The Complete Guide to Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Upgrading your kitchen cabinet hardware is one of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a whole new look without a full remodel. But with so many options for knobs and pulls, how do you choose? This complete guide covers everything you need to know to pick the perfect hardware for your space.

Whether you’re doing a kitchen refresh or designing a new space from scratch, hardware choice impacts both form and function. The right knobs and pulls should align with your overall aesthetic while also being practical and usable every day.

Key Differences Between Knobs and Pulls

First, let’s clarify the difference between knobs and pulls since they serve distinct purposes:

  • Knobs are round attachments that typically go on doors
  • Pulls are longer handles best suited for drawers

Beyond placement, knobs and pulls have stylistic differences:

kitchen cabinets knobs or pulls
  • Knobs offer a more subtle, traditional look
  • Pulls make a bolder stylistic statement

In terms of functionality, knobs are smaller while pulls give you more leverage for opening.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hardware

Design Aesthetic and Style

The overall look and feel of your kitchen should inform your hardware selection. Here are some style pointers:

  • Traditional, rustic kitchens tend to suit simple knobs
  • Modern, minimalist kitchens pair well with streamlined pulls
  • You can also mix knobs and pulls for an eclectic style

Cabinet Size and Configuration

The shape and size of your cabinets impact the ideal hardware choice:

  • Smaller cabinets like spice racks work better with knobs
  • Larger pantry doors and drawers benefit from the leverage of pulls

Ease of Use and Functionality

Consider how you access and use your cabinets:

  • Pulls are easier for heavy or frequently used cabinets
  • Basic knobs suffice for rarely accessed upper cabinets
  • Those with disabilities may prefer pulls for easier access


Hardware costs can vary widely based on material and size:

  • Knobs are typically the more affordable option
  • Pulls allow for more styling but cost more

Hardware Materials Guide

Hardware comes in a range of materials, each with their own pros and cons:

  • Metal like stainless steel offers durability
  • Glass provides a sleek, modern look
  • Ceramic works well for traditional designs
  • Crystal knobs add elegance and sparkle

Be sure to consider how material affects style, longevity, and pricing as you choose.

Hardware Shape and Size Recommendations

Picking the right shape and scale ensures your knobs or pulls fit properly:

  • For knobs, 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ diameters work well
  • Pulls should be 3″ – 5″ wide to comfortably grasp

Also factor in your cabinet and drawer dimensions. An oversized pull on a small drawer can overwhelm.

Installation Tips and Tricks

While pulls can be trickier to install, a few tips make the process smooth:

  • Pre-drill holes for knobs to avoid cracking
  • Use a jig to ensure pull alignment
  • Hire a pro for complex configurations

Adding Finishing Touches

Final touches take your hardware to the next level:

  • Match finishes like nickel for a unified look
  • Contrast hardware and cabinet colors
  • Thoughtfully mix knobs and pulls

Choosing knobs or pulls may seem small, but it makes a big impact. Evaluate your kitchen style, cabinet configurations, and functional needs. Then select shape, size, and materials aligning with your goals. With the right knobs or pulls, you can give your kitchen a mini facelift.

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