The Complete Guide to Elongated Toilet Dimensions

When remodeling a bathroom or replacing an existing toilet, one of the most important considerations is choosing between a round bowl or an elongated bowl shape. Elongated bowls have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their comfort and utility.

However, to ensure a proper fit and easy installation, it’s essential to understand the key dimensions and measurements of elongated toilets.

Elongated vs Round Toilet Bowls

An elongated toilet has an oblong or oval-shaped bowl that extends further out from the back wall than a traditional round bowl. The elongated shape provides several extra inches of surface area compared to a round bowl.

In general, elongated bowls protrude out about 18.5 inches from the toilet’s seat mounting bolts to the front rim of the bowl. Round bowls are more compact in size, with a depth of around 16.5 inches from bolt to front.

dimensions of an elongated toilet

Key Benefits of the Elongated Bowl Design

  • More comfortable for most adult users
  • Larger seating surface area
  • Easier access for those with mobility challenges
  • More effective waste removal with larger water surface

Rough-In Size

The rough-in measurement refers to the distance between the wall behind the toilet and the center of the drainage pipe on the floor. This is the space where the toilet base gets installed.

For elongated toilets, the standard rough-in is approximately 12 inches. However, rough-in sizes can vary from 10 inches to 14 inches for some installations. The rough-in size must match the specifications of the toilet to ensure it will fit properly.

Rough-in SizeToilet Compatibility
10 inchesBest for small bathrooms
12 inches (standard)Fits most elongated toilets
14 inchesProvides extra space from wall

Toilet Height

The overall toilet height is measured from the floor to the top of the toilet seat. For elongated toilets, there are two main height options:

  • Standard height – around 16.5 inches
  • Comfort height – about 17-19 inches tall

Comfort height elongated toilets have gotten popular because the extra inch or two makes it easier for tall people or those with knee issues to sit down and stand up. Some comfort height models are ADA compliant.

ADA Compliant Toilet Height Guidelines

  • Minimum 17 inches to maximum 19 inches with seat
  • Matches wheelchair accessible seat height
  • Easier use for disabled individuals

Toilet Depth

The toilet depth refers to the measurement from the back of the tank to the front of the bowl. There are two standard depth options:

  • Regular depth – approx. 28-30 inches
  • Extended depth – approx. 31-32 inches

The extra depth of an elongated extended depth toilet is helpful for accommodating the longer bowl in small bathrooms. Always double check depth to ensure enough clearance space.

Toilet Seat Dimensions

There are some variances when it comes to elongated toilet seat sizes, but generally they measure:

  • Width – 13 to 14 inches
  • Length – 18 to 19 inches
  • Mounting holes – 5.5 inches center to center

The elongated seat length provides plenty of comfortable seating space for most adult users. Some manufacturers offer alternative seat dimensions if needed.

Toilet Tank Dimensions

On standard elongated toilets, the tank height from the bowl to top of tank is typically around 28-30 inches. Recently, lower profile elongated toilet tanks ranging from 24-26 inches high have become popular for bathrooms with height restrictions.

Tank width tends to be fairly standard at around 16-18 inches wide to properly contain the flush mechanism and water reserve. For small spaces, narrower tank designs are available.

Clearance Requirements

It’s important to factor in the clearance needed around the toilet for comfortable use and access. For elongated toilets, the recommended clearances are:

  • 15 inches minimum on both sides
  • 21 inches minimum clearance from the front wall

Having proper toilet clearances makes it easier to comfortably sit down, stand up, and reach the lever. It also allows space for cleaning around the fixture.

Water Capacity

Due to the larger bowl size, most elongated toilets have a higher water capacity than round bowl models. The extra water creates a stronger siphon during flushing to effectively clear waste from the longer bowl.

However, the added water usage may increase your water bill slightly. Overall water efficiency should still meet 1.6 gpf or lower standards though.

Ease of Installation

Installing an elongated toilet is a bit more involved than a round bowl due to the extended footprint. Carefully follow the manufacturer instructions to ensure proper alignment, leveling, and sealing.

The key is taking accurate measurements ahead of time so you can verify the toilet will fit the space correctly. Also have an assistant help maneuver the elongated bowl into place.

Choosing the Right Elongated Toilet

With so many elongated toilet options on the market, it’s essential to measure your existing bathroom space and toilet setup prior to selecting a new one. Key aspects to factor in include:

  • Rough-in distance
  • Bowl shape and seat size
  • Tank height
  • Toilet depth/length
  • Available clearance

Carefully comparing your current measurements against toilet specs will help you find the ideal elongated bowl toilet for your needs and ensure a smooth installation.

Understanding the critical dimensions like rough-in size, bowl depth, tank height, and seat length is key for choosing and installing an elongated toilet. Carefully measuring your existing bathroom space helps ensure proper toilet fit and functionality.

The elongated bowl shape provides added room and comfort compared to a round bowl for most users. Factor in all the key toilet dimensions outlined above as you shop for the perfect elongated toilet.

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