The Complete Guide to Mixing and Matching Blue Gray Green Paint Colors

Blue gray green has become one of the most popular paint color palettes for modern interior design. By combining calming blue tones with sophisticated grays and earthy greens, this versatile color scheme creates a peaceful yet inspiring backdrop for any space. From light and airy to deep and moody, the possibilities are endless when it comes to using blue gray green paint colors in your home’s decor.

In this complete guide, we will walk through everything you need to know about mixing and matching shades of blue gray green to create a beautiful, cohesive look. You’ll learn how to mix custom colors, discover recommended paint brands and shades, and get expert tips for using blue gray green hues in every room of your home. Let’s explore the soothing allure of blue gray green paint!

Defining Blue Gray Green Paint Colors

Blue gray green sits at the intersection of three tranquil and natural pigments, resulting in a sophisticated color palette that promotes relaxation while still feeling fresh and vibrant. By understanding the origins and characteristics of blue, gray, and green, we can better grasp how to mix different shades of blue gray green.

Creating Custom Shades and Tones

One of the great aspects of blue gray green is the ability to mix custom shades by altering the ratios of blue, gray, and green. A blue-dominant mix will read as a cooler, bolder blue gray. Up the gray to achieve a hazy, ethereal hue. And green infuses an earthy, renewing tone into the palette.

Here are some guidelines for achieving different blue gray green tones:

blue gray green paint colors
  • For a soft blue gray green, start with a base of 60% blue, 30% gray, and 10% green
  • Increase the green to 20-30% for a soothing, sage-like green gray
  • Use equal parts blue and green for a bolder peacock teal
  • Add more gray for a hazy, overcast tone
  • Include a touch of black to create a deep, moody blue gray green

In terms of light and dark shades, add white to lighten the tone or black to deepen it. Be sure to mix test samples before committing to the full paint job to ensure you achieve the exact blue gray green tone desired.

Most Popular Brands and Paint Names

Many leading paint brands now offer gorgeous blue gray green options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular paint colors on the market:

  • Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere – A light, cool blue gray green that creates an airy atmosphere
  • Behr Nepalese Teal – A muted blue teal reminiscent of mountain valleys
  • Sherwin Williams Rainwashed – A soft sage green with blue undertones
  • Valspar Patina Green – A dusty, vintage-looking blue green
  • PPG Timeless Sage – A restful green gray that promotes tranquility

When browsing blue gray greens from paint brands, be sure to request physical samples to view in your space before deciding. Colors can look very different on monitor screens versus actual walls!

Using Blue Gray Greens in Room Decor

Now that we understand the origins and varieties of blue gray green paint, let’s explore how these serene colors can elevate your interior decor. Blue gray greens are versatile enough to use throughout the home.

Bedrooms and Relaxation Spaces

There’s no better choice for restful sleep than surrounding yourself in beautiful blue gray green walls. The cool, soothing tones promote deep relaxation. To avoid making the space feel too dark and dreary, opt for light to medium shades with at least 50% light reflectance value (LRV). Soft blue grays complement most wood furniture beautifully. Add texture with cozy linens in cream or oatmeal.

Bathrooms and Spa Retreats

Transform your bathroom into a private spa sanctuary with the addition of blue gray green paint. The colors evoke the sensation of water and are perfect for creating your own retreat space. Pair blue gray green walls with harmonious whites, wood accents, and metallic fixtures for a resort-worthy design. Be sure to use moisture-resistant paint if adding color near humid areas like showers.

Living Rooms, Dens and Leisure Areas

The invigorating yet relaxing qualities of blue gray green make it the perfect backdrop for leisure spaces meant for lounging and entertaining. To keep the room feeling energized, opt for light to mid-range shades. Ensure adequate lighting, especially in spaces with media centers. Weave in pops of corals, greens, or yellows for an extra punch of vibrancy against a blue gray green foundation.

Kitchens and Dining Rooms

While vibrant blue gray greens may not be ideal for kitchen walls, as some studies have shown people consume more food and drink from blue containers, lighter neutral shades work beautifully. They provide pleasant contrast against stainless steel appliances and granite or white countertops. Consider a blue gray green for a dining room accent wall. And feel free to incorporate these colors through tile, rugs and decor.

Outdoor Color Schemes

Use soothing blue gray greens on home exteriors to connect your interior and outdoor spaces. A blue gray green door or front shutters looks unexpectedly chic against brick or stone. Paint a patio ceiling a soft shade of blue gray green to feel like the sky overhead. And incorporate blue gray greens into your landscaping and garden with flowers and foliage in analogous cool tones.

Finding Your Perfect Blue Gray Green

Ready to give your home a dose of this calming and stylish color trend? Here are some tips for landing on the right blue gray green shade for your space.

Lighting and Test Paints

Blue gray green can look very different in various lighting. To properly preview paint colors, coat tester boards with potential shades and move them around the room at different times of day. Observe how natural and artificial light impacts the tones. Test 2-3 leading contenders directly on walls for the most accurate view.

Trying Color Schemes

Gather inspiration images, fabric swatches, and paint strips with potential accent colors to try various schemes. Notice how greens, blues, corals etc. play against the blue gray green. Edit down to a favorite pairing that aligns with your style and lighting goals. Remember to mind the undertones so combinations feel cohesive.

When deciding on your blue gray green paint, opt for top quality in a matte or eggshell finish for best results. Prepare surfaces thoroughly – imperfections will show through. Then apply at least two coats with a foam roller, allowing proper drying time between coats for a smooth professional finish that will stand the test of time in your home.

Blue gray green paint colors transform your rooms with the right prep work and shade selection. This calming yet contemporary color scheme lends itself well to nearly any interior design style. We hope this guide has provided all the information you need to confidently mix and match blue gray green hues throughout your home. Happy painting!

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