in and entertain guests.

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